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It was the sort of noise you’d expect to come from a tank.

But it came from a mailbox. I was sitting in the backseat of a rust bucket Honda Civic with the window down. A couple of empty beer cans rattling around at my feet. Goofy grin on my face. It had stopped raining, the evening sun was out and the silver steel of the car was pebbled with gold droplets. My buddy had just put a firework inside an empty packet of Marlboro Reds, lit the fuse, shoved it inside the mailbox, and ran.  

We didn’t know it at the time, of course. We were just teenagers messing about. There was no one around. I’m not proud of it. But I often wonder about that moment. I wonder about the thin lines between luck and fate. I wonder how the course of my life might have been different had the mailbox my buddy chose to destroy not belonged to a member of the State Police.
YO! I'm Parker.

Most of you know me from Twitter already but I love a stray cat and my door is always open.

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Still here?

Ok, quick intro!

I’ve worked in over 25 different countries

I’ve scraped parking lots for change. I’ve pumped out septic tanks. I have lived in war zones and worked on military bases. I’ve done electricity overhauls all over Western Africa.

But now at 29, I live in Brazil and spend my days writing stories.

It’s good to see you here.


It has taken me a chunk of time and most of the dark places a man can go to learn what I know about life and business and the decisions that shape us.

But the idea for what I’m about to share with you came to me in an everyday moment at lunch here in Brazil. When it hit me, I was frying up some chicken with garlic and lemon oregano.

Parker. Personal Brands, Business Owners, and Marketers Don’t Need Another Course With Well-Known Tactics Dressed-Up as "Breakthrough" Strategy, But What if You Built Them . . .
An Instruction Manual for the Most Powerful Device on Earth!
In other words, the ability to:

Leverage the hidden story structures of great movies and books for online communication, giving you an UNBEATABLE EDGE over tactic hunters and swipe guys

Play the long game by connecting with your followers on an EMOTIONAL level

Create captivating stories about fire topics on demand and at scale

Craft ideas that get associated with YOU by peeking “through the veil” at the inner workings of the most LOYAL social media followings (not the largest)

INSPIRE support and friendships for you, your vision, and your products, giving you an online business you’re PROUD of and that works for you (even while you're sleeping)

An Important Question For You

What was your reaction to Mark Zuckerberg launching Threads?

Did you:

A) FOMO into creating an account and fret about strategy?


B) Go about your day purposefully improving your skillset, quietly building long-term relationships, and deepening your understanding of the world and its power dynamics?
If you answered B), then pat yourself on the back!

You understand:

The channels change.
But people don’t.

You have what I like to call “human intelligence”

(and I’d love to grab a drink with you someday!)

My hope and my aim and my mission for you is that you can use storytelling as a vehicle for growing your business, your influence, and the quality of your relationships.

Because I want you to experience the dopamine rushes:

Going viral.

DMs exploding.

Stripe notifications coming out of your ears.

Opportunity knocking on your door.

But I also want you to understand and leverage storytelling as a BASELINE skill.

You can use it with personality branding.

You can weave it into marketing any product or business.

And you can use it in everyday interactions to make life more interesting and fun.

So let's get into it, ok?

But first, two facts:

The thing these AI prompt bros don’t seem to get:
Fact #1: 65% of ALL communication is either stories or gossip.

Fact #2: Stories are 700% more memorable than just information.

My own story is proof of the best way to build a personal brand.

Here’s what happened.

I joined Twitter in June 2022.

I made an account and followed the generic advice of “write what you know.”

I started tweeting about electricity.


I sucked.

Nothing happened.

It took me 3 months to reach 100 followers.

Then one day - frustrated and miserable - I sat down and wrote my story.


I went viral.

I rocketed from a few hundred to 1,200 followers overnight.

Same effort, a radically different result.

Since that day I haven’t looked back.

I started writing true stories using simple language.

Here's what happened:
And here are some of the friends I've made by connecting through stories!
Professioinal Writer
Content Kuba
Rachael avatar
Storytelling is quickly becoming the most important skill to stand out on social media and I don't know anyone who's covering it better than Parker. I look forward to his tweets and newsletter every week because I can always trust they will be insightful, unique, and entertaining.
Jul 1, 2023
Tanmay avatar
Professioinal Ghostwriter
Parker is one of the only few creators who does what he preaches in his content. He not only teaches you frameworks of storytelling but gets results from those. And it's pretty clear why he's one of the fastest-growing brands on Twitter.
Jul 1, 2023
Adi avatar
Parker's personal story is a testament to how powerful storytelling can be. Not to mention he's got non-stop bangers on how to leverage the power of stories for writing online... whether you're building a personal brand or a business.
Jun 30, 2023
Lara Acosta
Founder of LA digital
Nik Atanackovic
Content Creator on Twitter
Virgil Brewster
Founder The Building Block
Amadeus Laforce avatar
Amadeus Laforce
Writer & Lawyer
The Story System is clear and complete. I'm building a personal brand on X and I'll be using it a lot.

