Certified Business Coach by Ajit Nawalkha 2023

Certified Business Coach by Ajit Nawalkha 2023

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Introducing: An ICF recognized Coaching Certification Program By Evercoach (A Mindvalley Company)
Become A Highly skilled and sought-after certified business coach, and build a thriving career of your dreams
Enjoy A Nearly Infinite Stream Of Ongoing Work You Can Tap Into On Demand.
join the first training program of its kind designed to transform you into a knowledgeable, confident and highly recognized business coach.
You’re Here Because You Feel Called To Make A Difference In People’s Lives.

Maybe you feel unfulfilled with where you’re at professionally. And that feeling in your gut is telling you: You are meant for MORE...

Or maybe you’re already a coach, but your dreams are big. And you want to make an even greater impact through your work.

You know that becoming a business coach is a highly rewarding, fulfilling and lucrative career that can transform your and your family's lives forever.  
The only problem is you haven’t yet found the confidence or the clear path to creating the thriving coaching career of your dreams.

After a while you might begin to wonder...

    "Do I really have what it takes to become a successful business coach?"
    “How can I feel confident enough to finally go for it?”
    “And aren’t there way too many coaches out there already? What do I have to contribute that isn't already fulfilled by thousands of others?”

I hear you. And to be honest, almost all aspiring coaches are held back by these same doubts.

But here's the truth:
a person explaining something to a group of people
Certified And Professional Business Coaches Are Now At A Higher Demand Than Ever
(With Not Enough Available Coaches To Fill In The Need)

As the world changes faster than ever before, businesses are now faced with a harsh reality: Either quickly adapt to the new economy... Or go out of business.

As businesses struggle to adjust to the new world, they are looking for coaches to help and support them as they manage this change.
a person working on the laptop

According to research done by Google, coaching is the #1 skill in-common with the best performing business managers and executives.

No wonder the coaching industry is predicted to reach $13.8 billion by the end of 2021, and grow at 3.4% year on year.

    There has never been a greater opportunity than NOW to become a Business Coach.

But Despite The Endless Demand... Most Coaches Fail To Create A Thriving Career.

As the business landscape shifts, business owners and managers can no longer afford spending hours and hours in coaching sessions as most business coaches were taught to offer.

They no longer need help only navigating their mindset and emotions, but instead -

They are looking for answers, guidance, strategies and support. And they need it fast before their business gets hurt.

That means that today, you can no longer stand by and "provide space" as your clients look for the answers themselves. You need to be able to give it to them.

    As you begin providing businesses with the answers they are looking for, you are no longer "just a coach".

    You become an extraordinarily valuable coach/consultant.

This new hybrid of a coach and a consultant is extremely rare in the coaching world and the few that have proven qualifications as one can't seem to keep up with the volume of eager clients coming their way.
woman tired and frustrated at work
You Don’t Need Your Own Business Or Years Of Experience To Become A high-level Business Coach And Consultant
medium shot of women holding papers

I know you might feel overwhelmed by the idea of coaching businesses - especially if you're a new coach, or feel like you need extensive business experience.

But see, I've been successful as a business coach/consultant for over 10 years now and helped countless businesses grow - and even double - their revenue, multiply their client base, uplevel their team's performance and increase their bottom line.

And the one thing I know for sure? Is this:

There are 10 critical challenges all businesses face, regardless of their size, industry or growth stage.

    Once you'll learn and understand how to solve these imperative 10 challenges - you'll hold the power to create massive results for your clients in an incredible speed... regardless of your own business experience.

This will turn you into a highly-valuable, indispensable business coach/consultant.
here are the top 10 challenges every business is facing
leadership icon

strategy icon

strategy execution icon

Strategy Execution
putting their employees first

Putting Their Employees First


building an a team

Building An "A" Team
making the business stand out

Making The Business Stand Out
systems and processes

Systems And Processes
measuring performance

Measuring Performance
Now You Can Get The Training You Need to not only hone the right skills to succeed as a highly valuable business coach/consultant...

    ..But you'll also be able to prove it - with an official certification from Evercoach - the world's leading platform for coaching education.

2 women having a coaching business meeting

At Evercoach, we have trained over 50,000 coaches world-wide, and are constantly approached by the largest companies in the world seeking for coaches to help them grow.

Hundreds of aspiring coaches like you have asked us for an Evercoach Certification Program - and now it’s finally here.

So if you're ready to...

