Clients Come to Me by Luisa Zhou

Clients Come to Me by Luisa Zhou

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Clients Come to Me by Luisa Zhou Coupon Discount Free

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Clients Come to Me by Luisa Zhou Download

Clients Come to Me by Luisa Zhou Torrent

Clients Come to Me by Luisa Zhou Torrent

Are you tired of feeling like you have to find and even “chase” new clients all the time? Exhausted from stressing about paid traffic, social media, or prospecting? Wishing for a truly consistent and scalable source of traffic?

Here’s how Clients Come to Me will help you…
Automatically attract your ideal clients every day
…So you can focus on actually growing your business, making sales, and doing what you love
Clients Come to Me is the only system for growing your business...that predictably and profitably attracts clients to you.

Maybe your business is doing well, but you’re frustrated because it feels like an endless hustle. And you dread waking up to a termination or refund request from an existing client, because each client already feels so hard to come by.
Maybe you feel drained from the non-stop content creation, pitching, and reaching out to your network that it takes to get each new sale.

    Or maybe you’re feeling incredibly frustrated and stressed by how much ad costs have been increasing, leaving your profit margins razor thin (or less).

And yet, even with all of this, your business isn’t close to where you want it to be.

Plus, if it’s already taken you so much to get to where you are, how can you even realistically grow your business any further? How will you ever get to that point you dreamt of when you started your business in the first place—of having more time, money, freedom, and fulfillment?
If only you had a way to have clients automatically coming to you every day, instead of you having to find or “chase” them…

And not just people who are casually browsing or *might* buy from you down the road either…

But people who are READY and WANT to buy what you have to offer right now.

Sounds pretty wonderful, right?

The good news is, that’s not a pipe dream.

It’s the power of SEO. (AKA: Search Engine Optimization—leveraging what people are searching for so they automatically find your website.)

Here’s just how powerful it can be for your business:

Most of your clients use search (68% of online experiences begin with a search engine)…

Especially when they’re ready to buy (66% of people perform some type of online research before making a purchase online)…

Plus, potential clients who find you through search are much more likely to buy too. (Leads from search engines have a ~14x higher close rate than leads from cold-calling and paid advertising.)

Unlike with paid advertising, social media, or prospecting, SEO:

Keeps working—driving ideal clients to your website—even when you’re not working,
Grows consistently and scalably…so you can finally actually grow your business

    Naturally grows over time (instead of disappearing the moment you stop paying for ads or creating new content), so that you attract more and more ideal clients as time goes on

Your only job?

Is to harness it for your business.
Which is where Clients Come to Me comes in…

Hi, I’m Luisa Zhou.

In my first 4 years building this coaching/course business to consistent 7-figures, I relied heavily on paid advertising.

The revenue was great, but…

Profits, consistency, and the work required was not.

I was tired of constantly having to stress over sales and cash flow, and I set out to find a different way to grow my business—something more profitable, reliable, and much less stressful.

Having tried almost every form of online lead generation in the last decade, I’ve personally seen just how profitable SEO can be:

Within six months, I’d gone from no search traffic to making consistent sales.

And less than two years after that, SEO had become a multiple 6-figure traffic source, with the highest, most consistent, and easiest profits in my business…by far. (That includes paid ads and social media.)

I didn’t do it alone though. I had the help of a brilliant SEO strategist…

Someone who created a site that drew 10,000+ people in less than three months, going viral to the point of having one of the top sales experts in the world sharing her content. Not to mention since then having her advice sought after by every top-tier publication you can think of, including Fast Company, HuffPost, Bloomberg, Brit + Co, Tiny Buddha, and Entrepreneur.

And of course helping her clients in various industries (from coaching to courses to SaaS) get results like 20k-30k monthly website visitors and hundreds of new potential clients every month.

“Her” being:

SEO expert Camilla af Hällström.

After seeing the results she helped create in my own business, I knew I had to share her unique process with you.

And thus, Clients Come to Me was born:

Camilla brought her SEO expertise…

I brought my multi-million dollar experience turning traffic into sales…

And together, we created the only proven system created specifically to help you grow your business using SEO.

And by the way, let’s just get this question out of the way…
Can you use SEO to grow your business even if you’re not techy, don’t have a lot of time, aren’t a natural at creating lots of content, or are in a small niche?

In short:


Because contrary to popular (wrong) belief, using SEO to grow your business has little to do with becoming an SEO tech pro or creating tons of blog content.