I recommend it to anyone trying to grow an audience on social media, especially those interested in storytelling.
Aug 18, 2023
Ricky Gonzalez
Zlatko Bijelic avatar
Zlatko Bijelic
Creator and founder
I’ve been watching Parker work on his craft for the past year since we took our first course together. He has developed an amazing storytelling system that is helping creators and businesses use storytelling as a vehicle to connect with the customers and their audience. Parker goes through step-by-step, showing you how to use a system to grow your audience And build a business online through storytelling. Highly recommend checking out this course and using it as an ongoing reference point anytime you get stuck.
Jul 11, 2023
Content Creator / AI Solopreneur
Ahad avatar
Life saving!

The storytelling themed tweets & thread template presented by Parker is one of the best template bundle i have gone through untill Today.

Hardly recommend to get one.
Jul 11, 2023
Darrell Lerner avatar
Darrell Lerner
Serial Entrepreneur (2 exits) & Advisor
The only thing more incredible than Parker's story are his storytelling skills. Storytelling is such an underrated superpower and it can be leveraged everywhere - whether on Twitter, in sales, or in life. 'The Story System' is a masterclass in storytelling and audience building. It includes a thread writing course and a digital storytelling course, ensuring you'll never tell boring stories again. I highly recommend it for anyone interested in improving their storytelling and looking to build an audience.

- Darrell Lerner
Jul 11, 2023
Jay avatar
I love reading a good story. But I never seem to remember my own stories.

So I went through Parker’s StoryFinder and it provides the perfect frameworks to train your brain to find stories on command.

Now I’ve got tons of ideas to write about. I can’t thank him enough.
Jul 11, 2023
Jayson Brady avatar
Jayson Brady
Founder of Timeful
The Story System really exposed me to the way that we can utilise proven frameworks and psychological tricks to make our stories have a bigger impact.
Jul 11, 2023
Jeremy Singh avatar
Jeremy Singh
Running Coach
I found Parker on Twitter just a few months ago and I gotta say this guy is awesome!

He does 2 things exceptionally well:

1. He tells captivating stories of the crazy journey he has lived — that are filled with edge of your seat moments and wrapped into actionable life lessons.

2. He breaks down the frameworks, formats, and all the tips and tricks the best storytellers use in a simple and easy to understand way.

So if you’re looking to tell better stories, whether that’s to sell more, be the life of the party, or connect with an audience then you’ve got to check out Parker and his Story System.
Jul 11, 2023
Charlie Bennett
Twitter Ghostwriter
Serge Kuznetsov avatar
Serge Kuznetsov
Entrepreneur, Co-founder, Co-Founder @AI-CoFounder
I was really struggling with finding ideas to write about.
I think it is one of the biggest fears of the creators: to start from the empty document.
Now, thanks to the Storyfinder I will not face it any more.
I started to journal daily, use the frameworks, Parker have provided. And, man, I like it!
Looking forward to your new course!
Jul 16, 2023
Ted Ryce
CEO of Legendary
John Ó Laoidh avatar
John Ó Laoidh
High Performance Coach
Honestly, I was stuck with Twitter until I found this:
I didn't want to admit it, but I couldn't figure Twitter out. Unlike many people who were exposed to how Twitter works for years before they became creators, I was learning those two things at the same time.

It was painfully slow and I felt like I was tweeting into the void with minimal engagement.

Finding Parker Worth's Story System was a no-holds barred game-changer. It was also the required paradigm shift that fast-tracked me towards 1000 followers after some excrutiatingly slow building in the early stages because I just didn't have the insights that Parker shares in his groundbreaking system.

Sure, maybe you can figure out the cognitive biases, psychology and formatting science around Twitter threads as well as the best ways to tailor your message within the constraints of the platform but it's going to take you much longer: it's with a sense of relief that I came across Parker's system (emphasis on SYSTEM) because it has saved me years of groping in the dark and unsystematic ignorance on Twitter.

Now I know how to write for this platform, what works & what doesn't, how to write hooks, how to know my audience and a wealth of templates and strategies.

Parker has distilled his immense expertise into clear and concise frameworks that are easy to follow and even easier to take action on because - like all good storytellers and a master of the craft he teaches - he knows his audience. That's how he himself went from zero to a staggering 25,000 followers in less than a year. That's the person I want to learn from and did!

