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Master YouTube by Matt D’Avella Sales Page

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Master YouTube by Matt D’Avella Download

Master YouTube by Matt D’Avella Download

Master YouTube by Matt D’Avella

Master YouTube by Matt D’Avella

Master YouTube
Your roadmap to creating a
successful channel with integrity

    Launch your channel
    Create original videos
    Attract your first 1000 true fans and beyond

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There’s no better time to start a YouTube channel than right now
The game has changed and anyone (yes, even you!) can create their own platform and share meaningful content with the world.
But chances are,
You already know this.

You’ve spent months (maybe even years) watching your favorite YouTubers from the sidelines.
And you’ve started to hear a voice inside saying:

Maybe I can share my experiences to help someone else.

Maybe I can build an engaged community of inspiring people.

Maybe I can make a full-time living from a creative career that fulfills me.
But every time you even think about starting a YouTube channel or continuing to work on your existing one, you end up overwhelmed and stuck.

When you compare your videos to those of your favorite creators…your filming & editing skills are coming up short

You’re determined to start with what you have (even if that’s just your smart phone, a plastic tripod, and a flimsy ring light from Amazon).
But you’re still struggling to figure out the lighting, how to edit your videos, record crystal clear audio, and so much more!

    You know making better quality videos takes time and practice…

    But when you’re already juggling a hectic college load or a 9-5 job, improving your limited skills has no choice but to take a backseat.

    And there’s absolutely no way you’re putting out a less than perfect video – especially if you’re going to be broadcasting your face to strangers on the internet.

Then there’s the content itself –

You want to create content in a style your subscribers will know is 100% yours… But that’s really freaking hard to do when every idea you have feels like a copy of someone else’s video.

Even if you did want to add your own perspective, you still have no clue how to package up your information in a compelling way…

Or how to tell a story that’ll keep viewers watching to the very end.

Figuring out where the heck to start

Writing, editing, and re-writing the script

Stressing about whether you look stupid or like a robot on camera
or reshooting 10 takes of you saying:
To make matters worse, no matter how many tutorials you watch and blog posts you read, it never seems to make a difference

You’re still surfing YouTube videos like it’s an Olympic sport, trying to piece together all the conflicting information

Yet you don’t feel any closer to knowing where to start or how to improve without feeling overwhelmed.

You can’t seem to get your videos in front of your dream audience (or anyone, really), and you wonder if you should just call it quits on this dream.
Sound familiar?
I think now is the perfect time to take a trip down memory lane.
Hi there,
my name is
Matt D’Avella
(but if you watched the video above, you probably already know that).
Even though I’d been a freelance filmmaker for 8 years, I knew next to nothing about how to use the platform as a creator.
I mean…just look at my very first video

(This got me a whopping 8 subscribers. 6 of them were my siblings)

At the time, I set what felt like an impossible goal of 15,000 subscribers. But I had no roadmap or clear plan how I was going to do that.

Every time I uploaded a video,
I felt like I was posting into a void.

I’d spend hours and hours at the drawing board filming and editing videos, only to get single-digit views. Occasionally, I’d be rewarded with a tiny spike in my subscriber count. But it was quickly followed by a long, long period of stagnated growth.

My ‘strategy’ at the time was to throw a bunch of shit at the wall, just trying to find the tiny sweet spot between what I enjoyed making and what other people wanted to watch.

I experimented with vlogging, interviewing, podcasts, and riffing off the top of my head (yeah…that didn’t go so well).

In between the filming and editing, I compared myself to my favorite creators and I’d think to myself: I’m never going to be that good.

I questioned if I was crazy and deluding myself for thinking I could stop ‘working’ and create my own original videos for a living.

But as I continued to persist with the journey, experimented with new ideas, and focused on telling compelling stories, slowly but surely, I began to see progress.
In 2018, I grew to 50k subscribers within the span of 2 months – a milestone that finally gave me the confidence to go “all-in” on YouTube.

And over the course of 2 years, I’ve managed to build a community of over 3 million subscribers; collab with inspiring creators like Peter McKinnon, Gary Vee, Yes Theory; and most importantly –
create a life where I get to make original videos I really care about.
By now you’re probably wondering what I did to get to this point
(don’t worry, we’ll get to that).

But first, here’s what I didn’t do

I didn’t obsess over writing clickbait titles, try to recreate viral videos, or attempt to hack the algorithm.

Because while those tactics may give you a temporary bump in views, it’s not enough to create a sustainable channel (or make you feel good on the inside).
Instead, a truly successful channel is one that goes far beyond your subscriber count or revenue.

It’s one where you get to

    Create meaningful content you’re proud of
    Express your voice and share your story
    Connect with inspiring people and add value to their lives
    Leave behind a job that doesn’t fulfill you and take the leap to the creative career you’ve always dreamed of.

