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Jet Stream Multi-channel Traffic System by Keith Krance Coupon Discount Free

Jet Stream Multi-channel Traffic System by Keith Krance Coupon Discount Free

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Jet Stream Multi-channel Traffic System by Keith Krance Download

Jet Stream Multi-channel Traffic System by Keith Krance Download

Jet Stream Multi-channel Traffic System by Keith Krance Torrent

Jet Stream Multi-channel Traffic System by Keith Krance Torrent

The Everlasting Ad Multi-Platform + Organic Video Execution Program Designed to Launch The Beginner or Scale the Expert into Next Level of Growth and Market Domination...

Annual JetStream Multi-Channel Advertising + TikTok Organic Coaching System
3 Monthly Payments of $2599
Annual JetStream Multi-Channel Advertising + TikTok Organic Coaching System (3-Pay)
12 Monthly Payments of $699
Annual JetStream Multi-Channel Advertising + TikTok Organic Coaching System (12-Pay)
6-Month JetStream Multi-Channel Advertising + TikTok Organic Coaching System
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Here's What You'll Get

    Jet Stream Multi-Channel Traffic System- Designed to launch the beginner or scale the expert. Split into six modules that cover everything from installing your FB pixel to scaling your campaign. Covers Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube ads. ($4,995 Value)
    Everlasting Ad-Builder and Masterclass Program- Step-by-step Facebook ads setup and launching program with dozens of ad templates with the Ad Builder. ($2,997 Value)
    A Private "Implementation Only" Facebook Group- Lifetime access to our highly active FB group where you can network with like-minded individuals from a variety of industries ($497 Value)

Coaching Calls 1 YEAR Access

    Weekly LIVE Coaching Calls With Keith & Advisers-  Small Group meetins to help you stay on track and execute over the 6 modules to launch your new Everlasting System.  Q&A, Hot Seats, Copy Feedback, and more... ($30,000 Value)
    Bi-Weekly LIVE Elite Training Calls - Stay up to date with whats currently working and stay updated, Participate in Hotseats and stay up to date on the latest tips and strategies. ($3,995 Value)
    Library of all Elite level Training calls- Get access to all the recordings from previous Elite Calls. Navigate easily with indexing and timestamps. ($997 Value)

Plus These Bonuses:

    LIFETIME ACCESS 21-Day Everlasting Ad Challenge Library - Build your long copy and video scripts...all in less than 21-days.  ($997 Value)
    E.P.I.C. Ad Formula - The framework that starts it all. This EPIC training builds the foundation for every ad we write, and provides the base we build upon. ($497 Value)
    Social Ad Scaling System + Ad Examples & Templates - The framework that starts it all. This EPIC training builds the foundation for every ad we write, and provides the base we build upon. ($1,497 Value)
    76- Page Social Ad Writing System Guide - Already have a video? Use this workbook to build a long copy ad that turns it from just an ad...into an Everlasting Ad. ($497 Value)

TOTAL VALUE: $14,483
The Jet Stream Traffic System + 12 Months of Coaching (6+ call/month) is Yours Today for Only $6,995
14-Day Money Back Guarantee

Access to my Team, my Certified Facebook , Youtube & Instagram ad advisors
Not only will you discover how to build your own leads & selling machine... But you will also be guided by the best FB/IG ads experts on the planet.. All at a fraction of the cost.

The goal is NOT to spend endless hours sitting on calls feeling overwhelmed by gigantic knowledge dumps…

It’s about taking action & getting results. It’s about finding the right combination of learning, guidance & doing. The group is deliberately kept small so we can provide maximum assistance while being large enough to keep Jetstream affordable...

Keith & a DWM Advisor working with 4 Jet Stream Clients
A Sneak Peak Inside
When you enroll in this program you'll accelerate your growth curve by years...
Facebook, Google Ads, and YouTube Logo
Module 1: Foundations
we're going to get you setup and build some momentum.  Break down and explain the Ads process for Facebook, Google Ads, and YouTube.  Well de-mystify the technical side and show you how
simple this can be!
Module 2: Selling Systems For your Ads
 We're going to dive into Offers (and the ideal way to structure them).  Here we break down various offers by industry, as well as give you the templates to quickly align your offer with best practice.  Implement faster using our offer and pricing checklists.  
Module 3: Audiences
This module is designed to build the audiences that enable you to Choose Your Scale! Targeting made simple, and we're giving you step-by-step how to get the results your looking to achieve. Plus, you'll get specific checklists to dial-it-in every time.