I can't recommend Parker's Story System highly enough.
There is no higher octane fuel for strategising Twitter growth. Parker's system will guide you from drowning in mediocrity down in Twitter's dark basement, out into the elysian fields of:

1) clarity on your message
2) how to connect with your audience
2) how to communicate your own uniqueness

so you can stand out and help your clients in the way you both deserve.

Phenomenal course which provides immense value.
Jul 20, 2023
Molly Lye avatar
Molly Lye
Founder of Funnel Vision
Before Parker's course, my content felt flat and lifeless. I wanted to incorporate storytelling to better connect with my audience. Parker’s storytelling system was exactly what I needed. I use his methods every time I write now, and my audience is loving it. This course was a total game changer.
Jul 20, 2023
Chris Baumann avatar
Chris Baumann
Brand & Marketing Strategist
I personally watched Parker’s story unfold right before my eyes. Dude is a genius storyteller.

& his Story System has helped me learn how to write captivating stories that create raving fans! He’s also one of the nicest guys on Twitter you’ll meet.

Highly recommend!!!
Jul 25, 2023
Amaan avatar
Scale Creators and Education Businesses
I've known Parker since 2022, and seen him grow an audience and build a successful creator business using stories in no time.
The Story System is a game-changer for anyone wanting to build an authentic personal brand online that people actually remember.

It’s packed with tried and tested methods, tools and resources and tips and strategies. It can skyrocket anyone’s storytelling skills and transform their business.
I can already see it happening.
Jul 25, 2023
Made with
Just one year later, I have:

1000+ email subscribers

25,000+ following

A world-class network

An income generated from my personal brand
I have obsessed over the science and
secrets of storytelling.

I started with books and TV shows and movies, but then I went deeper.

I found that storytelling is the ONLY human trait that is truly universal across cultures and through all of known history.

From stories written in the ancient languages of Sanskrit, Latin, Greek, Chinese, Egyptian, and Sumerian . . .

To the oral storytellers in hunter-gatherer tribes and the millions of people who take to social media every day engaging in the same behavior as their ancestors . . .

We are ALL storytellers. And it’s one thing to know that stories are powerful. It’s another to understand why and how.
So let me show you why.

Stories exist on a spectrum. Some are boring and people switch off halfway through.

But the good ones that go viral on social media, become books or movies, form parts of historical speeches, or get retold through generations and travel across the globe . . .

These stories work because they activate a psychological state called “narrative transport"

In addition to Narrative Transport, Neural Coupling - seen here in a 2010 study at Princeton University - is when the brain activity of the storyteller matches that of the listener. Coupling only happens through the telling of a story.

Narrative transport is when you feel so involved in a story that afterwards your attitude, behaviors and beliefs CHANGE.

The better you get at activating narrative transport, the more powerful your stories will become.
Now let me show you how:

My 3-Step Process for Activating “Narrative Transport” So ANYONE Can Write Powerful Stories Quickly and Effortlessly
Step 1: Understand the secret benefits of storytelling on an
anthropological level.

When this switch flicks in your head, life will never be the same again. You will see stories everywhere, all the time. But more importantly you will want to write them yourself (once you understand the rewards.)
Step 2: Develop the ability to consistently write emotional stories
at scale.

It used to take me 2 days to write an email. Now I can pump them out in about 35 minutes and I’m getting quicker all the time. The difference? Idea generation. When you get good at idea generation, you become a storytelling machine.
Step 3: Leverage the 3 specific categories of stories that strap a
jetpack on your growth.

There are thousands of different story structures available, but when you focus on just the 3 most powerful frameworks that exist, you start accumulating friends rather than followers and deepen your bond with your audience at an amazing speed.

This 3-Step Process is how you grow and build your business.

And hey, you might say “My business is already growing.”

I don’t doubt that.

I don’t doubt your business will continue to grow and you’ll get where you want to go.

The question is, how fast?

And how many followers and opportunities are passing you by every single day by not having a proper storytelling system in place that compels people to take action?

Well, today, I want to hand over that instruction manual . . .

Here it is.

An Instruction Manual for the
Most Powerful Device Know to Man

This is my super sexy Notion dashboard with both videos and text that you can work through at your own pace or guzzle down in a single weekend.

Inside, I’ve put everything I know about using storytelling to connect with followers, grow your business, and improve your overall standing in the world.

Here’s a glimpse of what you're getting:

Module 1: Why Storytelling is The Most Important Skill to Learn

Module 2: How to Generate 100s of Story Ideas in 20 Minutes

Module 3: Know Your Audience Better Than They Know Themselves

Module 4: Thread Writing Course

Module 5: The Story System: My Secret Sauce

Module 6: The Story System: Proven Templates for Threads, Giveaways, and Breakdowns

Module 7: Growth Strategy: Get Bespoke Advice for YOUR Follower Count

Module 8: Digital Storytelling Course

And much more!