Make no mistake, the path to achieving this can be elusive, frustrating, and outright maddening…

At least if you go at it alone.

But, if you’ve ever wished for a guide to show you the way – look no further.
For the first time ever, I’m revealing everything I’ve learned about how to grow a successful channel.
Master YouTube
Your roadmap to creating a successful channel with integrity

    Launch your channel
    Create original videos
    Attract your first 1000 true fans and beyond

I want to master YouTube

Master YouTube is designed to help you lay down the foundation you need to create a YouTube channel that’s unique and distinct to you

You won’t find any clickbait tactics or gimmicks that don’t actually teach you how to make good videos.

Instead, you’ll get an inside look into how I operate my channel, my decision-making process when I create a video, and everything I wish I’d known as a brand new creator.
By the end you’ll be able to:
*Finally* Start your YouTube Channel

Let’s tick this off your list of goals once and for all! You’ll know exactly where to start, what to name your channel, and how to breeze through the entire set-up process without the overwhelm.

No more feeling like the rip-off version of your favorite creator. You’ll have developed a solid content strategy so you’ll always know what key topics to make videos about. Plus how to tell compelling stories that’ll hook viewers in from start to finish (and get them to subscribe).

Don’t let your (lack of) equipment hold you back. You’ll learn the basics of filming yourself on camera, the essential tools you need in your kit, and a solid workflow to take you from idea all the way to a crisp, engaging video.

It’s time to put your videos in front of the right audience! You’ll know the process to crafting compelling titles & thumbnails without resorting to clickbait tactics. And how to move through the 4 stages of growth all the way to monetization.
Did someone say sneak peek?!
Here’s what you get the minute you join Master YouTube:

    Module 1:
    Get Clear On Your Vision

    Before starting this game-changing journey, you need a final destination in mind. And no trip is complete without a solid plan, a few good friends, and snacks (lots & lots of snacks).
        How the algorithm works and what you need to focus on to beat it
        The 3 keys to success that’ll help you win at the long game
        The mindset shifts you need to make to overcome self-doubt and avoid burnout
        How to build an inner circle of people who will lift you up and support you
        How to develop an original content strategy for your channel, including what topics to explore, who your target audience is, and how to identify your unique style of videos
        The exact email templates I use to pitch YouTubers & creatives I want to collaborate with – these are yours to tweak and personalize!
    Module 2:
    Build Your Foundation

    Let’s get this show on the road! It’s time to pack your bags, fuel up your car, and load up all on your essential gear…which is exactly what we cover in this module.
        A step-by-step walkthrough of how to set-up your channel without the overwhelm (and how to keep it secure)
        A tour of YouTube studio and how to make sense of your metrics – plus what stats I pay attention to and what I ignore
        The essential gear & tools you need (and don’t need) in your kit to start filming and editing
        My tips & tricks to build up your gear kit on a budget – hint: you can find handy substitutes for your gear using common household items
    Module 3:
    Develop Unique Ideas For Your Channel

    “Smooth roads don’t make good drivers. Practice does.” – (A quote we butchered to fit this analogy). The best way to become a successful YouTuber is to consistently create original, engaging videos. This module will show you how.
        The simple production workflow I use to film & upload videos on a consistent basis – never waste time stressing about where to start
        My framework for coming up with original ideas that align with your values and your niche
        How to write an effective title that actually delivers on its promise – no clickbait here!
        How to improve your video’s performance through a simple title change
        The exact checklist I use to decide if a video is worth making or if it’s best left on the cutting room floor
    Module 4:
    Learn to Make Better Videos (Faster)

    Want to bring more people along for the ride? This module will show you how to attract the right ones to your videos so you can grow a community full of engaged fans.
        A walkthrough of how to go from an idea to script to video
        The 6 rules for effective storytelling to keep viewers engaged from start to finish
        The basics of filming yourself. Plus my best tips on picking a location, framing your shot, and talking to camera.
        Learn a process for how to edit your videos twice as fast.
        How to create & edit the movie poster of YouTube Videos: The Thumbnail – including how I use them to tell a story
    Module 5:
    Grow Your Audience From 0 Subs to your first 1,000 True Fans and Beyond

    You started this journey to make a positive impact on people’s lives. So let’s get more eyes on your videos and form the building blocks to make this a living.
        The 3 stages of audience growth and what to do to advance from one stage to the next
        The behind-the-scenes look of how I grew my channel to over 3 million subscribers
        How to monetize your channel with intention and in a way that feels good for you


You didn’t think this course was just theory, did you? We’ve created a 64 page workbook filled to the brim with practical exercises, prompts, and steps to make sure you implement everything you’re learning to your own channel. It’s specially designed to take all the jumbled up thoughts in your head and transform them into tangible ideas for your channel.
Access to the Slow Growth Community

A place for you to create your own inner circle with other filmmakers, YouTubers, and slow pokes on the same journey as you. You can find people from all over the world to bounce ideas off, ask for advice, or form an accountability group to make sure you’re getting shit done.
Master YouTube is CLOSED right now.