In reality, it’s about creating the right content:

Content that draws in the right people, who are ready and willing to buy now. While establishing trust that you are the one to buy from.

When you do this the right way…

You only need to create one blog post a month. (That’s all we published to grow to multiple six figures from SEO in less than two years.)

You can quickly start seeing your articles ranking in the first page of Google search results, so your ideal clients easily find you…no matter how small your niche or your current audience

    You’ll see unbelievably high sales rates (especially compared to ads, outreach, or social media) because your content instantly builds trust and credibility, while also showcasing why you are the one to buy from

That’s why by the end of Clients Come to Me, you’ll have…

Your first strategic blog post written and published…following a proven template that makes writing effective blog posts a breeze, so you can get it done quickly WHILE knowing with confidence you’ve created something that’ll grow your business forever
A system—with exact to-do’s, processes, and schedule—for attracting ideal clients every day, so you know exactly what to do, can do it in less than 15 hours a week, and are then free to focus on what you want because your business is automatically growing on its own
Your website optimized to convert, so all the new potential clients who are now finding your website stick around long enough to join your audience, and ultimately of course…buy from you

    The peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ve finally got a system for growing your business that’s scalable, consistent, and of course, massively profitable…so you never have to worry about when or where your next sale will come from ever again

Here’s how we’ll make all that happen…
Step 1
Set Your Business Up for SEO Sales (so you ultimately make a lot more sales)

The 3 elements for turning your website into an SEO Sales Machine. (Without these elements in place, it won’t matter how much traffic you get—because people won’t buy without them. You’ll learn what these 3 elements are, where to put them on your website, how to implement them for the best results)

The ridiculously easy-to-implement key to monetizing SEO traffic. (This simple but easy-to-miss piece is different from any other traffic source and will make a massive difference in how you create your content…so that you ultimately make the most sales)

Fill-in-the-Blank Growth Trackers that take all the drama—and overwhelm—out of monitoring your growth, and make it as simple as following the steps. (Because you know the few simple metrics that actually matter, how to find them, how to understand them, and most importantly, how to use them to grow your business)

How to get the best results—as in, the most traffic, audience growth, and sales—with SEO. (So you can finally rest assured knowing you’re using the best strategy for your business, not “missing” anything, and growing your business in the most efficient, effective way possible)

    Specific benchmarks to make sure your growth, especially for your audience and sales, is consistent and predictable. (This way, you know what’s “good”—so that if you’re doing well, you know it and can focus on the things you love doing; or if you’re not doing as well as you could be, you know exactly what’s off and how to fix it)

(Value $1,500) Included in Clients Come to Me
Step 2
Simple and Fast Blogging for the Best Results (so you get more ideal clients who are READY to buy)

The 3 criteria for picking the best keywords that’ll help you make the most sales. (This has nothing to do with choosing keywords based on how much volume they get. And in fact, you most likely want to avoid those! Pay special attention to criteria #2—it can make the difference between picking a keyword that attracts a lot of ideal clients…or one that accidentally appeals only to freeloaders)

The simple, step-by-step process that’ll have you quickly writing profitable blog posts every time, even if you’re not a “natural” at writing, and have never written posts before. (Step #1 will make sure that you never struggle to come up with content ideas again, and instead have an unending list of go-to topics for profitable posts. Step #2 will give you a proven outline to use for every post so that you can quickly and consistently write effective blog posts every time)

How to use keywords the RIGHT way so you get found by as many potential clients as possible…with detailed instructions that take away the overwhelm. (Common misconceptions are that you have to use as many keywords as possible, or get really technical about how you use keywords. Doing that actually hurts your chances of being found by potential clients! You’ll learn what that actually works—which also happens to be super simple once you know what to do—so that you get the best results)

    5 steps to make your blog posts so good people want to read them..AND join your email list…AND buy from you. (Writing a profitable blog post is very different from writing an email, social media post, or ad. These steps will show you how to create high-quality, valuable posts that ALSO generate interest and desire for your products—so you don’t end up doing all this work and giving incredible value…only to not make any sales)

(Value $2,000) Included in Clients Come to Me
Step 3
Build Your Traffic for Faster Growth (because YOU get to control how quickly you grow)

The top 4 strategies to use if you want to grow even faster. (Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to sit back and “wait” for people to start finding your posts: Strategy #1 is great if you’re short on time; Strategy #2 will help you get sales faster; you’ll love Strategy #3 for its efficiency; and Strategy #4 is the best for the fastest growth. Freelancers charge hundreds to thousands of dollars each time they do implement one of these strategies for you—so this module alone will pay you back thousands!)