If you’ve read this far, you’re a good reader.

88 percent of high-income people devote thirty minutes or more each day to self-education or self-improvement reading.

So if you’re already playing the right game . . .

And you’re ready to get instant access to The Story System . . .

All that’s left to do is show you the checkout options.

You can go with the course . . .

The course and a call . . .

Or the course . . .
4 calls . . .
AND 4 weeks’ private storytelling coaching from yours truly.
Wait - that’s not all.
There are 3 sweet bonuses:

IMPORTANT: Only available to those who buy before the deadline:

Bonus #1: Engagement Course Platform algorithms thrive on engagement. Tactics have their place and this is my step-by-step process for attracting people to my content beyond the emotional connection.

Bonus #2: Webinar with Kieran Drew Kieran’s story is similar to mine. He went from burned-out dentist to full-time creator by learning how to write (and having some balls!) In this webinar, we will go deep into how to leverage your own personal story for fun and profit.

Bonus #3: How to connect with anyone online. This has the secrets to DM anyone, Get millionaires on your podcasts, and build a tribe.

+ a few more secret bonuses.

But trust me when I say the sooner you start the better.

Prices will go up after July 31st . . .
Ok, now we're ready.
Contact information
Your email address
Choose a pricing option

    The Story System$197.00
    The Story System + 1-Hour Call with Parker$547.00
    The Story System + 4 Phone Calls, Telegram Access for 1 month, Content Editing$1997.00

    Total payment
    The Story System

All prices in USD
Final Thought
REMEMBER: We are all storytellers.

This skill is already inside you.
It just needs activating.

It’s OK if you have been nervous or confused or even in despair about how to tell stories well.

If you have arrived at your laptop or your work or the bar or the family gathering with a sense that you won’t ever be able to truly express what you feel in your mind and in your heart . . .

That’s OK.

You can also get psyched up and make yourself really motivated and determined to tell a good story because - let me tell you - the rewards are BIG.

The power of storytelling transcends time, language, and culture.

So OF COURSE the stakes are high!

It might be fame.
It might be recognition.
It might be freedom.
It might be the respect of your tribe or the heart of a girl.

That’s OK too.

There’s no shame in either fear or desire.

We all feel them.

But please, whatever you’re feeling, don’t dismiss *this* moment lightly.

Take a deep breath, scroll up a touch, enter your details, finalize the payment and I’ll see you inside.

OR . . .

If you don’t believe me or don’t want to do business today, that’s OK too.

Time to close this page and do something else.

Play with Threads, maybe.

I’m out.


    1. Who is Parker?
    Parker is an experienced storyteller and personal branding expert.

    Parker grew a following of over 30k on LinkedIn and Twitter in a year.

    He went from janitor to high 6 figure entrepreneur via real estate, investing, & electric companies.

    After working across 30 countries and a strong following on Twitter, Parker now spends his time writing and teaching others the power of storytelling.
    2. What is The Story System
    The Story System is a signature course aimed at marketers, personal brands, and businesses looking to grow a following on social media. It's a comprehensive program that teaches you how to leverage the art of storytelling to connect with your followers emotionally, create captivating stories, and build an online business that you're proud of.
    3. Why is storytelling important?
    65% of all communication between people is either stories or gossip. Moreover, stories are 700% more memorable than mere information. Storytelling allows you to connect with your audience on a deep emotional level, thereby making your brand unforgettable.
    4. How is The Story System structured?
    The Story System includes 10 modules that take you from understanding why storytelling is crucial, through generating story ideas and understanding your audience, to applying the storytelling system across different platforms. The course can be completed at your own pace.
    5. What are the bonuses included with The Story System?
    Purchasing The Story System before the deadline gets you 5 bonuses: an Engagement Course, a webinar with Kieran Drew, how to connect with anyone online, How to find your niche, a Profile course, and how to cross-post on LinkedIn and Twitter
    6. What are the checkout options for The Story System?
    You have three options to choose from: the course alone, the course and a call, or the course and 4 private coaching/editing sessions with 30 days DM Access.
    7. I already have a growing business. Why do I need The Story System?
    While your business may be growing, storytelling can significantly speed up your growth rate. The Story System will provide you with narratives that not only make you or your business stand out, but deepen relationships with customers and audiences.
    8. I'm not a natural storyteller. Can I still benefit from The Story System?
    Absolutely! The Story System is designed to activate the storytelling skills already inside you. It doesn't matter if you've struggled with storytelling in the past - The Story System is here to help you unlock your potential.
    9. I'm not interested in personal branding. Is The Story System for me?
    While The Story System is geared towards personal branding, the principles of storytelling it teaches can be applied to any form of communication, personal or professional. So, if you're looking to improve your overall communication skills, The Story System can still be beneficial.

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