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SEO IQ Academy Download

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SEO IQ Academy Discount

Welcome to SEO IQ Academy
A Guide For Consistently Earning Traffic From Search Engines
Enroll in the most advanced Search Engine Optimization course on the web. Millions of searches are run on Google everyday. Learn how to to grow your share of the traffic!
Master SEO Today
I've managed SEO Strategy for top companies in publishing, education, lifestyle and travel.
I hope you're ready to attract the most qualified traffic on the web...
The reality is, ranking on the 1st page of Google can be challenging. Especially when you are a small team with limited resources. Every day I hear the statement "How can I possibly rank ahead of my competitors. They spend tens of thousands or even millions on marketing every year!"

Good news! Search engine rankings are earned, not paid for. Even the smallest underdog in the industry has a chance to bring in quality traffic through proper optimization and promotion. Baking SEO best practices into your website as early as possible, will give you a head start on climbing up the rankings.

By making data driven decisions built on analysis, we can address the top factors that Google uses when assessing website qualty.
Let me guide you through the process.
Everyone needs a coach to find the greatness within them
When I entered the digital marketing world, I decided I could do it all on my own. What I hadn't learned in school, I was sure I could learn online. Learning to accept help from the talented people around me has helped me grow imensly. For this reason I am motivated to help all my students succeed.

I hope that like my mentors, I can provide a ton of value to my students by motivating them to grow their own digital marketing efforts.

Here's what you get when you enroll today.
Enrolling in SEO IQ gives you access to an expansive video library that grows every week as I update on industry news and new strategies.
Before I tell you more about SEO IQ, let me tell you a true
story about my motivation for building this course.

Last year, a friend and entreprenuer reached out to me for help with his SEO strategy. Rather than collecting a big paycheck and developing the strategy, I taught him to fish.

I encouraged my friend to earn promotion to his site through quality content campaigns and targeted outreach.

Over the next 6 months, he was able to amass nearly $50,000 in FREE placements promoting his website with backlinks. This increased promotion contributed to growing search engine referrals to exeed any other channel.

In this story I learned the true value of providing someone with the building blocks to achieve on their own. The true goal of SEO IQ is to create thousands more stories like this one.

50+ Videos
$5,000 Value
Learn everything from getting started with on-page optimization to advanced link development strategy.
Private fb Group
$1,000 Value
Network with other SEO Professionals and ask me questions.
Weekly Office hours
$4,000 Value
Get in touch with me on a weekly basis to go over how your learning is progressing!
Before I tell you more about Search Engine Optimization IQ let me ask you a few questions:
Are you struggling to earn rankings for keywords that match your business?
Are online leads from other online channels low converting?
Are you overwhelmed by the challenge of competing against 100s or even 1000s of competitors on search engines?
Do you understand how to collect and analysis SEO data?
Are you unable to rank for branded terms that you should be owning?
Is your website getting slammed with penalization by algorithm updates?
If you answered yes to 1 (or all!) of these questions then I have some exciting news for you!

Throughout my career I have managed SEO campaigns for startups like, and large companies like Time Inc. When I was getting started I pretty much answered yes to all of the questions above, but instead of seeking out a mentor or purchasing any courses I tried to learn everything by doing it myself. Eventually, I mentored under digital marketing professionals that had driven millions in search traffic and understood how to use data and testing, to scale SEO campaigns consistently and minimize risk.

After growing several campaigns over the years, my focus is now on helping other entrepreneurs and marketers achieve the same level of success by leveraging search engine traffic. Anyone can grow a successful SEO campaign, by factoring SEO into digital decision making and using resources efficently.

This fall, I spent 2 months working around the clock creating one the most comprehensive SEO courses on the web, Search Engine Optimization IQ! This course is distills 8 years of SEO experience into 9 modules comprised of short, easy to interpret videos.

Let's Make Sure We Are On The Same Page
There are several courses promising to help you achieve 1st page rankings in short time frames. These strategies are often very expensive and can put your website at risk when executed poorly.