We’re creating more content for the course behind-the-scenes, and working on our biceps (wait, that’s just Matt).

But if you want to be the FIRST to know when we’re opening the doors again, drop your details below.

You’ll join our weekly Snail Mail newsletter and get a front-row seat and first dibs access to any awesome bonuses we create.
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But don’t just take it from us.
Let’s hear from some
Master YouTube alumni…
Other YouTube Courses

    Give you the “25 Never Before Seen In Your Life” swipe files and formulas to create ‘viral-worthy’ clickbait titles.
    Assumes you already have the latest high-tech gear and equipment.
    Are painfully basic and only talk about theory.
    Applies to only one type of channel or one type of niche.

Master YouTube

    Walks you through the brainstorming & decision-making process behind my top performing titles so you know how to apply it to your channel in a way that feels right for you.
    Goes through what gear you actually need to invest in, and what can wait till later. You’ll get an inside look into my kit, and I’ll show you how simple household tools can be a great substitute for certain equipment.
    Guides you through the practical steps of creating an effective content strategy, brainstorming original ideas, how to edit compelling thumbnails, and so much more. You’ll also see my workflow for getting an idea out of my head and onto your screen.
    The goal here is not to teach you to recreate a channel exactly like mine. It’s to show you how to create original content that’s meaningful to you and in your own style, whether that’s a lifestyle vlog, a gaming channel, or a documentary series.

Sign me up already!
is a perfect fit for you if:

    You’ve launched your channel but you’re struggling to come up with original ideas and define your style
    You’re tired of feeling like you’re copying your favorite creators and you’re ready to create original videos that your subscribers will know is 100% yours.
    You want to expand your reach and grow your channel
    You’re on this journey to help people and make a positive impact, so you want to get your videos in front of the right people.

    You’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to start
    You want someone to walk you through the very first steps, the key areas to focus on (and the shiny objects to ignore), and the mindset you need to adopt to overcome the self-doubt that inevitably crops up when you dare to try something new.
    You want to learn how to make engaging videos that hook viewers from start to finish
    You want to know how to turn even the most complex topics, like finances and data structures, into a story as binge-worthy as The Queen’s Gambit.

Master YouTube
is not perfect fit for you if:

    You’re into shortcuts & clickbait tactics
    You’ve mastered the basics of YouTube, grown your audience, and now you just want to become a filmmaking pro (psst..did someone say future filmmaking course?!)

    You want to blindly recreate viral videos instead of learning how to make an engaging video
    You’re only in this for the money or attention

In that case, count me in!
Still on the fence?
I get it…a course about YouTube is nothing new.

Chances are, you’ve been let down by paid courses covering the same basic instructions you’ve heard in every video.

And investing in yourself is scary. Especially when there’s probably a part of you wondering:
“How do I know if this is going to work for me?”

So let’s talk about what “work” means to you for a second.

Because, if by “work”, you mean reaching 10,000 subscribers overnight – then no, definitely not. (Well…unless you already have 9,999 subs. Then, maybe).
But if it means you’ll have:

    Started and named your channel (if you haven’t already)
    Discovered what makes your voice, style, and niche unique on a very competitive platform
    A framework to brainstorm original ideas
    An inner circle who’re there to support you through the highs & lows
    A way of telling stories that’ll keep viewers engaged to the last second
    A workflow to consistently transform an idea in your head to a high-quality video on the screen
    Laid down the foundation that’s going to help you monetize your channel

Then, yes. It’ll work.

I can’t guarantee you’ll 10x your subscribers and earn a full-time income overnight after going through Master YouTube.

But I do guarantee that if you do the work, follow the steps, and commit to moving forward, you’ll have all the tools you need and you’ll feel more confident about what your channel has to offer.

And if you don’t, let me introduce you to…
The 30 Day
Growth Guarantee

If, within 30 days, you aren’t satisfied —

I’ll give you all your money back.

Just email my team at: [email protected] and we’ll get it sorted out for you. No hard feelings, I promise.
Master YouTube is CLOSED right now.

We’re creating more content for the course behind-the-scenes, and working on our biceps (wait, that’s just Matt).

But if you want to be the FIRST to know when we’re opening the doors again, drop your details below.

You’ll join our weekly Snail Mail newsletter and get a front-row seat and first dibs access to any awesome bonuses we create.
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One last thing…

If you’re down here, you’re probably thinking about going back and piecing together all the glorious free content on YouTube.

My 100% honest take? There’s nothing wrong with the DIY route. Many of your favorite creators – myself included – have created successful YouTube careers through good old trial & error.

