The Profitable Welcome Sequence by Luisa Zhou

The Profitable Welcome Sequence by Luisa Zhou

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The Profitable Welcome Sequence by Luisa Zhou Coupon Discount Free

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The Profitable Welcome Sequence by Luisa Zhou Download

The Profitable Welcome Sequence by Luisa Zhou Torrent

The Profitable Welcome Sequence by Luisa Zhou Torrent

I’m sharing everything I know about creating profitable 6- to 7-figure email welcome sequences, so you can…
Make more sales. Make them faster.
And have more control over when you make them.
If you want to be able to make more sales by quickly turning new email subscribers into customers within just a few days, you’re in the right place.
By being able to do exactly that, my own email welcome sequences add 7-figures in revenue every year. While selling my flagship courses and coaching programs automatically, quickly and consistently, bringing in cash each month, and “buying back” my time and money so I can focus on growing my business and doing what I love.
If you want to create your own profitable welcome sequence to make more sales, make them faster, and do so in a more predictable way… I’m about to show you how.
Hi, “I” am Luisa Zhou (also known simply - and fondly - as LZ).
After years of creating several of my own 6- to 7-figure email welcome sequences and helping countless entrepreneurs do the same to add 6- to 7-figures to their own bottom line, I’ve finally put everything I know about creating profitable welcome sequences into a brand new course.
Let me introduce...
It’ll show you how to write an automated email welcome sequence that will help you make a lot more sales when someone joins your email list… and do so a lot faster too.
Because of that, this is possibly my most valuable course to date:
It gives you, on a platter, the skill that has made me millions.
(Not to mention that it cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars of testing to figure out — which you get to enjoy the benefit of without the cost, because I’m passing on all my learnings.)
For example, here are just some of the secrets you get inside the course:

Exactly what to include in each email in your welcome sequence, so you take your new email subscribers on a journey that has them excited and buying from you…within just a few days of “meeting” you. (See lesson 7.)

What to do to easily avoid the #1 mistake most entrepreneurs make with their welcome sequence (aside from not having one), and thus save yourself from losing hundreds to thousands of dollars or more…every month. (Making just this one tweak - which I share in lesson 3 - grew my sales by over 50%... without my having to get more leads, create more products, or write more emails.)

The only two times your ideal clients will buy from you. (Knowing this will save you SO much time and energy from being wasted on pointless “optimizations” and wondering if you’re missing something when it’s simply that your ideal client isn’t yet ready to buy from you. It’ll also help you focus on what you can control, so you are able to use your time more effectively and grow your business faster. See lesson 2.)

The little-known reason your welcome sequence emails must be drastically different from any other type of email you write… at least if you want to keep your new subscriber’s attention and make more sales. (If more entrepreneurs knew this, they’d stop trying to “show more personality” in their welcome sequence. Instead, they’d follow what I recommend in lesson 3 to connect better AND make more sales.)

The three facts you MUST know about your customer to make the sale. (Conversely, not knowing these and how to address them in your welcome sequence means you’ll lose the sale every time. Lesson 2.)

How to decide whether or not to use a deadline in your welcome sequence to maximize sales. (This has little to do with the type of product you’re selling, but instead everything to do with your market and business model. Learn how to make the best choice for yourself in lesson 4, and see behind-the-scenes for how I made the decision for my top-selling flagship products.)

    The surprising amount of time your ideal customer needs to get to know you and decide if they’re ready to buy. (Sending more emails beyond this is just a waste of time. Use what you learn about this in lesson 3 to save time and energy by not sending additional pointless emails that you could be using to make a different offer to your subscribers.)

In fact, timing is something we cover in depth, because getting your timing right is CRUCIAL to making more sales.
If you wait too long, some of your best potential customers will lose interest (because they like to make decisions and take action fast), and buy from your competitors instead.
But if you don’t give your potential customers enough time and information to see your offer and make a decision, you’ll lose out on sales AND even worse…burn what could have been a long-lasting customer relationship before it’s even had the chance to begin.
That’s why lesson 5 breaks down, in detail depending on various factors, how long exactly your sequence should be, so that you make more sales, and…
Make Sales Faster Too!
Plus, I’ll also show you how to do so in signature LZ-style…
AKA in the most effective, profitable, and straightforward way possible:

Despite what you might’ve heard about how much “optimizing” people do with their welcome sequences, in reality, there are only two things that make or break a profitable welcome sequence. And you don’t need to do a lot of “optimizing” to get them right. (I’ll show you what these two things are, and how to set them in place, in lesson 6. Plus, you’ll also see how these two things are a lot more doable than having to have a super charismatic personality, uber-creative branding, or fire copywriting skills.)

