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Revolutionize your money mindset and release the fears holding you back
So you can  break through your plateau and take your income to new heights!!


Money Bootcamp is the game-changing money mindset course and community that everyone is talking about.

IF YOU have a dream to grow your business, help more people and make more money.

WE have the training, support, and community to make it happen - a lot quicker and easier than you ever imagined.
JOIN OVER 8,500 ENTREPRENEURS TODAY for practical mindset strategies, accountability + Live Group Coaching every single month.
As seen in:
Wouldn’t it be nice if making money in your business was easy?

You wake up to see that people are just buying your stuff.

You get emails saying you have another customer happily paying your new price.

And your calendar is booked out with leads.

Your business is growing in a way that feels joyful and easy. YAY!

But that's not what happens, is it?

In between having an idea and getting money in your bank account is a roller coaster of emotions, fear, anxiety, and a whole lot of second-guessing yourself.

You're sitting looking at the zeros in your bank account, wondering how you're going to keep this up.

You're working late again, resentful and exhausted from over-delivering.

Right now, you're probably frustrated and not sure what to do next.

Welcome to the world of entrepreneurship!

It's so fun, and it's such an incredible opportunity for personal growth.

But it’s also scary.

And the fear can be paralyzing.

I want to share with you a secret…
I’ve made over $20 million dollars in my online business over the last decade, and I still get scared and second-guess my decisions.

Every successful person I know does too.

If you think you're the only one, if you think you're alone.

If you're looking around on Instagram wondering how everyone else is so confident in what they're charging.

When really, behind the curtain, what you don't know is that everyone is as scared as you are.

And in the face of such uncertainty, it can be easy to think that you're the problem.

That you're not smart or funny enough. Not smart enough.

Or that you need a shiny new marketing plan or sexier funnel.

Maybe if you keep hustling, this year can finally be different.
But working harder is never the answer.
Transformation starts with your MINDSET.

You might be struggling right now to get your first client.

Maybe you’re trying to earn enough to quit your day job.

You might be aiming for six figures, or you could be stuck in between 6 and 7 like I was.

Each time you hit a new income plateau your money blocks resurface.

    I’m going to have to work so hard.
    I can’t make any more money
    I’ve run out of ideas
    I’ve run out of clients.

And that's when people usually find me and my work.

Because they feel stuck or because they're looking for a missing puzzle piece to grow their income quicker, but without burnout and stress.

Maybe you've read one of my books and now you need some extra motivation and support to keep going.

So you know what gets you through it?

Not the latest marketing trend, not expanding your team.

Definitely not working harder.

The difference for those successful people you see online is not that they don't feel the fear; it's that they know how not to let it stop them in their tracks.
The answer - you need to work on your money mindset.
How is your money mindset holding you back from a life of abundance?

You chronically undercharge and over-deliver – or worse, you agree to work for free and then feel all kinds of resentful about it.

Your bank balance doesn’t even begin to reflect the massive amount of work you are putting into your business.

You’re living in a permanent cycle of “feast or famine” and never feeling like you have enough.

You’re doing well enough financially, but you can’t see how you could possibly increase your income without working much harder

You often procrastinate taking care of income-producing activities in your business (like sending invoices or sending out email offers to your list).

You feel stuck at your current income. Your business has stalled or you’ve hit a plateau you want to break through.

You feel massive resistance (maybe even abject terror!) around having money conversations with potential clients.

You feel guilty whenever you spend money on yourself and even find it difficult to justify investing in your business

These blocks are common at ALL stages of business and affect entrepreneurs like you in every niche and every country across the world.

But it is possible to transform your relationship with money by changing your habits and beliefs with money.
Here are some of the most common money blocks
Do any of these ring a bell?

    “I’m just not meant to be rich.” (Sometimes this shows up as, “My family wasn’t rich, so I can’t be either.”)

    “I have to work hard to make money.” (OMG, this is my biggest recurring one!)

    “I just want to help people. I don’t care about the money.”

    “My partner/parents/friends will freak out if I earn more than them.”
     “I can’t earn more than X, I can’t charge more than Y in my industry”

You probably learned your money blocks growing up – past memories or negative experiences – stories you now tell yourself about what you deserve.