How to get featured in top publications like TIME and Bloomberg…often without even having to write the article yourself. (These are the same steps I’ve personally used to get featured in those exact publications, and many more…while also boosting my own SEO traffic and getting sales in the process! You’ll see how to do all of this for yourself with just a few minutes per day)

The unique post template that’ll automatically boost your traffic by having others help you grow it…without you even having to ask! (This special type of post has worked wonders for my own website and every client website it’s been implemented on. Even better, this is the type of post you can create once…and then let work for you forever.)

    How to have others happily share your content…so you can leverage their website to grow your own website even faster! (These 3 tactics, with specific scripts, will have you creating win-win situations so that others want to link to your blog posts…thus boosting your credibility and increasing your traffic)

(Value $5,000) Included in Clients Come to Me
Step 4
Boost Your Growth for Even Faster and Bigger Results (so you start seeing more sales sooner)

How to use Pinterest to start getting results even faster. (You’ll learn how to tell if Pinterest is a good fit for your business, and if it is, how to leverage the less competitive nature of Pinterest to master the platform and jumpstart your SEO growth)

Stack Up Strategies to speed up your growth even more. (With exact recommendations for when to start using each strategy, how much to Stack Up, and a step-by-step schedule to follow)

    The Cluster Technique for quickly creating a lot of high quality content even faster (If I had to name the #1 technique that individually drove the most sales from SEO, this would be it)

(Value $4,000) Included in Clients Come to Me

When You Join, You'll Also Get These Bonuses Worth $26,000

(Created specifically to help you get even better results with the Clients Come to Me system)
60 Days of Private Q&A Support

We understand that even with the best course in the world, sometimes you just want to be able to get live feedback on a question.

That’s why you get 60 days of Q&A support starting from your purchase date.

During this time, you’ll be able to ask any question you have related to Clients Come to Me and get it answered by a dedicated SEO expert.

(If you’ve tried to get help before, you know that SEO experts charge thousands for this kind of support – far more than the price of this course. We’re only able to offer this because Camilla is footing the costs from her team.)

(Value $6,000) Included in Clients Come to Me
3-Month Content Planner

This course was designed for the busy coach/course creator—who has a lot going on!

So we included everything we could think of to make the process as streamlined and easy to follow as possible.

That includes this 3-month content planner bonus to help you batch your content so that you can make this work no matter your business and schedule: Maybe you simply want to batch a few months’ of blog posts in one go, or want to know how your content will fit with your editorial calendar, or want to make it easier to outsource certain parts to your team. No matter how you want to streamline things to best work for you, this calendar will help you get it done.

(Value $750) Included in Clients Come to Me
Technical SEO Made Simple

The technical details of optimizing your website for SEO can feel really overwhelming, especially when you’re starting on your SEO journey.

That’s why we created a super simple and easy to follow reference guide for you on the technical aspects for improving your website so that you can get the best results with Clients Come to Me.

This includes everything you need to get started with your sitemap, mobile optimization, page speed, core web vitals, dates, schema, and URL redirects. (Don’t worry if you don’t recognize some or all of these terms—that’s why we included this guide for you. Plus, we’ll also tell you exactly how to outsource all of this if you really don’t want to deal with it—so you can sit back, let someone else handle it for you, and simply enjoy your resulting faster website and growth!)

(Value $500) Included in Clients Come to Me
The Blog Jumpstart Strategy

As you can probably tell, we’re big fans of results—fast and efficient ones. So every “legit” strategy or tactic we can give you to help you get those faster and bigger results…you’ll get them.

And this is one of the best—a specific blog template and marketing strategy that’ll help you jumpstart your growth by getting more shares and links early on so you start building “buzz” quickly.

Not only will this jumpstart your growth, but it’ll also show you what’s possible and build that super-important trust and belief—via actual proof—of just how profitable this will be for your business. (So you feel motivated stay the course and are ultimately able to enjoy the profits that come from doing so!)

(Value $750) Included in Clients Come to Me
Email Sales Sequence Example

While this isn’t a sales course, we want to make sure you’re set up to succeed! Because attracting all the ideal clients in the world won’t matter if your sales process isn’t strong.

