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unforgettable by luisa zhou

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unforgettable by luisa zhou coupon discount free

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unforgettable by luisa zhou download

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unforgettable by luisa zhou mega.nz torrent

Yes you CAN have the business, income, and community of your dreams.
Even if you’re an introvert, struggle to naturally connect with your audience, and don’t love social media.
I know, because I did it. And now for the first time ever, I’m sharing all my hard-earned secrets so you can do the same:
Get my "formula" for building an 8-figure personal brand from scratch.
Consider it your blueprint for building your own unique and massively profitable online presence.
One that attracts your dream clients, has you standing out in all your brilliance and personal power, and supports you in creating your dream business and income — the way YOU want.
Because if You’re Like Me, You Want it ALL…
The business, income, fulfillment, impact, and community.
But it’s also gotta be YOUR way.
That means having the business model you want.
Which allows you to live, travel, and work (or NOT work) on your schedule.
While being able to choose what you keep private and what you share.
Not to mention who you work with — and don’t work with.
After all, you aren’t like anyone else.
So why should you have a business like anyone else’s?
Here’s what it takes to create a business that pays you to be YOU…
Hi, “I” am Luisa Zhou (LZ to my friends).
Despite being an introvert who doesn’t love social media or self-promotion, I’ve managed to build an 8-figure personal brand.
Not to mention an audience of 100,000+. (And we’re not talking about strangers on TikTok who barely recognize my name. I’m talking about a real audience — who looks forward to my content and learning from me, my coaching, and my courses.)
Now, for the first time ever, (not just for me but to my knowledge for anyone), I’m breaking down how I did it.
Because the truth is…
An Unforgettable – and Massively Profitable – Online Presence?
Does NOT Happen by Accident
Which you know if you’re tired of following vague advice like, “just be yourself”…but yet not coming even close to having the income, community, and impact you’ve seen others be able to build.
Maybe you’re even becoming afraid that you might just be too “boring” to stand out. (Been there!
But you can’t — you won’t — give up.
Because you crave being seen and appreciated as YOU. And living up to all the potential you know you’re capable of.
As much as it pains me to repeat a cliché, I’m glad this one’s true:
YOU are unique and attractive — and have everything you need to create a powerful and profitable online presence — just as you are.
The only thing you might be missing is knowing HOW to intentionally channel and communicate…well, YOU…into a successful business that pays you to be you.
But that’s what your business “big sister” is here for.
Everything I’ve figured out and how I’ve done it, with detailed examples and behind-the-scenes, to build an Unforgettable — and unforgettably profitable — online presence.
Without having to overshare anything you don’t want to, change a single thing about yourself and your personality, or do anything that doesn’t feel true to you.
Including how to…
Stand out as the truly Unforgettable *One and Only* YOU
...while simply being yourself and doing what you know you’re meant to do. Because you’ve unlocked – and know how to communicate – your personal power and uniqueness.
If it were anyone else saying this, you might suspect the teachings to be vague or empty motivation. But here are some of the very real, very practical lessons that’ll help you bring this out for you and your business…

How I went from being thought of as, “Nice but seems kind of boring…” to “OMG, I love Luisa!” (There are six elements that define your “identity.” I’ll show you how to define and demonstrate them so your dream clients are able to fully see, appreciate, and connect with you and your business. This is how to “be yourself” online...but with tangible steps you can actually use. Lesson #2)
The “Code” that underlies every successful leadership-based business, especially service and information businesses — and how to “program” it into your own business. (This is the reason why certain creators seem to have so much “power” behind every piece of content and product they put out, and are naturally able to attract a lot more attention and sales. Lesson #1)
Develop for yourself the one “asset” that every successful, well-known entrepreneur always has at their fingertips — because it’s crucial to helping others understand and connect with you. (Hint: This is something that probably comes to mind easily when you think of Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, or any entrepreneur you follow and admire. Lesson #3)

    How to turn your biggest insecurities into some of your greatest strengths. (A huge reason imposter syndrome pops up is because we feel like we’re hiding certain weaknesses. I’ll show you how to be fully honest about where and who you are, without undermining your credibility…so you become even more attractive to your ideal clients as a result. Lesson #1)

Craft an online presence so Unforgettable you literally have no “competition.”

The 4 pillars to crafting an online presence so engaging it pulls your dream clients into “your world.” So they look out specifically for your updates and want to buy specifically from you. (This is how one of the wealthiest organizations in the country keeps its members happily engaged — emotionally and financially — for decades. You’ll also see breakdowns of how I’ve crafted my own pillars for LuisaZhou.com so my clients continue to purchase from me year after year. Lesson #4)
How to make an Unforgettable first impression that draws in your dream clients…and can help grow your audience a lot faster too. (Sometimes that first impression is all you get before a potential client dismisses you and moves on forever. Using this has improved my opt-in rates by up to 300%! Lesson #5)
A fun way to instantly stand out and showcase your personality — while establishing an Unforgettable space in your audience’s mind. (Once I started doing this, I began seeing more interest in my day to day content. Not to mention having my audience feel more like they were part of my Community…versus viewing me as just another creator they noticed from time to time. Lesson #6)

    All the details for designing a unique “Look” that not only looks good, but more importantly, also conveys the feel that best represents you and your business. (Most “branding” and “visuals” advice completely misses this second — and more important — part. But when done right, it can play a critical role in how you’re perceived. I’ll also walk you through the behind-the-scenes for my own design, logo, typeface, imagery, and product packaging. Lesson #7)

Build not just any old business, but a Community
...so you make more sales while also creating a bigger impact, being respected as a leader, and feeling more fulfillment.