But I’m guessing that if you’re here, this approach has only gotten you so far. And it’s likely taking you hours to sift through hundreds videos just to find one useful piece of advice that’s relevant to you.

That’s why I created Master YouTube. It’s filled with the steps I took to go from 0 to 3 million subscribers. And it’s everything I wish I’d known as a brand new creator, all in one handy place.

And if you trust the process, and follow the steps, you’ll spend less time watching endless tutorials and more time intentionally moving towards –

    Connecting and collaborating
    with creatives you find inspiring
    Attracting an engaged audience
    who will actually show up
    Monetizing your channel with
    intention and in a way that feels good
    Feeling comfortable being your weird,
    wonderful self on camera
    Making the leap from a 9-5 into a
    creative career working for yourself
    And most importantly?

    Making meaningful videos that fulfill your soul.

    This all starts by pressing one of the shiny buttons below…
    So, what do you say?

Master YouTube is CLOSED right now.

We’re creating more content for the course behind-the-scenes, and working on our biceps (wait, that’s just Matt).

But if you want to be the FIRST to know when we’re opening the doors again, drop your details below.

You’ll join our weekly Snail Mail newsletter and get a front-row seat and first dibs access to any awesome bonuses we create.
First Name
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“Why should I pay for this when all the content is on YouTube for free?”

Excellent question! YouTube and Google have thousands of free resources to help you start a YouTube channel, so if you’re strapped for cash, it’s a great place to start!

With Master YouTube, you don’t have to sort through all the information on your own. It’s all the steps you need to start & grow, in the right order. So instead of spending your precious time consuming endless free videos, you can focus your attention on implementing the skills you’ll learn to your own channel. I’m also showing you a behind-the-scenes look at my decision making process when creating videos, my workflows, and how I operate my channel (all info you definitely can’t find for free).
“I don’t trust myself to complete the course. How can I guarantee I will action the lessons into practice?”

We know how important accountability is to creating a successful channel, which is why every student gets access to the Slow Growth Community. Inside, you’ll get to connect with other slow pokes from all over the world who also need an accountability boost. If you’re ever stuck on a module, looking for encouragement, or need a potent shot of motivation to get shit done, just pop it in the group!

We’ve also created a Workbook with practical prompts and steps to make sure you’re implementing everything you’re learning to your channel. And if you need help actually completing the workbook, you know where to go…
“Do I really need this to be successful on YouTube?”

Real talk? No, you don’t need this. Plenty of your favorite creators have successfully grown their channels through trial & error – including me!

But if you’re looking to save time by learning from my mistakes, skip the overwhelm, and avoid being distracted by the shiny objects you’re bound to come across – then this is for you.
“Will this help me if I’ve already started my YouTube Journey?”

I spend a lesson walking through what to name your channel and how to set it up. But if you’ve done this step (high-five), you can go ahead and skip this one. This course will still help you if you want to learn how to come up with original ideas, find your own style, refine your production workflow, and learn how to craft compelling thumbnails & titles.

But it probably isn’t for you if you’ve mastered the basics of YouTube, understand how to make engaging videos, and have successfully grown your channel to over 100,000 subs.
“How long is the course?”

Master YouTube is broken into 5 modules with 27 total lessons and roughly 8 hours of content. You also get a 64 page companion workbook full of content and exercises to complete as you progress through the course.
“This sounds cool! But I don’t have time to commit to a course right now.”

No worries! I know life can get pretty chaotic, which is why I created this to be a go-at-your-own pace course. You can binge watch all the lessons on the first day, do 1 module a month, or take 3 months if you need! You’ll also have lifetime access to this course, so you can revisit it when you are ready to tackle the course in your own time.
“How do I know this is actually going to work for me?”

If you find you’re not feeling more confident about how to progress with YouTube or satisfied with the course, that’s where the 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee comes in. Email my team here: [email protected] and we’ll give you your money back.
“Will this course teach me how to be a pro filmmaker?”

This course covers the basics of filming yourself: like how to frame the shot, adjust the lighting, and what to do with your hands. Advanced filmmaking is such a big lesson, it deserves its very own course. (But shh…let’s keep that between us
“What gear & tools do I need to make use of this course?”

The best camera isn’t the one you have. It’s the one you master. You don’t need to blow money on fancy gadgets and gear to make the most out of this course. All you need is something to film with (like your smart phone), a computer for editing, and the courage to try new things.
“When will Master YouTube be open for enrollment again?”

At this stage, this is the only time you can join Master YouTube in 2021. I’m working on bringing more courses you’ve asked for to life, creating new high-quality content, and I want to make sure I’m supporting my current students. So doors won’t open again until some time in 2022.

If starting a YouTube channel is on your 2021 goals and you’d like a few new friends and a roadmap to show you the way, now is the best time to hop in!
“What do I do if I still have questions?”

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