Profit Architecture by Mariah Coz

Profit Architecture by Mariah Coz

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Profit Architecture by Mariah Coz Coupon Discount Free

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Profit Architecture by Mariah Coz Download

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Profit Architecture by Mariah Coz Mega.Nz Torrent

The premiere program for course creators, coaches, and digital product CEOs creating an ecosystem of profitable offers and evergreen enrollment engines for year-round revenue.
A Library of Launches. An Encyclopedia of Evergreen. A Collection of Cash Campaigns.

Profit Architecture is your All-Access-Pass to every single strategy, funnel, template, and training you need to build a thriving hybrid evergreen education business fueled by courses, coaching and digital products.


Finally, you can get EVERYTHING (and I mean everything) you need to build your hybrid course & coaching business, in one place.
Master the holistic ecosystem of products and programs, evergreen funnels, and enrollment events to grow your hybrid, online education business without constant live launching, sales calls, or a huge team!
No more piecing together random trendy tactics from 10 different places, barely moving the needle. We only focus on strategies that work!
Profit Architecture includes all of our premium programs and curriculum, in one integrated and upgraded experience
We’ve combined our renowned, best-selling programs and courses such as High Ticket Hybrid, The Accelerator, Evergreen Engines, Webinar Rockstar, Virtual Event Blueprint and more into one holistic ecosystem where everything works seamlessly together.
If you’ve ever just wished you could tap into everything we’ve ever created, all of our strategies and systems in one place - this is it!
Imagine what it will feel like...
You're finally creating your evergreen products and programs, seeing your happy clients chatting in your community and seeing new students enrolling as you provide value in your course group and coaching program.

    You wake up and see an email from another student who tells you that your course completely changed their life
    You feel so light and spacious looking at your calendar for the week
    You do a little happy dance when you get that “ding” on your phone: another client has joined your course or high-ticket offer without a sales call
    You get to take a few weeks off with your family over the summer without worrying about your revenue
    You are trusting yourself to make decisions, tuning into your intuition, and your friends and family tell you that you just seem more confident in yourself and your business.
    You finally feel that true fulfillment from your work, knowing you are impacting people all over the world both at scale and on a deeper level (even though you work from home in your PJs!)

Whether you want to travel the world, make more money while working part time hours, or take 3+ months off every year to go adventuring, it’s time you design your online education business model around YOU.
What would it mean for you to...

    Add a new revenue stream where one client is worth 10-20 normal course sales?
    Enroll high-ticket clients into your group programs without sales calls?
    Double your course business without needing twice as many leads by adding a high-touch,  group program that builds on the courses you’ve already created?
    Enroll clients in your courses and coaching programs year-round?
    Teach, serve and mentor hundreds of clients at scale, without the delivery bottlenecks holding you back?

You've had enough of the either/or, this vs. that, right vs. wrong, binary thinking when it comes to building your online course and high-end coaching business.

You're over the endless debate of Courses vs. Coaching, High Ticket vs. Low Ticket, Energy vs. Strategy, Evergreen vs. Launching.
The key to unlocking your next level is the strategic and intuitive integration of all of these powerful elements into one, holistic ecosystem.
Your evergreen engine funnels feed your next live enrollment event, promo or launch
You step into the upgraded mindset that supports your decision-making
Your strategic low-ticket lead gen offer seamlessly leads to your programs and courses
You combine courses, high-ticket and low ticket into a profitable product suite
It’s time to put an end to the “copycat coach” and “copy-paste course creator” culture.
You know you can't just “copy & paste” your next level - you need to learn how to start thinking like a CEO and making empowered decisions.
The days of seeking approval and permission from other people, abdicating your power and peeking at everyone else's paper are over.
Too many coaches and course creators are copy-pasting templates and swipe files without actually learning the strategy and nuance behind why and how it works!
You’re ready to truly elevate your course & coaching business into an evergreen ecosystem that is simple, streamlined and sophisticated - by your own design.
You have an opportunity to do things in a totally fresh, fun, and fabulous way. It’s time to become the architect of your business!
"THE BIGGEST THING WE’VE EVER DONE. We launched our high ticket program and received 215 applicants. Our total sales during cart open: $306,832! My brain has still not comprehended the magnitude of what just happened.”
“I wanted to say how grateful I am! I turned my investment with you into $2 MILLION in course sales and it’s been a life changer. I remember right at the end of the program I posted a photo of a dream house in the group, a few months later we got the exact house I had posted all thanks to a whole lotta course sales! When I tell my husband about investments he’s usually a little skeptical but when I said I wanted to invest with you he was like “DO IT”! Just wanted to say thank you!”
“I'm finally going over 2020 in detail. My first 7-figure year. Total revenue: $1,056,927. Profit margin: 52%. Ad spend: 0%. No ads. No sales team (THANK YOU, MARIAH.) Looking forward to using ads to grow in 2021!”
“We are not even in the middle of the year and my business already made half of a million in revenue (whaattt?!) I have to admit that I just don’t realize what is happening right now. I made 40x my investment! The best investment EVER!”
Build a cyclical, sustainable, integrated course, coaching, and digital product business.
Programs & Products
Each product in your offer suite serves a purpose and serves your audience in a unique way. These offers seamlessly flow from one to the next as upsells, cross-sells and down sells. There are 3 categories of offers that can fit into your product suite:

    Low-Ticket: $10-$200
    Self-Study Course: $200-$2,000+
    High Ticket Group Program: $3,000-$20,000+

You can choose to create a business around just one premium offer, or you can incorporate 2 or 3 of these offers. Design the product suite and model that makes sense for you!
Signature Sales System
Establish a repeatable, signature sales system that you can re-use and deploy over and over again. We provide the tools, training, templates for the spectrum of enrollment events from super simple to sophisticated, so you can choose the best option for you, your style, your bandwidth.

