The Intuitive Tarot Academy by Linda Rauch

The Intuitive Tarot Academy by Linda Rauch

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"Gain a Deep Insight Into The World Of Tarot, Develop Your Intuition & Perform Life-Changing Readings While Building a Successful Practice By Becoming a Confident & Certified Intuitive Tarot Reader"
This Comprehensive Program Is Designed To Help Aspiring & Seasoned Tarot Readers master the art of Performing Life-Changing Readings for Yourself and others while harnessing Your deep intuition and connecting with spirit. This Academy Will Also Give You tools of The trade, many of which have been kept secret, alongside training on how to build a Successful & life-changing business...

    Lifetime Access to Comprehensive Training
    Over 20+ Hours Of Pre-Recorded Modules
    Comprehensive 65,000+ Word Digital Course Manual
    Weekly Live Coaching Calls with Linda Rauch
    Guided Meditations Designed to Enhance Your Intuitive Senses
    10 Leads of Prospective Clients*

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"Tarot Is Not Just A Mystical Practice—It's A Powerful Tool That Can Transform Your Life. In This Academy I Will Be Sharing My Methods For Harnessing Your Intuition and Developing Your Own tarot reading style... The Methods I Have Used Working At The Forefront of tarot For The Past 40 Years..."
The Intuitive Tarot Academy is the perfect way to unleash the extraordinary power of tarot whether you're seeking a tool to navigate your life or seeking to build a life-changing tarot reading practice.

the intuitive tarot academy empowers you to perform readings for yourself and others with confidence and clarity - it is the perfect guide for anyone seeking to embark on an incredible journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

The Intuitive Tarot Academy Is Unlike Any Other Tarot Course Out There...

Learning To Communicate And Connect With your Tarot Guides and tap into your intuition Is An Incredibly Life-Changing And Exciting Experience...

It Gives You A Deep Insight Into Yourself, Your Friends, Family, Colleagues... Even People You Cross-Paths With...

You'll Be Able To Gather Information, Make Informed Decisions And Help Others Do The Same...

REMEMBER... Everyone Has Intuitive Abilities, And If You Haven't Been Able To Identify Or Harness Them Yet... You'll Learn Methods To Quickly And Effortlessly Harness Them Inside This Academy...

The Intuitive Tarot Academy Is YOUR Opportunity To Open Up To A New Source Of Wisdom, Compassion, And Understanding That Can Truly Transform Your Life...

Imagine harnessing your intuition without the need for endless hours of studying every single card.

With our revolutionary approach, you can tap into the profound wisdom of the tarot and gain deep insights into circumstances, situations, and the people who shape your world.

Whether you desire personal growth, career advancement, or meaningful connections, the tarot can help you navigate every aspect of your journey.

By enrolling in The Intuitive Tarot Academy, you can also (if you wish) embark on a path that leads to a highly prosperous career.

Imagine being able to offer profound guidance to others, helping them find their own direction and purpose.

You have the opportunity to create a fulfilling and financially rewarding profession out of your passion for tarot.

Embrace the immense potential within you and watch as your life transforms in ways you never thought possible.

The academy offers an all-encompassing program like no other with pre-recorded modules, a 65,000-word manual, and weekly live training sessions, we have created One of the most comprehensive tarot courses ever built.

you will be able to work up close and personal with one of the world's foremost tarot readers, linda rauch, who has conducted readings for all walks of life, from hollywood celebrities to entrepreneurs, and everyone in-between.

by enrolling in the academy, You'll gain access to a wealth of knowledge, guidance, and practical tools that will set you on the path to becoming a master of the tarot.