Module 4: The Everlasting Ad
 Here we dive into developing your Everlasting Ad copy & creatives. We refine and adjust your existing ad copy for maximum impact. We simplify creative images, ad placement, video ads, and show you which work best on each platform.
Module 5: Build & Launch
It's Time to Launch!  We put all the pieces together.  Structure your campaigns, procedures for different levels of budget (and mistakes to avoid), and specific instruction on Bidding Best Practice for each platform.  
Module 6: Analyze, Optimize & Scale
This is how you keep your business growing.  What do the numbers mean, how should you adjust, are your ready to add ad spend.  When do you expand your audiences?  Here we cover the building blocks of scale.  
The Perfect Implementation Program To Launch Your "Multi-Channel" Growth Strategy
To create a system designed to scale ads and change your business, content is not enough, you need the RIGHT ad system that allows you to scale on-demand!
Translating Your Expertise
We turned the unknown gray area of TRULY translating your expertise into compelling ads.  Through a series of Ad Copy and Video scripts and checklists, we walk you through this proven system so you end up with an Ad Portfolio that can power your business forward!
Amazing Community
You get a private community that's 100% dedicated to this program.  To getting the results you're looking to accomplish.  To cheering, encouraging, and supporting each other because we know that life happens!
In-Depth Coaching & Feedback
Not only do we have some killer training lined up, but you'll get hands-on coaching and feedback from both Keith & the DWM Certified Advisors.  In addition to the LIVE weekly coaching calls.  There will be ongoing calls, pop-up training, and other surprises!
Utilize Your Existing Assets
We engineered the entire process so you complete the program with assets in place. Learning copywriting and each platform would take massive time to achieve success and countless failures. Follow the exact steps and order that delivers results in just weeks
"...When Setting Up, Scaling and Simply Making Money on Facebook"
"As one of the top Facebook advertising experts, Keith is the contact you want to have when setting up, scaling and simply making money on Facebook."
~ Molly Pittman, - CEO,
(Former Vice-President of Traffic & Acquisition, DigitalMarketer)
"...I don't Believe we Would be Where we are Today without their Team"
Facebook is one of the largest components for revenue in our business, largely due to their (DWM’s) team. They are not just vendors for us. We consider them a part of our team… They are more than just a vendor… Our success is their success… When we don’t do so well, they feel like they didn’t do so well… I don’t believe we would be where we are today without their team… We spend a lot of money on Facebook, and I know we wouldn’t be able to do that without them. Thank you so much for your hard work… From a very, very happy client.
Jesse Eker, Managing Director -  Harv Eker International
"Pay Close Attention to Everything Keith Krance Says About Facebook Advertising"
"The guys over at Dominate Web Media have been running my ads for quite a while now and they've been doing a stellar job... which is why you should pay close attention to everything Keith says about Facebook advertising."
Frank Kern - One of the Most Sought After Direct Response Marketing Consultants & Copywriters on the Planet
Here's What (JUST) A Few Of Our Students Are Saying...
Seth Greene, CEO & Host
SharkPreneur Podcast with Kevin Harrington
If you’re thinking about signing up for any of Keith’s programs you absolutely have to… We did a split-test where we tested the way we were currently marketing on Facebook VS. Keith’s strategies… And the way Keith was telling us to market on Facebook was 1,083% more effective than what we were doing before!

We had increased impressions, dramatically increased clicked-through rate, higher engagement, and more page likes… all at a much lower cost per action…. It was 10 times more effective than what we were doing before."
Kay Salerno, President
YoungSocial Digital Agency
“Keith Krance’s book the Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising with Perry Marshall helped me to build a 7-figure business (agency) in just under a year. We’ve done things that people have never done before though Facebook advertising, and it all was built off of the Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising.

My agency has been able to revolutionize the world of franchise sales. We are now selling franchises through Facebook. Increasing our profit and helping Area Developers all over the nation to boost their sales and really take out the middle man when it comes to selling franchises…”

Chris Greenwood, Aka "Manafest"
 - Rock Musician
“It’s been about 6 months since I’ve been working with Keith & Dominate Web Media and their Advisor Chris Rocheleau...

I didn’t understand conversions. I didn’t think that I could sell music profitably with Facebook ads just because the profit margins are so low…

...But I am now selling more CD’s as an independent artist using Facebook ads from what they’ve taught me than I was when I was assigned to a label! I’m selling anything from 30 to 50 CD’s per day.

I was skeptical at first - I was like ‘I know Facebook & Instagram ads will work for digital information products, but will it work for a physical product like music?’

But it DID.

Being a part of this group has been life-changing...
Nico Smit, Facebook Ads Consultant
“Today is one of the best days of my life - besides the days my kids were born…was meeting some of my heroes - Keith Krance …Because they were the guys that got me to changing my life.

Four years ago I went through a bad (time)… so I started digging into all their stuff… and every week on their live calls, they had a new tactic, update or strategy to try… So I started trying each thing…And all their suggestions kept working…All the tips that come from them just work, work, work.

So I’m now getting to a point where I can work anywhere in the world, I’ve got a few team members building up who will go through DWM’s courses without a doubt…

Old Price: $249.90

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