For every limiting belief, there’s an origin story to unpack and a pattern to break so you can feel more empowered and in control with money.
Money blocks are an inevitable part of being in business.

Not even millionaires are immune to the occasional freak out about money, and if you’re growing rapidly, you’ll hit your own self-imposed limits regularly.
The good news is that you can have money blocks without letting them derail you…
You just need more support in upgrading your
money mindset.
Denise Duffield-Thomas standing in front of timber desk with blue laptop in hand
Hi, I'm Denise Duffield-Thomas!

I know what it feels like to experience challenges and frustration around my relationship with money.

I grew up with a single mother on a council state, without much stability or money.

And despite many failed businesses and blocks along the way, I'm now:

     A multi-millionaire by 35
    Author of 3 best-selling money mindset books
    Running a highly successful business with my husband
    ‘One of the foremost financial advisors for women’ - Entrepreneur Magazine

I can help you to normalize wealth and to identify and then release all the sabotages holding you back.

I’ve helped thousands of people like you completely change their relationship with money.

Money isn’t the only thing in the world, but together we can use money as a tool for GOOD.
What happens when you upgrade your money mindset?

Deep in the core of your being, there is a space of boundlessness and overflowing energy, a place where your thoughts of scarcity and lack are replaced with deep peace and trust.

A place where you can palpably feel safe, supported and abundant.

Once you clear away the old behaviors and beliefs that are no longer serving you, this will be mirrored in your outer reality and your finances as well.

You’ll feel a deep shift in your body: an expansive feeling of more ease and core stability in your nervous system after you have done the work to shift these patterns.

When you align your unique talents with an empowered mindset and upgraded relationship with money, your abundance will increase on all levels.

"Money Bootcamp is my safe haven."

"It’s the place where I can fully be all of me. And, every single time, I am met with nothing but love, support and understanding."

Shadya Karawi, Entrepreneur, Barcelona, Spain


"I've created my dream job!"

"I've not only created my dream job, I'm helping women create theirs and leaving a legacy for generations to come that we all should and CAN be millionaires."

Amanda Ewin, Lifestyle Coach, Western Australia

Amanda Ewin

"I have increased income"

"I am firmer on my prices and boundaries, and I have a passive income product in the works. Bootcamp made me realize I can make money online and that it's allowed to be easy."

Alice Rizzi, Psychologist, US

Abundance means different things for everyone, but we can help you create  real results  like thousands of our members have achieved:
Increase your income and create more abundance in your life
Break through your income plateau
Launch or grow your business so you can get out of your 9-5
Increase your prices and earn what you deserve
Become debt-free and financially secure
Hit 6 or 7 figures in your business
Buy your dream home
Retire your partner

Without money blocks in your life, you’ll be empowered and confident to build your legacy, make money and change the world.

Breaking through your money blocks, and upgrading your money mindset to welcome more abundance into your life is exactly what we'll teach you.

Money Bootcamp
Money Bootcamp is a comprehensive online training course that teaches practical money mindset strategies to entrepreneurs who want to up-level their income and life.


Whether you're just starting out or you have an
established 6 or 7-figure business, Money Bootcamp will empower you and help you grow.

You’ll look at each and every one of your self-limiting beliefs and completely transform your money mindset.

It’s a step-by-step, proven system to release your money blocks.  So you can realize your potential and break through your income plateau.
Join over 8,500 entrepreneurs today.
Upgrade your money mindset, make money and change the world.
What kind of results do members achieve?
Here’s what you get when you join Money Bootcamp:

Six online training modules you can use immediately

Lifetime access to highly-practical and motivating videos to walk you through the PRECISE strategies you need to become a money magnet

Money Bootcamp workbook
& exercises

Practical step-by-step PDFs, checklists, and transcripts so you can implement everything you’ve learned in the course.

Private Podcast for learning on the go

Immerse yourself in Bootcamp at your convenience with an exclusive audio feed of all training videos and coaching calls.

Accountability and support from
Community Mentors

Get answers your questions plus ongoing support and encouragement. Including mentors in multiple time zones and weekend support.

Live monthly coaching
with Denise plus
new bonuses

If you sign up now, you get at least a year of monthly coaching with me and over $1,000 worth of bonus courses.