This course is for people who are willing to invest the time and money required to build and grow a real business. Ranking well on search engines can take months, of research and testing to find the right mix of on-page optimization, promotion and technical strategy.

The future winners in organic results will be those companies who leverage improvements to search engine algorithm. These companies will modify their websites and adjust how they promote them, to account for the latest technology. Being proactive, or as quick to react as possible to search landscape changes, gives you a better chance at profiting from technology rather than penalization from it.
Learn The Strategies Needed To Create, Manage And Scale Profitable Facebook Ads
I've Put All Of My Knowledge Into An Ever Growing Video Library
The foundation of Search Engine Optimization IQ is a library of videos detailing how ive earned numberous comapanies thousands of first page rankings totaling millions in search volume opportunity.

As the search landscape evolves, I will be posting new content to ensure that students are up to date on news and industry information. The goal is to provide you with maintenance level SEO tasks that can be layered on top of the foundation this course provides. Remaining agile by updating to current search engine technology is critical toward achieving long term success.
Video Lessons
Hours Of Content
Advanced Modules
How to prioritize seo tasks
Here's A Free Lesson From The Course
In this lession, I share my tips for prioritizing SEO tasks. With so many optimization opportunities at any point in the campaign, it can be difficult to know where to spend your time and resources
Weekly SEO Tips
In an effort to keep my course as relevant as possible, I share a weekly best practice video @ 2PM EST on Tuesdays.
Weekly Q&A
Every Thursday I will post a video answering common questions from students in the community.
Curious If Search Engine Optimization IQ Is The Right Fit For You?
There are few courses on the market that can provide tremendous value to beginners and advanced SEOs alike. Search Engine Optimization IQ currently has students who are in the process of launching their first website, up to teams of in-house experts managing enterprise level campaigns. Students at all experience levels are improving their rankings and earning more traffic!
Marketing professionals
If you are looking to expand your marketing experience into the digital space this course is for you. We will build on top of your marketing foundation.
College Students
Looking to gain an edge over other business students? Master the art of SEO and increase your value as a new member of the work force.
Competitive industries
SEO provides a unique competitive advantage. If you rank position #1, competitors will need to "steal" that ranking from you in order to get the traffic that comes with that ranking.
Lead Generation
Search engine traffic tends to convert higher because this group is searching for what they need rather than being spammed with ads.
If you are a serial entreprenuer this course is for you! Ill show you how audit, optimize and promote your newest projects consistently.
Ecommerce Stores
Learn how to profitably launch, optimize and scale traffic campaigns to grow your ecommerce effort.
Advanced Link development
Learn the how to create and manage targeted link development campaigns.
Small Budgets
Get the most out your small budget by working smarter. Learn how to use tools to automate portions of your job allowing for time where its most needed.
Large Budgets
Learn how to spend resources affectively to improve rankings for the specific keywords and pages that match user intent.
Take A Sneak Peek At The Content Inside SEO IQ
Module 1
Introduction to SEO
50 Minutes
Introduction to Search Engine Optimization IQ
Ranking Factors
Anatomy of a Search Engine Results Page
Evolution of Google's Algorithms
Boolean Operators - Enhanced Searching
Module 2
Keyword Research
24 Minutes
Keyword Research and Targeting
Keyword Distribution and Density
Examples of Competitive Keyword Research
Module 3
On-page optimization
55 Minutes
Hierarchy of On-Page Elements
Meta Title
Headline and Subheadings
Meta Description
Content Length
Examples of On-Page Optimization
Module 4
57 minutes
Understanding your Crawl Report
Site Speed / Performance Checklist
Examples of Sitemaps
Intro to Taxonomy
#1 Example of Taxonomy
Benefits of Interlinking
Module 5
Intro to Off-Page Strategy
26 Minutes
How Google Measures Promotion
How Many Links Do I Need?
Backlink Metrics
Link Analysis Tips
Anchor Text
Examples of Anchor Text Profiles
Module 6
35 Minutes
Risks and Risk Mitigation
Keyword Targeting
Link Building Vendors
Sample Campaign Document
Competitive Research
Module 7
Advanced SEO Forecasting and ANalysis
57 Minutes
Introduction to SEO Forecasting
Building a Search Volume Opportunity Report
Advanced Keyword Opportunity Assessment
Advanced Link Building Analysis - Data Sources
Advanced Link Building Analysis - What are you looking for?
Module 8
SEO Toolbox - Automate your Job
69 Minutes
Google Trends
Google Search Console
Google Structured Data Testing Tool
Bonus Session 1
Conducting an SEO Audit
I teach how to create a comprehensive audit of your website, including backlink analysis and performance audit.
Bonus Session 4
Getting SEO Buyin
Even the best SEO campaigns in the world cannot be great unless they happen. Getting buyin from your stakeholders can be challenging. I share my favorite benefits of SEO to help you win your next SEO discussion.
Bonus Session 2
how to prioritize seo tasks
Sometimes knowing where to start can be the most intimidating part of any undertaking. Ill help you understand what is important to factor in when deciding on where to spend your time and resources.
Bonus Session 5
Hiring an SEO professional
Depending on the size of your company and opportunity level, you may need to hire additional SEO help. Learn what to look for in a skilled expert. We will also a few red flags that may signal the wrong fit.
Bonus Session 3
Excel for SEo
Nothing slows down an analysis like inefficent Excel. Cleaning URLs and using commands like VLOOKUPs will make your SEO analysis 10x more efficent. Join data sets together on common elements to gain insights between them.
In Case You Were Curious Who Is Teaching This Course
I consider myself a highly motivated digital marketing professional specializing in SEO, conversion and scaled online brand growth. I strive to bring on open mind and out-of-the-box problem solving to projects and new opportunities.

