The Digital Copywriter by Matt Barker

the digital copywriter by matt barker

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the digital copywriter by matt barker coupon discount free

the digital copywriter by matt barker coupon discount free

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the digital copywriter by matt barker download

the digital copywriter by matt barker download

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the digital copywriter by matt barker torrent

For solopreneurs who want predictable, consistent inbound leads:
stop chasing clients, start attracting them

The Digital Copywriter is a 2 hour copywriting course for writing faster, more compelling digital content so you get consistent, predictable inbound leads for your online business.

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- Full 2 hour self paced video course
- Bonus 30 mins micro lessons (+ more)
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"Is The Digital Copywriter right for me?"

    Have you been writing content online, but struggle to keep consistency?

    Do you have great content ideas, but it takes you too much time to write?

    Are you spending time writing content, but it's not generating any inbound leads?

    Are you running a 6 to 7 figure business, but you're looking for a way to get more clients?

    Are you tired of getting likes and views, but not driving any revenue?

    Are you comfortable writing content, but get nervous writing sales content?

    Have you spent time building an audience online, but now want to compel customers to buy?

If you're nodding your head 'yes' to any of these...Then this is for you
over $2,000,000 revenue driven for clients

I've written over 5,000 pieces of social media content for my own mulit-6-figure business and 7 figure CEOs and Founders. My copywriting system has helped business owners make up to $50k/month extra:

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If you learn how to write copy that compels your dream client, you will never worry about money ever again - I know I wont.

Hi, my name is Matt.In October 2021, I quit the 9-5. I left a 10 year career in marketing behind, a cushty £35k/year job in central London and moved to Cyprus with my (now) fiance.Here we are with 700 suitcases about to head to London Heathrow:

In January 2022, I started my freelance copywriting business.I had 0 followers, 0 clients, 0 leads.In July 2022, I began ghostwriting for CEOs on LinkedIn and within three months was making £10k/month.In February 2023, I launched my first digital product which I scaled to £100,000 revenue within 10 months.By July 2023, I had driven over $1,500,000 for clients, with nothing but 100% organic written content. No paid ads.By November 2023, I had earned over 10x what I was earning in my 9-5 job.Now, I teach business owners how to write content that sells and doesn't just get attention.I can confidently say that learning how to become a digital copywriter has helped me (and my clients) gain financial freedom.And it can do the same for you, too.
here's what 200+ students are saying:

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A 90 minute full, self paced video course:

Includes 4 modules and 20 lessons on:- Defining who you're writing to
- Aligning on what metrics to measure success
- How content funnels work and why it's important
- Designing your content funnel
- Creating your weekly content schedule
- Getting validated ideas from your audience
- Why you should write hooks, not ideas
- How to write killer sales content
- The best content formats to nurture your audience...and more.

A highly actionable Notion worksheet so you don't just learn, you do as you learn:
plus...three bonus materials
bonus #1:

10 digital writing micro lessons so you accelerate your social media copywriting skills and generate more engagement, quicker:
bonus #2:

Access to my swipe file of 100+ high performing pieces of social content so you never lack inspiration or suffer blank page syndrome:
bonus #3:

10 detailed viral hook breakdowns so you understand the secrets of viral hook writing...INCLUDING templates to quickly apply yourself:
course + bonuses£399

- Full 2 hour self paced video course
- Bonus 30 mins micro lessons (+ more)
- Instant lifetime access
- Money back guarantee

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Q: Is this course relevant for absolute newbies?

This course is useful for both newbies and experienced content creators/copywriters.The lessons inside the course will help you set your strategy, systemise writing and write compelling sales copy. You will learn the fundamental systems, methods and frameworks involved in writing compelling copy.
Q: What are the core topics?

The core topics of this course are:1. How to define your content strategy
2. How to validate content ideas
3. How to research your dream clients
4. How to write quicker and more consistently
5. How to write a sales piece of content
6. How to use different formats of social media content to nurture your audience
Q: What is the end result of the course?

At the end of the course you will have all the tools and knowledge you need to write content online that generates inbound leads.You will have the confidence to write content that your dream clients will be interested in. You will be able to start attracting more of your dream clients and make more money.
Q: Is this course specifically for writing on LinkedIn?

It is not.My experience is from writing LinkedIn, X and email newsletter content. The lessons inside this course will give you the understanding of how to write compelling copy that will make your customers buy and dream clients reach out.You can apply these lessons to writing LinkedIn content, as well as X content, email newsletter content.
Q: Am I going to learn how to go viral?

Absolutely not.You will learn how to write copy that resonates with and attracts your dream clients to want to work with you. The content you write using this system MAY lead to you going viral, but that is not what this course teaches.You don't need to go viral to make money writing online.

Old Price: $79.90
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