Private community
of incredible

Connection with inspiring like-minded people all over the world in our private mastermind community.

    Ongoing access so you can learn at your own pace and revisit the course as your business grows.
    Mobile and tablet friendly so you can learn from anywhere.
    Convenient course access via the Kajabi mobile app.
    All training videos are available with English, French, German, Italian and Spanish subtitles.

Wondering about the kind of results you can achieve?

Hear how Bootcamp changed Debra, Frieda and Amy's lives...

Michelle Wordsworth,
Mindset & Manifestation Coach, Australia
“Feeling Confident To Charge in USD”

Patricia Lohan,
Feng Shui Expert, Ireland
“She now makes multiple 6 figures as a Feng Shui expert”

Julia Norton,
YVoice Actor, US
“Voice actor doubled her income after the first month of joining.”

Alicia Hartzell,
Coach, US
“How Money Bootcamp helped me pivot my business to offering online services and VIP events!"

Amanda O'Bryan,
Designer & Author, Australia
“Money Bootcamp gave me permission to make more money.”

Jessie Sheddon,
Storytelling Connoisseur, UK
“Money management helped get her out of debt and grow her business | Money Bootcamp Success Story.”

Comprehensive Money Mindset Training

You’ll learn how to get clear of limiting beliefs and create a life of financial freedom as I guide you through these six essential modules.
Clear and release
Breakthrough limiting beliefs
Increase abundance capacity
Re-program your mind
Money mindset in others
Upgrade and transform

Clear and release
Pave the way for success by
clearing out your old
money stories

We’ll begin with an honest assessment of your current relationship with money, which can be both confronting and inspiring. By starting to unpack your money past and track your money habits, you’ll start to identify the blocks and repetitive patterns that need clearing.

If you chronically undercharge and over-deliver or worse or agree to work for free and then feel all kinds of resentful about it. It’s time to stop living in a permanent cycle of “feast or famine” and never feeling like it’s enough.

So you can pave the way for genuine abundance, you’ve got to clear and release the memories, stories, and legacy you’re hanging on to about money and wealth – no matter how messy it is!

In this module you'll learn:

    The Law of Incremental Upgrade and how to start upgrading your life now
    Powerful techniques for releasing emotional charges and blocks around money
    How to clear old money blocks that are holding you back from ultimate success
    How to excavate your Origin Stories and forgive old money memories
    How to track your money and find abundance everywhere

And more...

I barely dared to dream of this level of success before I joined bootcamp

I’m finally showing up as a business owner who knows what she’s worth. No more undercharging. As a result, I’m signing better quality soul clients who are happy to pay me – even signing clients who are paying 4 figure investments to work with me in full, which is something I barely dared to dream before money bootcamp.

Tracey Rampling Brown, Manifestation Coach, Italy

Tracey Rampling Brown
What's it like inside the Bootcamp course?

Live group coaching with Denise
Connect with me EVERY month for themed coaching and Q&A sessions.

You get access to live monthly calls with me and our community ALL YEAR, to break through new money blocks as they come up and make progress towards your next income goal.

I'll teach you the main Bootcamp principles and help you work through your money blocks in real time so you can keep growing.

Plus I host two calls at different times so there's a slot that works for your time zone no matter where you are in the world.

You'll get mentoring from me, a million-dollar money mentor as you embrace these life-changing concepts — AND the support of a vibrant community of entrepreneurs who are immersing themselves in the content alongside you.
Here's how Money Bootcamp will help you get to the next level in your business

This is you if:

    You’re new to business or have an idea and want to get started.
    You may still have a job, so it may be tough to juggle everything.
    You might struggle with having the courage to own what you do and actually call yourself a coach or an author, for example.
    Perhaps you’re stressing about getting your first client – or charging people
    You might still be on your practice business – and that’s okay. It’s all good practice – and it all counts.

I’ve had hundreds of practice businesses! They’ve all led me in the right direction.

You may be caught on the roller-coaster of terror (this is SO SCARY) and elation (OMG, I LOVE STARTING MY BUSINESS). I know this feeling so well.