I leverage eight years of experience for enterprise and startup companies in San Francisco, New York and Orlando, to grow ventures that support innovation, environmentalism and humanity.

I moved to San Francisco to work for, a travel meta search website. Myself and team grew their SEO campaign to monthly average search opportunity of 10 million. It was at Hipmunk that I mastered the skillset necessary for scaled link development.

After leaving Hipmunk, I moved to New York City to co-manage Time Inc's SEO strategy. My focus was on and Real Simple. Through quality content, promotion and technical optimization, I achieved rankings for high volume keywords in food, lifestyle, home and health industries.

You're In Great Company
Where I've Shared My SEO Knowledge
How long is the course?
The course contains 50+ videos. The total length of the video section of the course is approximately 7-8 hours if watched straight through. Plan to take 2-3 weeks to complete the course.
Is this for beginners or advanced SEOs?
SEO IQ works for people all experience levels. If you are new the space, I'll help you build the foundation you need to scale your own SEO campaigns. Advanced students will find value in expert level analysis tips and off-page SEO tactics. As the search landscape changes over time, even the most advanced SEOs need a download on the latest industry trends..
How long do I have access to SEO IQ?
You have lifetime access to SEO IQ, which includes all the course content and the private group.
What if I am not satisfied with SEO IQ?
I want you to be more than satisfied...I want you to make some serious money with your Facebook Ads! A lot of course out there will simply refund your payment no matter what and that's it. I am truly invested in your success, so if you have completed the course and still aren't seeing a noticeable improvement in your Facebook Ads then I will personally work with you during a one-on-one session to help you. If after that session you still aren't seeing a noticeable improvement then I will issue a full refund.
Does this course teach grey hat SEO tactics?
Link development and other other pages strategies are often considered high-risk. Upon further investigation, I've found that off-page strategies are very safe when proper risk mitigation tactics are put in place. I will teach you how to engage in SEO strategies using safe methods that factor in risk mitigation from the start.
How long will it take to rank on Google?
Every website owner will have a different experience. There are literally hundreds of factors affecting where you rank and how long it takes to do so. It can take months to ramp up an SEO campaign to the size and quality necessary to see an increase in rankings. Generally speaking, I tend to see results at the 3 - 6 month mark depending on website age and quality at the start of the campaign.
Start quality search engine traffic today!
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