The Intuitive Tarot Academy is the perfect way to:

    Harness Your Intuition Effortlessly Without Spending Endless Hours Learning All the Tarot Cards
    Gain Deep Insights into Circumstances, Situations, and the People That Shape Your World
    Navigate Life's Twists and Turns with Confidence, Clarity, and Purpose
    Open Doors to a Highly Prosperous Career by Offering Profound Guidance to Others
    Experience Life-Changing, Exciting, and Empowering Transformations for Yourself and Those Around You
    Apply the Wisdom of Tarot to Enhance All Aspects of Your Life, Including Relationships, Career, and Personal Growth
    Access Pre-Recorded Modules, a Comprehensive 65,000-Word Manual, and Weekly Live Training
    Tap into the Limitless Possibilities of Harnessing Your Intuition and Connecting with Spirit
    Create a Life Filled with Purpose, Abundance, and Joy by Embracing Your Innate Gifts
    Unleash the Magic of the Tarot and Watch as Your Life Unfolds in Extraordinary Ways
    Learn The Exact Methods From an Award-Winning Marketing Agency Founder How To Generate Tarot Readings Leads and Build Your Own Practice

What's Included Inside The Academy:
20+ Hours of Pre-Recorded Training Modules
The Intuitive Tarot Academy offers over 20 hours of pre-recorded modules by world-renowned Tarot Reader Linda Rauch, giving You the opportunity to deep dive into the material.

Each Module Includes Tools And Techniques That You Can Use To Hone Your Skills To Read Tarot Professionally and with ease. With comprehensive guidance from Linda Rauch and her experts in the field, You will be able to master these spiritual practices and gain insight into a truly unique area of study.
Comprehensive 65,000+ Word Manual
Unlock the Secrets of Tarot Mastery with The Intuitive Tarot Manual. Dive into the comprehensive 65,000-word guide written by Linda Rauch, offering everything you need to become a competent and confident tarot reader. Within its pages, you'll uncover the art of harnessing intuition and connecting with spirit for powerful readings.

Explore the meanings of the major and minor arcana cards, establishing a profound relationship with your tarot guides and spirit teams. Develop your own unique tarot reading style, creating captivating and engaging readings that flow effortlessly. Discover the world of different decks and enhance your readings with the wisdom of astrology, numerology, and the Kabbalah. With The Intuitive Tarot Manual, you'll embark on a transformative tarot journey and unlock the unlimited potential of tarot mastery.
Guided Meditations Designed to Enhance Your Intuition & Tarot Reading Skills
Immerse yourself in the transformative power of The Intuitive Tarot Academy, where every aspect of your intuitive journey is nurtured and elevated. As part of this extraordinary program, the academy offers exclusive guided meditations by Linda Rauch, specifically designed to enhance your intuition and elevate your tarot reading skills to new heights.

Through these carefully crafted meditations, Linda Rauch will expertly guide you into a state of deep relaxation, where you can access the vast wellspring of your intuitive wisdom. You will learn to quiet the noise of the outside world and connect with your inner self, allowing your intuition to shine brightly as you navigate the realms of the tarot.

These guided meditations are a gateway to unlocking your intuitive potential. Linda Rauch's will lead you through visualizations and exercises that expand your consciousness, heighten your senses, and strengthen your intuitive abilities. As you cultivate a calm and receptive state of mind, you'll tap into profound insights and discover a heightened connection with the tarot's symbolic language.

With each meditation session, you'll discover new layers of clarity, intuition, and spiritual connection. Your readings will become more intuitive, accurate, and infused with profound wisdom. The guided meditations will not only enhance your tarot reading skills but also facilitate personal growth, self-discovery, and a deeper understanding of the spiritual realms.
Live Coaching Sessions with Linda Rauch**
The Intuitive Tarot Academy includes 1-hour live sessions with Linda Rauch that run weekly. These sessions are a great opportunity for you to ask questions and receive guidance from an expert in the field. During these sessions, Linda will provide insight into tarot readings, Harnessing Your Intuition, spirit communication techniques, and much more.