I’ve been there! You ARE the business and do most things yourself

Here’s what you’ll learn to help you move from Stage 1 to Stage 2:

    How to clear any blocks that are holding you back from just getting started
    How to boost your confidence and give yourself permission
    How to set (and increase) your prices
    How to get a better work/life balance

…and more

“I quit my job and went all-in on my business"

“I quit my job as a Paramedic for good and went full time on my business. I honestly don’t believe I would have had the confidence to do this without Bootcamp and the support of the Bootcamp community.”

Krystal Kleidon, Writer, Australia

Kystal Kleidon

What is your dream life  worth to you?



    You’ve just doubled your income whilst working half the hours.

    Had your best ever month and finally broke through that plateau.

    Signed the contracts on your dream house.

    Retired your partner.

    Freed yourself up from ever having to work weekends again.

    Bought trip-of-a-lifetime tickets for a holiday for you and your family.

How good does that feel? What’s the value of that freedom?

Money Bootcamp will clearly lead you through the steps you need to take to create a huge shift in your mindset and income.

And you'll get support and mentoring to overcome any self-doubt, uncertainty, and fear.

It’s a win-win – invest in yourself now to start upgrading towards your ideal life.
Join the leading money mindset training and inspiring community now

Choose the plan that’s right for you and join us today


$479 USD


Most Flexible

$239 USD


Best Value

$2,497 USD

Save $377
14 Day Money Back Guarantee

I am confident that you’ll love this course and it will revolutionize your life… but if you’re feeling uncertain, you can rest assured that I have an iron-clad guarantee that makes this a 100% no-risk investment.

If, after two weeks in Bootcamp and our community, you decide that it’s not for you, just let me know and I’ll refund 100% of your tuition – no questions asked, no hard feelings, nothing but well wishes.

That’s how confident I am in the quality of this program!

I want you to feel so freaking good about making this investment in yourself and your future. So if you try it out and it isn’t for you, then nothing lost.

Join now and feel confident in your decision with my 14-day guarantee.
What will abundance look like for you?

With 8,500+ entrepreneurs (and counting) transforming their money mindset, creating life on their own terms, and making a bigger difference in the world…you’ll be in great company.

Debra Heim,
Hair Boutique Owner, US
“She stopped under-charging and her business is now profitable!”

Frieda Guercio,
Pinterest Marketing Coach, US
“From unemployment because of covid to getting her first 2 clients!”

Amy Coop,
Yoga Teacher, UK
“Made her first £1000 as a full time yoga teacher and moved her business online.”

Nikki McLennan,
Photographer, AUSTRALIA
“Nominated for business awards and tripled her business income!”

Arielle Loren,
Entrepreneur, US
“What I love about Money Bootcamp is the community”

Joy Bufalini,
Business Coach, US
“From 70k in debt to consistent 70k+ months!”

To make sure you get the most out of Bootcamp, I’ve included these SUPER valuable extras for you


Value: Priceless!
Bonus 1
Our Inpsiring Community

Ongoing access to our inspiring and supportive Facebook group with thousands of members from across the world.

This is a unique safe space to talk about your money goals, fears and sabotages. I promise it is one of the most supportive and positive places on the internet and this alone is worth the enrolment of Bootcamp. I can’t wait to welcome you!
What’s amazing about our Community?

    Get support and encouragement from our mentors and members.
    Connect with 8,500 like-minded entrepreneurs for inspiration & ideas.
    Surround yourself with examples of people like you, all over the world and in all industries changing their lives and talking openly about money.
    Thousands of experiences mean there’s always someone who’s been in a similar situation and can help you fast-track your success.

…and more

Value: $1,000
Bonus 2
Support from experienced community mentors

Support from experienced and knowledgeable Community Mentors to answer your questions and help you make mindset breakthroughs.

We have a dedicated team of Mentors in the USA, UK and Australia providing guidance to help you make the most of the course materials and work through the blocks that are holding you back. Very few courses have this level of expertise and ongoing support at no extra cost.
How can this help you?

    Accountability and support to work through the course and stay on track with your goals,
    Help to find the best Bootcamp resources to work on your specific situation or block and direct you to inspiring success stories from other members
    Seven days a week support in your time zone.