That’s why we included this bonus—actual emails from one of’s top sales sequences. You’ll see the essential pieces, with notes and pointers, for setting up a strong sales process to make sure none of the traffic you’re about to get goes to waste. (This works for any service or information product.)

(Value $500) Included in Clients Come to Me
Get Found by Local Clients

If you provide a local (physical) service or want to be found locally, you’ll love this bonus.

We’ll show you how to quickly start ranking for searches by your ideal clients near you, so you can get more clients.

(Value $250) Included in Clients Come to Me
The Hiring Guide to Scaling Your SEO

If you’re in a position to outsource some of these to-do’s to grow your business even faster, great! This guide will show you:

The roles to hire for; how to find the best people for each role; the appropriate rate to pay (so you get the best people at the best price); and a test project for each hire so you build the best team to help you grow the fastest.

(Value $1,000) Included in Clients Come to Me
Productivity Maximizer

If you’re like me and like to have everything laid out, we’ve also mapped out the mother of all schedules for you, along with our best tips for getting it all done quickly!

This bonus will help you get a handle on all your to-do’s—so you know exactly what to do, how often, and when, and can get them done in the most efficient and effective way possible.

(Value $750) Included in Clients Come to Me

So to recap, here’s everything you get:

Complete Clients Come to Me System ($12,500 Value)

Full downloadable video versions ($1,500 Value)

Transcripts of each training ($1,500 Value)

Bonus 60 Days of Private Q&A Support ($6,000 value)

Bonus: 3-Month Content Planner ($750 value)

Bonus: Technical SEO Made Simple ($500 value)

Bonus: The Blog Jumpstart Strategy ($750 value)

Bonus: Email Sales Sequence Example ($500 value)

Bonus: Get Found by Local Clients ($250 value)

Bonus: The Hiring Guide to Scaling Your SEO ($1,000 value)

    Bonus: Productivity Maximizer ($750 value)

That’s a total retail value of $26,000

And that’s not counting the value of the results you’ll get if you follow this process and put in the work: the peace of mind that comes from knowing your business is growing every day, the freedom of having more time to do what you love, and of course…the sales that’ll naturally follow as a result of you getting found by more and more of your ideal clients.
If this sounds like exactly what you’ve been looking for, you can get instant access to the course via either enrollment option below. But before you join, please make sure that you’re ready to do the work so you can have the results you want.

Because all sales are final.
If you’re ready and excited to get started, chose the enrollment option that works best for you. Once you submit your order, you’ll receive an email with your access information so you can get started right away with your course content and bonuses.
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Complete Clients Come to Me System

60 Days of Private Q&A Support

7 Growth-Maximizing Bonuses

Step-by-Step Videos, Scripts, and Instructions

    Lifetime Access & Free Updates

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Need Help? Have Questions?
We're happy to answer your questions and help you with your investment decision.

Email us: [email protected]

When we started, traffic was around a couple hundred visitors a month and now we’re up in five digits. This month, sales from the website outperformed paid advertising. We’ve also published several guest posts.

SEO allows me to be more present in my zone of genius and it makes me hopeful for the future because I feel that as organic traffic grows, revenues will grow.”
- Briana MacWilliam
Let’s make sure we’re setting you up for success...

While we have complete confidence in the results you can get with Clients Come to Me—and the results to back up that confidence—it’s not for everyone. So let’s make sure Clients Come to Me is a good fit to help you.

Clients Come to Me can help you if:

You have an offer and have made at least a few sales to date

You have 15 hours a week to dedicate to this system

    You’re a big-picture thinker ready to scale your business profitably for the long term

Clients Come to Me not a good fit for you if:

You don’t have any clients in your business yet (We strongly recommend you wait until you’ve figured out your offer before buying this course)

You want to get rich quick or need results *tomorrow*. Nope, this is definitely not for you. (It takes time to build up a robust system like this. So think of this as one of those “get rich for sure, but not quick” type deals)

    You’re not willing to put in the time and work required to build systems that support you in the long-term so you have a REAL business

Can this really work for you too?

Maybe you’re exactly the type of person we created Clients Come to Me to help, but you’re thinking this might not work for you because you don’t have a lot of (or any) traffic, a big team, or a lot of time. Or you aren’t “techy” or naturally good or fast at writing.

If so, here’s a personal note from my Clients Come to Me co-creator…

Hi, this is Camilla af Hällström.