She will also share her personal experiences as a professional Tarot Reader so that you can gain a deeper understanding of how to use your intuition and connect with the spiritual realm. Furthermore, she will offer advice on how to hone your skills in order to become proficient in communicating with your tarot guides. With comprehensive guidance from Linda Rauch during these live sessions, you will have all you need to master this extraordinary area of study.
Community of Aspiring & Seasoned Tarot Readers
The Academy provides a unique community space where aspiring and professional tarot readers can come together and collaborate so that you can reach new levels of understanding regarding the power within yourself as well as how best to use it when communicating with spirits from beyond our physical realm.

You will benefit from valuable social connections that are formed between you and like-minded individuals on the same spiritual path. By engaging in conversation with peers who share similar values and beliefs, you can form meaningful relationships while exploring different modalities of Tarot readings together. With a positive support system around you, you’ll be able to gain motivation and confidence as you progress along your journey to mastering your Tarot Reading Skills.
Peer-To-Peer Practice Sessions
Our peer-to-peer practice 'study hub' allows you to connect with developing and professional Tarot Readers. With this hub, you can connect to likeminded individuals, perform practice readings and gain real-world feedback from fellow students. With this feedback you will be able to further refine your Tarot Skills and psychic abilities in order to become a more confident reader.

Through its plethora of resources including live training Sessions and peer-to-peer practice sessions, The Intuitive Tarot Academy provides a comprehensive platform for those interested in honing their skills as Tarot Readers or furthering their career goals within this field. Whether you’re an aspiring reader looking for guidance or an established professional wanting to get feedback on your work, you will find useful information and support here that is tailored specifically towards developing your innate potential for connecting with Spirit.
Accreditation from The Spiritual Workers Association*
Upon completion of The Intuitive Tarot Academy program, you will Receive a Certificate and will be able to show that the course is Accredited by the Spiritual Workers Association and receive a certificate of distinction for your mastery of tarot card reading.

The Spiritual Workers Association is a Professional Association whose primary aim is to support all spiritualistic service providers. The Association's aim is to Define, Promote, and Protect Excellence in the Field of Spiritual Work and to ensure that all its members adhere to the highest possible standards.
Certified by the CPD
The Intuitive Tarot Academy is a CPD Certified program, which means that it has been Recognised for its quality and commitment to providing a comprehensive program that helps aspiring tarot readers further their knowledge.

This certification is a testament to the fact that the course has been thoroughly evaluated and approved by experienced professionals in the industry who can attest to its value.
Double Accreditation by The World Metaphysical Association & Accreditation Council of Holistic Healers (ACHH)*
The Academy is double-accredited by both The World Metaphysical Association & The Accreditation Council of Holistic Healers. Upon completing the course, you will be able to fast-track your application to becoming an accredited practitioner with both bodies and show that you have completed a recognised and accredited programme.

The World Metaphysical Association sets a professional standard for performance, education, and personal improvement for the industry. The certification establishes credentials as a practitioner by becoming an accredited intuitive.

The Accreditation Council of Holistic Healers is open to those who wish to incorporate high ethical standards into their practices and teachings and promote holistic awareness globally. Earning Council accreditation is a rewarding achievement, and sets the tone for your practice, whether seeking to work professionally or simply for personal enrichment.
10 Leads of Prospective Clients*
The intuitive tarot Academy course also includes 10 leads of prospective clients generated by our marketing team. This means that by taking the course, you can not only gain valuable knowledge and skills to hone your intuition, but also have the potential to start your own career - potentially even signing your first clients with this course alone. These leads are carefully curated to ensure that those who take the course will be connected with individuals who need their services and could become a part of your clientele.

Furthermore, this means that if you decide to pursue a career as a tarot reader after completing the course, the Academy can potentially pay for itself as you start working with these potential clients right away. With additional guidance and support from experienced professionals in the field, you will be able to build up your confidence in using your gifts while supplementing or even replacing your current work.
Marketing Training by Award-Winning Agency Founder & Marketer, Aran Spencer
The Academy also features comprehensive recorded sessions by award-winning marketer Aran Spencer on how to market your new business and acquire clients. These sessions cover topics including the alchemy of customer acquisition, building a social media presence, advertising online and Leveraging the search engines.