…and more

Value: $197
Bonus 3
Money & Manifesting Meditations

Enjoy my series of six in-depth audio visualisations as I talk you through how to let go and embrace your new life of abundance and ease.

Visualizations include How to Heal Your Inner Child, Cutting Energetic Cords, How to Love and Forgive Your Body, The Future You and Your Ideal Day meditation.

These are powerful audios that take your learning and reflection deeper into your subconscious and strengthen your connection to the universe.

Plus my super powerful and personal favourite Subliminal Money Affirmation meditation; a special 1 hour and 11 minute audio infused with 1,111 special money affirmations, all embedded below the peaceful sounds of the ocean, so that your subconscious mind can soak up the goodness and effortlessly reframe your beliefs.
How can these help you?

    You’ll be able to easily and effortlessly release old money blocks
    Provide a source of motivation and energy when you need to tap into your imagination and manifesting power
    Receive guidance on using visualization to create your dream life.

…and more

Value: $197
Bonus 4
Advanced Pricing Course

Not sure what to charge or how to justify price increases to your clients?

Wondering how to charge premium prices without including your first-born child in the bonuses?

I’ve got you sorted with this exclusive 2-part pricing workshop jam-packed full of ideas on how to bring in fast cash with VIP days, premium client experiences and more.
In this workshop you’ll learn:

    How to increase your prices with ease and grace
    How to charge premium prices and attract wealthy clients
    How to create VIP experiences to supercharge your income

…and more

Value: $197
Bonus 5
Debt Free Blueprint

If you’re in debt right now and it’s really weighing on you, use this new resource: The Debt-Free Blueprint to break free.

You’ll learn how you can release debt, how to create a fail-safe plan and the steps you need to follow to a debt-free future.

I’ll lead you through the stages from getting emotionally free of all the old stories around your debt to how to get really clear on your current financial situation. I’ll give you all the practical tools, trackers and info you need to create financial freedom.
How can this help you?

    Put together a practical plan to get out of debt
    Forgive yourself and others for previous spending and release the negative feelings you have about money
    Work through a specific checklist to take action and make progress towards financial freedom.

…and more

Value: $97
Bonus 6
30 Day Money Mindset Journal

You can use this journal over and over again to create more abundance and success in your life. I share my 30 most effective tools and strategies for manifesting money. All you need is a little time every day and I promise you’ll make some massive shifts.

This journal will help you work on your abundance mindset every day for the next 30 days and by the end, you’ll be a different person.
How can this help you?

    Learn daily practices to create more abundance and good fortune
    Specific repeatable actions to uplevel your money mindset
    Learn to maintain a consistent and abundant frame everyday – no more rollercoaster emotions about money

…and more

Value: $397
Bonus 7
Extra Mindset Workshops, Webinar & Event Library

Dive into the recordings of recent live events and webinar recordings including “7 Ways to Increase Your Abundance”, “Money Mindset Live”, “Manifesting Masterclass” and my “Clearing Money Clutter” workshop.

Each live recording will give you more insight, tools and techniques to apply in your life so you can earn more, be more and help more people.

Includes recent recordings of inspiring money mindset events in London and New York so you have the power of my keynote speeches and training on-demand.
How can this help you?

    Extra insight and training to manifest more money
    Specialised workshops and recordings to dive into when you need an extra hit of motivation
    Tap into the experience of being in a room with me whenever you need to.

…and more

"Celebrating my best money year yet!"

I joined Money Bootcamp in Jan 2021, through the Money Breakthrough package, and can honestly say it's been one of the best decisions of my life.

I expected to do the work and make some more money, but what I didn't realize was that treating myself to a dedicated space like this built the foundation for me to reaaaally expand, and create the space in myself to find my true calling.

Jess Keating, Award-winning author, cartoonist, zoologist, and creative coach, US


"One of the best investments
I've made in myself"

Being surrounded by a supportive group of women focused on up leveling on their own terms, owning their worth, and creating their wealthy first class life has been life changing on deep levels for me.

Morgan Sheets, Business Consultant, US

Morgan Sheets
Want proof Money Bootcamp works?