Let me tell you about one of my clients who came to me in the exact same spot.

This client helps businesses make better technical hiring decisions, so they wanted to reach their ideal clients: hiring managers, startup founders, and CEOs. (A very targeted, fairly tough to reach audience.)

The amount of traffic they had on their site when they started? Less than 100 website visitors per month. (If even.)

In the FIRST month they started implementing my system, they started seeing growth.

And just a few months later, they were consistently seeing at least 30% growth every single month…with the business growth to match.
Within just a few months, this business was attracting thousands of people to their website each month using the power of SEO.

What’s more, they’d also gotten featured by some of the top publications in their industry…which was a huge credibility booster for such a new-ish company. (Read: It doesn’t matter how small your business might be right now.)

And here’s the best part:

This business no longer has to rely on any other tactics that stop working as soon as you stop doing them (*cough* social medial *cough* paid advertising). They now have a strategy that keeps growing every month.

So that more and more of their ideal clients keep finding them, loving their content, and buying from them.  

No more “Will we get clients next month…and the month after…and the month after that?”

This business knows it will.

And there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have confidence—and results—like this too.

Because imagine if you had a system that…

Automatically attracts high-quality ideal clients every month (who are READY and WILLING to buy from you)

Lets you build a profitable business without requiring you to “hustle”—do outreach, post on social media, or run ads—24/7

Helps you create a consistent income every month,

Gives you a system so you know exactly what you need to do to grow your business

Doesn’t require you to spend all your money on paid ads (So you keep a lot more for yourself!)

    Frees up time you would otherwise spend on pitching, posting on social media, or stressing about where your next sale is coming from

Now, I get it if you feel unsure. There are so many people out there making lavish promises and saying, “THIS is the system to try.” And maybe you’ve bought one of those courses and even implemented everything to a T, but your results still weren’t amazing.

That’s why I worked with so many clients in various industries over many, many years before creating this course—to ensure I deliver the best, proven strategies to you.

I mean, I think the fact that one of my clients (I’m talking about Luisa Zhou, a well-respected leader in her own industry) loved their results so much they approached me to create this course together!

What’s more, this is not just an “SEO” or “blogging” course. This is a unique and complete system tailored specifically to help you—a busy coach/course creator—use SEO to grow your business.

In other words, no overly complicated strategies that don’t work or short-term tactics that aren’t sustainable. Instead, you get a complete and proven system that works—while helping you grow in the fastest, most effective way possible:

Content is one of our primary acquisition channels, and with Camilla’s help, we have grown a lot. Our organic traffic has grown 165% in the last year, in part thanks to Camilla’s system. Our revenue has scaled with that too.”
- Tracy Phillips
Our traffic grew over 400% in just a few month’s time.”
- Timko Linssen

When we started working together, Academy of Animated Art was doing well and we were getting consistent sales from Facebook ads. But I was also getting frustrated with ads because things were changing and they were never consistent enough. I didn’t like that inconsistency. That’s when I knew we needed to diversify our traffic sources. Fast forward to today, we get consistent monthly sales from search engines.”
- Jasmine Katatikarn

From the start to now [three years], our site traffic has increased fivefold.”
- Martijn Aurik
All blog posts have brought in steady traffic for their topics. Some of them rank very, very well for competitive keywords.”
- Dumitru Brinzan
Frequently Asked Questions
“How much time do I need to implement the system?”

We feel you. We—and our clients—are busy business owners too! That’s why we’ve distilled the Clients Come to Me system into the most effective process possible. We recommend setting aside 15 hours a week to make sure you get the best results.
“Will this work for me?”

This system has worked in various niches (including personal development, business, marketing, tech, and health, to name just a few). It’s built to work for any coaching/course business, even if you’re in a small or “obscure” niche.
“Can I do this even if I’m not a techy person?”

That’s OK—we aren’t either. You don’t need any techy know-how or skill to implement Clients Come to Me. Plus, you’ll get clear, step-by-step instructions for every step of the way.
“I’ve been through so many courses… How will I know this will get me results?”

This is where we are able to let our reputations speak for themselves. Luisa has taught thousands of clients over the past decade and developed a reputation for consistently creating best-in-class courses. So you can bet that this course also reflects her expertise in teaching and sales (as in, helping you make more of them). Camilla has been helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses using her unique and proven SEO process for over 5 years, and the truth when you run an agency is—if you can’t deliver on results, you won’t be in business for very long. That proven process is the same one you’ll be learning in Clients Come to Me.
“I haven’t had any clients yet. Should I join?”