Aran is responsible for over $5m+ in sales across the personal development and spiritual realm, with over $1m in sales in the psychic and tarot reading realm alone. he has also started and scaled multiple successful businesses with large corporate clients and start-ups alike.

Aran provides an in-depth look at the current marketing landscape and advice on how to get the most out of your efforts. He also provides tips on creating a comprehensive digital strategy that will help you attract and retain new clients. With Aran's guidance, you can learn essential skills that are essential for running a successful psychic or mediumship business. Additionally, Aran will provide expert insight on how to leverage modern marketing techniques to increase visibility online and build up a thriving client base.
BONUS SESSION: Interview with Gillian Holland
Prepare for an enlightening experience as The Intuitive Tarot Academy presents an exclusive interview with the esteemed Gillian Holland, a highly regarded Spiritualist medium with over 30 years of experience. With her unique blend of expertise in mediumship and psychology, Gillian brings a wealth of knowledge and insights to the realm of tarot.

In this interview, Gillian Holland and Linda Rauch will delve deep into the world of tarot, exploring its profound connections with spirituality, intuition, and the realm of angels. As an expert in Angel Tarot, Gillian will share her extensive wisdom and shed light on how this divine guidance system intertwines with the tarot's symbolic language. Drawing from her background in psychology, Gillian will provide a unique perspective on the psychological aspects of tarot readings. Together with Linda Rauch, she will explore the power of tarot as a transformative tool for personal growth, self-discovery, and healing.
BONUS SESSION: Interview with Armand Diaz
Immerse yourself in the captivating realm of tarot and astrology as The Intuitive Tarot Academy presents an exclusive interview with the renowned Armand Diaz. With over 17 years of experience teaching intuitive skills and working as an astrologer, Armand Diaz brings a wealth of wisdom and insight to the fascinating connection between tarot and astrology.

In this illuminating interview, Armand Diaz will guide you on a journey that explores the intricate links between these ancient divination practices. Discover how tarot and astrology intersect, complementing each other to deepen your understanding and enhance your daily tarot practice.

Armand Diaz's extensive expertise in astrology will shed light on how the celestial movements and energies influence the tarot's archetypal symbolism. Learn how to harness the power of astrology to deepen your interpretations, expand your insights, and unlock a deeper connection with the tarot cards.

Through this exclusive interview, you will gain valuable knowledge on how to incorporate astrology into your daily tarot readings. Discover how to harness the cosmic forces, align with the energies of the zodiac, and infuse your tarot practice with a profound understanding of the celestial influences at play.
"The Academy provides an extensive, comprehensive, and exciting curriculum that covers a wide range of topics to master the art of tarot."
Module 1:
The History of the Tarot & Your Journey

    Introduction to Tarot
    The History of the Tarot
    Your Journey
    Tarot Guides Meditation

Module 2:
Different Types of Tarot Decks

    Choosing a Tarot Deck
    Light Seer's Deck
    The Witches' Wisdom Tarot

Module 3:
Methods for Reading the Tarot

    How to Apply the Intuitive Method
    Developing Your Psychic Abilities
    The ‘Clairs’
    Subtle Energy Bodies and Subtle Realms
    Tarot as a Healing Tool

Module 4:
The 78 Cards of The Tarot: The Major Arcana

    Interpreting the Major Arcana Cards

Module 5:
The 78 Cards of the Tarot: The Minor Arcana

    Interpreting the Minor Arcana Cards

Module 6:
Your Tarot Guides

    How to Meet Your Tarot Guides
    Techniques to Enhance Your Connection

Module 7:
Tarot Spreads

    Types of Spreads
    More Spreads
    Creating Your Own Unique Spreads
    Unfolding the Story
    Animal Spreads