    Take the leap and become a certified, sought-after business coach
    Commit to your success and to making a real difference in this world
    Skyrocket your confidence, put yourself out there and embark on one of the most personally and financially rewarding career paths that exist

Then Certified Business Coach Certification by Evercoach is for you.
Certified Business Coach
The first Official Business Coaching Certification Program
by Evercoach
A Mindvalley company
Mindvalley logo
Certified Business Coach by Evercoach
Training you to become a highly skilled and sought-after Certified business coach and consultant

Whether you want to become a highly sought-after business coach, build a thriving career within your organization, or take your own business to new heights - This program will help.

It’s a 4-month hands-on, deep-dive training to transform you into a knowledgeable, valuable and highly-skilled business coach and consultant..

..who can confidently lead businesses through their top 10 challenges.
Here's What You'll Be Able To Achieve With your business coach certification

Enhance Team Performance
Attract great talent, while building and managing an A-Team. Help any team perform and collaborate at their highest level while quickly resolving conflicts.
Master Performance Coaching Skills
Time is the most valuable asset in business. Master the coaching skills that allow for high performance, efficiency and getting more done in less time through optimized daily systems and processes.
Master Business Coaching  And Entrepreneurial Skills
Whether you need to coach yourself or your clients through business challenges, this program will equip you with the exact skills you need to facilitate profound change and transformation for founders, team leaders, entire teams and company cultures.
Develop Executive Coaching Skills
You’ll learn how to masterfully coach leaders and executives through their most challenging business and leadership challenges. Plus - you’ll be able to support them in optimizing their own performance, fast-tracking their business growth and increasing their bottom line.
Grow Any Business X10 Faster
Yes, you’ll be able to help your clients build and grow their businesses, but in this program you’ll also adopt the skills you need to create your own successful coaching business. Whether you choose to go full time in your business or work in other companies, you’ll always have the most powerful business growth systems and strategies available at your fingertips.
Master All Coaching Models
Once you discover how to integrate different coaching models, you’ll be able to master your leadership style based on your personal interest. You’ll come out of the program knowing exactly which models and styles are in alignment with who you are so that you can continuously show up as the most powerful coach you can be for your clients.
Attract And Land Higher Level Clients
who need more in-depth support from someone who understand their company’s challenges and is equipped with the right set of tools and strategies to help them with their specific needs.
Get accredited CCE units from International Coaching Federation (ICF)
CCE units are Continuous Coach Education Units provided by International Coaching Federation (ICF). Certified Business Coach has been accredited by International Coach Federation (ICF) to give you 39 Continuing Coach Education (CCE) units, which means that by just doing this one program, you will be able to complete almost all of ICF's required continuous learning units for 3 years.

Who Is This Certification Designed For?

This Certification Is designed for you if you have the intent to serve and want to beat the feast-famine cycle forever. It is for:
Executives/Business Owners

You’ll learn how to make the right decisions to grow your business fast.

Even if you know nothing about business or coaching executives.
Managers and Leaders

You’ll become a more efficient leader and deliver results consistently.
Anyone who wants to make a living as a coach

Even if you have no prior experience.
here's what you'll learn
Discover the 'Certified Business Coach' Journey and Curriculum

The Certified Business Coach Program is broken down into 4 Modules, covering everything from mindset to coaching skills and specialized business consulting knowledge.
Month 1
The Evercoach Methodology
Certified Business Coach Month 1

During Month 1, you'll discover the 'Evercoach Methodology' - A powerful system that's been tested and refined for over 10 years of practical, real-world experience in coaching and consulting businesses.

Plus, we’ll help you adopt a robust mindset that'll allows you to become a confident and trustworthy coach and leader.

You'll learn...

The 5 core fundamentals of The Evercoach Methodology and how to apply them to your coaching to build a solid foundation
The powerful method of First-Principle Thinking that allows you to break down complicated problems and generate original solutions that are crucial to your clients’ success
How to dig deeper than most coaches and identify the foundational truths behind any situation - so that you can eliminate the root causes of your clients’ challenges and facilitate lasting change
What the fundamental problem is that most leaders and CEOs experience in business, and how to co-create unique solutions that ease your clients' experience, and make you a trusted and indispensable advisor and partner in their long-term success
Why you don’t need to be an expert in business, but an expert at asking the right questions to become a successful coach (plus you’ll get the exact questions so that you can use them with your own clients right away)
The clear 5-step process of applying First-Principle Thinking in real-life coaching situations to get to the heart of the matter quickly and help your clients create real change

    And much more...

By the end of Month 1 - you'll hone a powerful coaching methodology and unshakeable confidence in your ability to create groundbreaking, predictable results to any client, during any situation.
Month 2
The Fundamentals of Powerful Coaching
Certified Business Coach Month 2

Becoming a great coach/consultant will mean nothing unless you'll be able to convey authority and get your clients to trust you, and do as you say.