The reason most coaches, consultants, and creators are never seen as more than just “gurus” or “influencers” — and the 3 steps that will help YOU avoid that fate to instead become a respected leader of your Community. (This will also have you feeling more excited about what you do while having your work land even more impactfully. Which will also attract your dream clients even faster. Lesson #8)
A simple but incredibly powerful way to demonstrate your leadership and character while also bringing your Community closer together. (Doing this is how I’m able to build even more trust with my community, show that I walk my talk, and stand out in a world where it’s often too hard to know who to trust. As you can imagine, this is the kind of trust that will have a lot more of your dream clients buying from you. Lesson #10)

    How to build a Community where meaningful engagement — via thoughtful responses, appreciation, and purchases — is the norm. (I’ve never been one for empty small talk or “drop me an emoji” type engagement, so I don’t do it — and thus don’t know how to teach it either. But what I am good at is building real, long-lasting, win-win relationships with my Community and my clients. And in Lesson #9, I break down how I do it.)

Monetize via Unforgettable products that you AND your dream clients believe in and love.
...Because they’re a natural, unique, and profitable extension of YOU.

Why most service packages and info-products are completely forgettable and interchangeable — plus the simple question that will help you easily differentiate your products so they feel utterly unique…and thus uniquely desirable. (I’m breaking down one of my most powerful strategies for being able to create 30+ courses and coaching programs — where each and every one is instantly recognizable on its own, is obviously different from anything else on the market, and feels to my clients like it’s the exact thing they needed. We cover this in a lot of detail inside Lesson #12 & Lesson #14)
The best way to make your products so Unforgettable they become the natural go-to for your dream clients — without you having to make a single overhyped guarantee or exert an ounce of “salesy-ness.” (This has nothing to do with direct marketing or sales strategies. Instead, it uses a much more powerful principle, that’s also a lot more fun and effective! Lesson #11)

    How to make buying from you a natural part of your Unforgettable online presence and Community relationship. (Doing this well is why some entrepreneurs seem to be able to sell anything, despite not following standard direct marketing or sales “best practices.” Because *this* trumps everything. Lesson #13.)

In short, this is a detailed breakdown of how I built an 8-figure personal brand from scratch — so you can take my experience and use it for yourself.
Let’s be honest:
If you’re like me, the “odds” are against us — especially if you’re an introvert; don’t have an “in your face” personality; or have been taught keep my head down and not rock anybody’s boat.
But hey, I’m not one to back down in the face of a challenge.
Especially when the prize is the business, income, impact, and life of your dreams.
So as I do, I figured it out. I did the thing. And now, I’m not holding back a single detail as I share it all with you. Especially if you’re struggling with some of the same challenges I did.
Because I truly believe ANYONE can build the business and life of your dreams…if you’re willing to do the work.
As long as you’re ready and willing to do that, my job as your business “big sister” is to help make it a little easier for you by passing on my hard-earned experience.
But that “if” can sometimes be a big one.
So to be clear:
This course (and I) can help you as long as…

You’re the founder or face of your business, even if your business isn’t named after your name
You have a service or info-product business (or are in the process of building one and want to do it right, from the start)

    You understand that building an Unforgettable presence can’t be done with cookie-cutter templates and scripts, and are ready to put in the work — both mental and physical — to create a truly unique online presence that rewards you with a business and ROI beyond your wildest dreams

But this course is NOT a good fit to help you if…

You haven’t actually done the things you teach on
You’re looking for a “magic bullet” to make $$$$$…tomorrow
You want fill-in-the-blank scripts or templates so you can just start making money

    You like to go from shiny object to shiny object and get a “high” from buying new courses…but never implement

Now, if you still want my help and believe you and Unforgettable are a good fit, then here’s the “what you get”:
Unforgettable is a fourteen lesson course inside my custom, easy-to-use course website.
The content is designed to be consumed via video — as the video lessons have been created specifically to help you absorb the material faster and better. But you’ll also have transcripted versions of the lesson available so you can use and reference the material at your convenience. Plus “Planning Prompts” to help you implement the takeaways from each lesson, so you’re able to go from theory to action…and results.
Also included in each lesson is at least one LZ Behind-the-Scenes breakdown, with examples of how I applied what I teach in that lesson to build the LZ brand.
So you can see how to actually use everything we cover to create your own Unforgettable online presence.
As with all I do, everything is concise, to-the-point, and highly valuable. You won’t waste your time on fluff and you’ll get what you need quickly, so you can apply what you learn to grow your presence (and as a result your business), asap.
And last but definitely not least, you also get lifetime access so that you can refer back to this information whenever you need.
You’ll get an email with your login information and instant access to the course as soon as you enroll.
And I’m confident that if you implement what you learn in this course, you’re going to be very happy with your ROI.
However, an important note before you buy:
There are no refunds and all sales are final.
So before you buy, please read the details carefully and make the decision that you’re going to make the most of this course.
When and if you’re ready, you can enroll in the course right here:

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