The four credibility boosters your welcome sequence MUST have to overcome the natural skepticism people who are new to you will have before they’re ready to buy from you. (This will also set the tone of you being a leader, expert, and even mini-celebrity in your industry. Which means your subscribers will have a lot more respect for you and what you have to say, pay you more attention, and be much more likely to buy from you. Lesson 6.)

    How to grab your email subscribers’ attention while building trust, authority, AND likeability at the same time! (One of my personal favorite emails, which also has an incredibly high open and engagement rate. See Email #2, Example 2, in the Example Emails document of lesson 7.)

Just to make sure you didn’t miss that, because there’s a WORLD of difference in learning just the “theory” versus learning from REAL examples that actually work…
You’re also going to get…
Some of My Best, Proven Emails — from My Most Profitable, 6- to 7-Figure Welcome Sequences!
This way:
You’ll get way better results with your own sequence…because you’re able to actually see the principles we cover in action and know how to apply them infinitely better for yourself than if we’d just gone over the theory.
Plus, you’ll also get my behind-the-scenes notes on each email—which took me years of experimentation and hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on testing to figure out, and which no amount of “reverse engineering” would ever have revealed—to boost your sales even more.
Here are just a few examples of what you’ll learn via these emails:

Five steps to build irrefutable belief that your product will actually work for your potential customer—and render competition irrelevant. (This also means you can charge whatever price you want, because you’ve shown how and why no other product compares. Email #4 in lesson 7.)

The only type of story to include in your welcome sequence—including the startling amount of just how much to share, and how to share your story in a way that actually connects with your reader and helps you drive sales…versus having it feel like just a self-indulgent share about yourself. (Until I figured this piece out, I wasted so much time sharing the wrong stories and sharing either not enough or too much detail in my stories…which meant that I wasted hours writing each email, only to see shockingly low engagement and sales rates. See email #3 lesson and examples in lesson 7.)

A not-so-common way to address your potential customer’s fears and doubts—that’s way more interesting and effective than the usual “Frequently Asked Questions” email. (Addressing your potential customer’s fears and doubts is critical in a welcome sequence—but there’s a way to do it that’s not pushy or cheesy…and that drives a lot more sales! See email #5 in lesson 7.)

The REAL point of a “last call” email, and how to write one that drives last-minute sales—which done right can mean more sales than the entire rest of your sequence—while NOT annoying your subscribers or coming across like a pushy salesperson. (Email #7 in lesson 7.)

    The #1 mistake most coaches and course creators make when describing “what you get” with their product that completely kills desire and interest in their product. (And no, I’m not talking about the often-repeated “Focus on the benefits, not the number of calls, or how many worksheets!” tip. What I’m talking about is way more powerful and also demonstrates how your product is a comprehensive, well thought-out, detailed solution. See email #6 in lesson 7.)

In short:
Everything you need to create a welcome sequence so that you…
Make more sales, faster.
So here’s what “everything” includes:
The Profitable Welcome Sequence is an eight lesson course inside my custom-designed, easy-to-use membership course website. You’ll be able to consume and reference the material at your convenience.
Included inside lesson 7 are my example emails with comments and takeaways—which, as mentioned, is a key component of the course.
Plus, as with all I do, everything is concise and to-the-point. You won’t waste your time on fluff and you’ll get what you need quickly, so you can apply what you learn to your own profitable welcome sequence asap.
And last but definitely not least, you get lifetime access so that you can refer back to this information whenever you need.
You’ll get an email with your login information and instant access to the course as soon as you enroll.
And I’m confident that if you implement what you learn in this course, this might just be your highest ROI investment to date.
But there are no refunds and all sales are final.
So please read the details carefully and make the decision to use this course before you buy.
When and if you’re ready, you can enroll in the course right here:

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