Module 8:
Reading Preparation

    Cleansing and Shuffling
    Preparing for an in Person Reading
    Preparing for an Online Reading
    Your Tarot Business

Module 9:
Oracle Cards

    How Oracles Cards Differs From Tarot
    Types of Oracles Cards
    How to Read Oracles Cards

Module 10:

    The History of Runes
    How to Read Runes
    When to Use Runes
    Cowry Shells

Module 11:
I Ching

    How I Ching Differs From Tarot
    How to Read I Ching

Module 12:
Tarot & Numerology

    Numerological Interpretations of the Major Arcana
    How to Use Numerology in Your Tarot Reading

Module 13:
Tarot & Astrology

    Astrology Basics
    Astrology & Tarot Correspondences
    How to Read Tarot Using Astrology
    Benefits of Using Astrology During a Reading

Module 14:
Tarot & The Chakras

    Journeying Through The Chakras With Tarot
    Using Tarot to Discover Blocked Chakras

Module 15:
Tarot & The Kabbalah

    History of The Kabbalah
    Tree of Life
    Link Between The Tarot and Kabbalah
    Tarot & The Tree of Life Correspondences

Module 16:
Ethics and Boundaries

    What readings cannot tell you
    Managing clients expectations
    Practising Healthy Boundaries

Module 17:
What's Next

    Final Words

Module 18:
Guided Meditations

    The Fool Meditation
    The Magician Meditation
    The High Priestess Meditation
    The Empress Meditation
    The Emperor Meditation
    The Hierophant Meditation
    The Lovers Meditation
    The Chariot Meditation
    The Strength Meditation
    The Hermit Meditation
    The Wheel of Fortune Meditation
    The Justice Meditation
    The Hanged Man Meditation
    The Death Meditation
    The Temperance Meditation
    The Devil Meditation
    The Tower Meditation
    The Star Meditation
    The Moon Meditation
    The Sun Meditation
    The Judgement Meditation
    The World Meditation

Module 19:
BONUS: Interviews

    Interview with Gillian Holland
    Interview with Armand Diaz

Module 20:
BONUS: Ogham & Rune Mind Maps

    Mind Maps of the Elder Futhark Runes
    Mind Maps of the Druid Ogham Runes

Module 21:
Digital Marketing Mastery
with Award-Winning Agency Founder Aran Spencer

    The Alchemy of Customer Acquisition
    Paid Social Media Advertising
    Organic Social Media Marketing

"learn how to build a highly successful Tarot Reading practice... from acquiring clients to building a social media presence infused with both passion and purpose... it's all here"
By Mastering The Art Of Communicating With Spirit, You Will Have Spiritual guidance reserved only to those who have been able to truly identify and harness their Abilities...

Once you've mastered your Tarot Reading skills, you're ready for clients.

tarot readers are in hUGE demand across the world...

According to InStyle, "Everyone Is Booking psychic readings right now" and The Industry has "took on more intensity and urgency"...

Some of the largest directories have seen upwards of a 50% increase in demand since 2019.

In fact, 1 in 5 americans have consulted with psychics and tarot readers at some stage in their life, according to a youGov survey published in 2017...

That's not all, IBISWorld reported in 2019 that Spiritual Businesses had a combined revenue of a whopping $2.2 billion...

such dramatic growth can't and should not be ignored, whether you're an experienced psychic medium or a spiritual novice... you too can tap into this market Growth.

that's where award-winning marketing agency founder and "ads whisperer" aran spencer comes in...

aran has built multiple 6 and 7-figure businesses and has sold over $5M+ in programmes in the spiritual and personal development realm, from tarot to Nutrition.

Building a successful psychic reading practice is a brilliant way to supplement your current income OR EVEN as a full-time career.  

On this academy, linda has invited aran to share his Wisdom and insight into building a successful business... Even if it's From the comfort of your own home.

Aran's Training module will cover how you too can build a business, generate leads and acquire clients.

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