During Month 2, we’ll show you how to build a solid long-term relationship with your clients, become a powerful presence in your clients' lives, and ask the right questions that facilitate breakthroughs and transformation with ease.

You'll learn...

The 8 foundational elements of coaching, and how to continuously develop and master these critical skills to become an extraordinary and sought-after business coach
How to create a deep connection straight from the beginning of any coaching relationship, and help your client see that working together is in their best interest
How to establish professional boundaries using a clear coaching agreement covering all the legal elements, while keeping your client accountable and preserving your coaching relationship
How to establish powerful rapport quickly, yet genuinely, and in just a few, simple steps  - including the exact questions to ask
The powerful yet simple techniques to become highly self-aware, radically present and naturally confident coach clients love to rely on
How to build trust with your clients, increase their confidence in working with you, and make them feel physically and emotionally safe to work on the areas they need to improve with ease
The 5 types of powerful questions any coach needs to master and how to formulate them a way that elicits insight, self-discovery and create results
Exactly how to structure your coaching sessions to help your clients get clear on the outcomes they want, and focus on the actions that'll provide them measurable results

    And much more….

By the end of Month 2 - you'll be able to quickly and confidently establish a close, yet authoritative coaching-relationship with any client while easily facilitating change and transformation.
Month 3
Mastering The Core Coaching Competencies
Certified Business Coach Month 3

During Month 3, you'll dive deep and master the core coaching competencies that will help you become a truly transformative coach.

On top of that - get the practical tools and methodologies that allow you to drive results for your clients with confidence.

You'll learn...

The 7 principles of effective communication and how to choose and identify the language that will have the greatest impact on your client.
How to go beyond just exchanging information and decode the emotions and intentions behind what is being said and heard (verbally and non-verbally)
How exact tools that'll help you avoid misunderstandings, lead powerfully, move straight into more difficult topics and connect to others on deeper, more heartfelt levels
How to become an extraordinary listener and hold space for your clients, so you can uncover the real meaning behind their words (rather than feeling uncomfortable during occasional moments of silence)
The 4 Pillars of Emotional Intelligence and how to help your clients make more rational decisions that improve their odds of success in their lives and at their workplace
How to help your clients navigate their emotions in any situation, using the 4-step R.A.I.N. process
How to create powerful breakthroughs and lasting transformation by understand the nature of the human brain
How to help your clients make rational decisions that improve their odds of success in their lives and at their workplace
How to use habit formation to break and transform destructive and obstructive behavioral patterns
Understand what drives motivation and procrastination and how them to drive behavioral change in only 5 steps

    And so much more...

By the end of Month 3 - you'll be well rehearsed and established as both a knowledgeable as well as experienced coach, ready to tackle any coaching situation with great confidence and competence.
Month 4
Business Consulting Mastery
Certified Business Coach Month 4

The key to being a highly sought-after business coach is adding specialized consulting knowledge to your toolbox to help create fast and proven results for your clients' (or your own) businesses.

During Month 4, you'll learn the fundamental elements that build businesses and how to consult your clients to solve the top 10 challenges all businesses today face.

You'll learn...

How to develop the 6 key leadership skills most needed in today’s market - both for yourself and for your clients
The 7 essential questions that leaders can use consistently to build a winning team that leverages its full potential
How to curate a high performing team in 6 simple steps and find the right people that are in alignment with a company’s vision
Why building a mission-based company that’s clear on its core values creates an outstanding culture with a tribe of loyal employees
How to create a world-class customer experience that makes people fall in love with your products and services and has them coming back for more
The 7-step strategic planning framework that allows you to create a big picture plan for a company that can be executed efficiently and without wasting time
How to market your own business and your clients’ businesses effectively through the art of Product Focused Marketing
What the core elements of a successful brand are, why you absolutely need one and how to build your own trustworthy a brand using our simple process

    And much more...

By the end of Month 4 - You'll have mastered both the skills as well as the tools you need to help your clients grow their business at unbelievable speed.
Here’s how it works
Weekly Content And Training

Learn at your own pace with our weekly released trainings. Choose the learning style that best fits you thanks to our audio, video and PDFs materials. Dive deep into the concepts and frameworks and then join our live Classroom Sessions to implement everything you’ve learned.
a man working on a laptop
a person using a laptop
Weekly Live Classroom Sessions

Join the Evercoach team for LIVE classroom sessions where you can ask questions and receive personal guidance.
Weekly Interactive Peer Coaching Labs

Immediately apply everything you’ve learned in a practical and fun way in our interactive Peer Coaching Labs. Work with other like-minded and committed coaches to practice your skills so you can claim the confidence your need to actually go out there and coach! You’ll also get valuable feedback from our Evercoach Facilitators to make sure you consistently grow and improve every single week!
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