No, we don’t recommend that you join the course right now. Clients Come to Me focuses on helping you grow and scale your existing business—not on building one from scratch.
“I don’t want to be an SEO expert. Can I just outsource this?”

Yes, why not? You should do what you enjoy in your business. However, most SEOs and SEO agencies who know their stuff charge 4- to 5-figures a month (and they can, because SEO can be so profitable for your business…when done right).

Even if you’re ready to make that kind of investment though, there’s also a lot of bad SEO advice floating around so make sure you know what the best practices are—which is exactly what you’ll learn in Clients Come to Me—before you outsource…or risk losing thousands of dollars in wasted expenses and lost revenue.
"How long will it take to get to the first page of Google search after following the system?"

This depends on different factors – including your industry, how long you’ve been doing SEO, and how much effort you put into CCM.

In the beginning, it’ll likely take longer (at least 1-2 months) to get your articles ranking. But as you continue to follow the system, it becomes easier and easier.

For example, nowadays we publish articles on that rank within just a few days. And that’s because we’ve built up authority in this industry. But it wasn’t always so! Early on, it took us a few months to get them to rank.
"After the 60 days of bonus Q&A Support, where can I get my ongoing questions answered?"

This a self-study course designed to address everything you’ll need to successfully build your SEO traffic – that’s why you have all the scripts, templates, step by steps, and bonuses.

The 60-days of Q&A support is a bonus you get on top of everything because we want to make sure you get off to an amazing start.

If you wanted further support after 60 days, that would be outside of the scope of this course and the bonus.

(To put this into perspective – ongoing consulting from a decent SEO expert usually costs a few thousand dollars a month.)
"Is it a part of the course to check how I'm doing in following the system? So I can know if I'm doing everything right?"

We won’t check in on you as that falls into the realm of coaching and it would be a completely different offer – and price – for us to be able to do that.

That being said, this is another reason why we offer the bonus 60 days of Q&A support.

Use it to get up to speed, learn how to do things “right,” and get feedback so you know you’re using the system to get the best results.

But it’s your responsibility to ask for the help you need. (And we truly hope you do! That’s why we added in the bonus…on us!)
"Is additional auditing or consulting available as an add-on?"

As of now, no – although that might change in the future.

If you’d like for us to do it all for you though, you can get more details at
"What work does the 15 hours per week cover?"

>> Writing one article per month (The article will be around 2,000 words – we have included outlines and instructions to make writing it as easy and fast as possible).

>> Executing on the link-building strategies we teach inside CCM

>> Optional for if you want to grow even faster: Pinterest (creating pins + scheduling them) OR Stack Ups to boost growth. (Which option you’ll use depends on your business, and you’ll learn how to choose the best option for you inside the course)
"Luisa also has regular newsletters, social media, and blogs. It's a lot more than the one monthly blog mentioned for CCM. Will I have to do all that too?" is a fairly large business which I (Luisa) and everyone on the LZ team have spent almost 10 years building – that includes the content, experience, reputation, products, systems, and team.

Nowadays, we use all the strategies – because we’ve grown to the point where we have the resources to do so.

But the fact that we can is thanks to the Clients Come to Me system.

It was/is the backbone that helped grow to the point where we could have the resources to invest in other areas.

That’s why I’m so passionate about sharing Clients Come to Me with you – because THIS is the system that made it all possible.

So while there’s a time and place for all strategies, Clients Come to Me is not meant to teach you every single thing involved in running this business. No single course could.  

But that’s not necessary anyways:

The revenue numbers – as in consistent sales within just a few months to multiple 6-figures by year two – and the work load estimates we share on this page are for just the CCM system alone. They do not include’s other traffic or revenue streams. (So you’re getting a full picture of the workload and potential results from just CCM!)
"SEO is constantly evolving. As it changes, will the course include updates to stay current?"

Yes – as long as we are in business and selling the course (we’ve been in business for almost 10 years so aren’t likely to go anywhere anytime soon), we’ll be keeping it updated.

As a CCM student, you’ll have access to all updates – for free.

That being said, this system gives you a very solid foundation for SEO so that even though there will be updates, you won’t need to change your core strategy. (So none of the work you do will ever be wasted.)
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