We're proud of our reputation for helping amazing entrepreneurs shift their money mindset and unlock their potential to do amazing things. We've collected over one hundred testimonials so you can see how well Bootcamp has worked for them. Then you can make your own mind up on whether it's right for you.
ipad screen showing testimonials for denise dt and bootcamp course
Here’s a reminder of what you get in Money Bootcamp

Six online training modules you can use immediately

Lifetime access to highly-practical and motivating videos to walk you through the PRECISE strategies you need to become a money magnet

Money Bootcamp workbook
& exercises

Practical step-by-step PDFs, checklists, and transcripts so you can implement everything you’ve learned in the course.

Private Podcast for learning
on the go

Immerse yourself in Bootcamp at your convenience with an exclusive audio feed of all training videos and coaching calls.

Accountability and support from Community Mentors

Get answers your questions plus ongoing support and encouragement. Including mentors in multiple time zones and weekend support.

Live monthly coaching with Denise plus new bonuses

If you sign up now, you get at least a year of monthly coaching with me and over $1,000 worth of bonus courses.

Private community of
incredible entrepreneurs

Connection with inspiring like-minded people all over the world in our private mastermind community.

You’ll unlock instant access to training videos, resources & worksheets.

Each module leads you through the exact step by step process that I used to deal with my money blocks and become a multi-millionaire.

    Mobile and tablet friendly so you can learn from anywhere.
    Access to the course and private members podcast on the go via the Kajabi app.
    All training videos are available with English, French, German, Italian and Spanish subtitles.

Join the leading Money Mindset training
and inspiring community now

Choose the plan that’s right for you and join us today


Whether you’re feeling scared, nervous or skeptical – that’s totally okay and totally normal. It’s totally right for you to want all of the information before committing and I’m happy to answer your questions.

If you feel called to do this work and want my support to upgrade your money mindset, I know I can help.

This is YOUR YEAR to release your money blocks, increase your income with ease and grace, and surround yourself with amazing people.

Dive into the FAQs below, and if you still have questions, Click Here to message me and let’s get you sorted.
Is Money Bootcamp the best money mindset course for me?
What makes this so different to other courses?
Will Money Bootcamp work in my industry?
I don’t have a business yet. Will this still work for me?
I don’t have the budget for this right now
I don’t have enough time. Will it take a long time to complete?
I just started out in business – will this be too advanced for me?
Will this help me pay off my debt?
Is this only for people already making money or making a certain amount of money?
How do the LIVE calls work – how many people are on them?
How do you keep me accountable?
English isn’t my first language or I don’t speak English
Will this course address my specific challenges?
I’m an established entrepreneur already earning good money? Will I still learn anything new?
How do I know if it’s the right time to join Bootcamp?
It’s your time to realize your potential and break through your income plateau

Money Bootcamp is not just another Law of Attraction course.

It’s practical and grounded in reality.

The proven results have changed the lives of new business owners and millionaires.

My approach is scalable and works wherever you’re starting from. Even if you don’t have a business yet.

You can revisit the course every year to work through new blocks and get past new income plateaus as you grow.

Remember: I’m not going to BS you – it takes some work… but it’s worth it!.

Because, let's face it, your dreams cost money.

Together we’ll do the practical work that’s needed to make your dreams happen.

You’ll get day-to-day actions, inspiration, kick-up-the-butt real talk, and the most loving advice I can give.

A new level of income and wealth is possible for you.
When you're empowered and take control of your money you will grow your
income, create passive income streams and
change your family’s life.

I know that this path can feel lonely.
Maybe you’re the black sheep in your family?

I am!

Maybe you’re the only person creating success in your circle of friends.

Or maybe you want some like-minded change-makers to network and mastermind with?

Whichever Is true for you, you’re in the right place.

The Money Bootcamp community is super powerful and you can become part of it.

It’s time to earn what you deserve and to have the wealth and freedom to help others, build your business and change the world.

You are smart enough.
You are ambitious enough.
You are enough.
And you can have financial security and more freedom.

You don’t have to work through your money stuff alone,

Let’s go on this amazing journey together.

With me as your money mindset mentor and coach, and our beautiful community, this can be your year.
It's your time and you're ready for the next step.
Join the leading Money Mindset training
and inspiring community now

Choose the plan that’s right for you and join us today

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