    Simple Email-Based Flash Sales
    Valuable, Profitable Webinars
    Engaging Paid Live Workshops
    Epic Virtual Conferences

We give you all the strategies, tutorials, and templates for each of these powerful enrollment events, and you’ll make an empowered decision about which strategy you should focus on.
Evergreen Enrollment Engines
Turn the powerful sales assets you’ve created into a system for year-round enrollments so clients can join your courses & programs every day.
Design your course and high touch programs to be ready for evergreen onboarding, and then set up the evergreen sales systems so you’re never turning away a client who is ready to join now!
Learn how to take your webinars, sales pages, emails and turn it into an evergreen enrollment engine with the help of automations, systems, and super simple tech.
There are a lot of moving parts to an online course & coaching business.
Webinars, promotions, evergreen funnels, and oh yeah… actually delivering your course, products and programs to your students and clients! It’s a lot to wrap your head around, but there’s no reason for it to be so complicated.
And definitely no reason to do it alone.
We’ve helped hundreds of our clients escape the revenue roller coaster and make more money doing work they love.

    You’ve been thinking about going evergreen with your online course or high-ticket coaching business for months or even years, but have struggled to put all the pieces together in a simple way.
    You are maxed out with clients, 1:1 coaching, freelancing, or providing services and know you need a scalable income stream to break free of your current plateau.  
    You dream about the freedom and impact that comes with being a renowned course creator and premium coach in your niche, but are still stuck in comparison and overwhelm
    You don't have the systems to scale your impact and revenue, which is currently causing you to cap clients and close enrollments (oh no!)
    You want a premium course & coaching business - with minimal overhead, designed around YOUR lifestyle and your unique personality, but you keep putting it off to finish “just one more client project” or "one more launch" (even though you know deep down, the only way to break out of that vicious cycle is to create an evergreen enrollment engine, aka funnel, for your products and programs.)

“June marks our first month on evergreen. We are celebrating 6 evergreen enrollments, and 50% paid in full! To go from not seeing evergreen as a possibility for a $10k program, to now having 6 in our first month is just mind-blowing! No sales calls. No launches. Pure ease + authentic connection in DM’s.”
“I grew my course sales from $28,000 to $91,500, which is more than I ever made in my corporate career. I now have more time to spend with my family. I'm making 3X more now than I did before joining. I could go on and on about how grateful I am that I found this program, but I'll sum it up by saying thank you to Team Mariah Coz for changing my life.”
“I promote my evergreen webinar organically which got me to a million dollars the last 12 months, even with a maternity leave and no paid ads. Then, this year since January I have had consistent $50k-$70k months WITHOUT launching and while working a lot less, which has blown my mind! I have run everything pretty lean so far, and I work 20-30 hours a week while raising 4 young kiddos.”
“I have all the tools to grow my business as big and evergreen as I want to and I finally have the freedom to run my business my way."
"By the end of the year, I will have surpassed half a million dollars in revenue. Just me and a part-time assistant, and one evergreen course. My mind is blown. My attitude around money has changed so much since working with Mariah. This is the least stressed out and the most fun I've ever had in my business, and I would never have believed these numbers were anywhere close to realistic."
Let’s hop off the revenue rollercoaster and ditch the monthly live launches.
Stuck on the launch roller coaster, living in feast and famine mode, with no way to bring in sales when you're not promoting live or on back-to-back sales calls?
It’s time to hop off the live launch roller coaster, ditch the draining sales calls, and let go of the “one-size-fits-all” blueprint by designing a simple, sustainable and sophisticated product suite with an evergreen enrollment engine.

It's absolutely essential that you create true sustainability and consistency in your online education business.

Stop stressin' and go evergreen.
Your best customers do NOT want to wait 6 months for your next launch.
Stop turning away dream clients and students because you don’t have a way to enroll on evergreen!
Some of your best customers and students do not need to go through days or weeks of free content from you to be ready to buy something!
Your dream clients literally just want to buy the solution to their problem immediately when they see it. Think about it: people opting in for your free webinar or applying for your program waitlist need something in that moment.
Your job is to give them that solution without barriers and without forcing them to jump through hoops.
Don’t make them wait!
Bottom line, you're not serving your customers if you don't give them the option to enroll when they actually need it most.
Break out of the monthly launch cycle.
Building an evergreen business isn't just great for your clients and students, increasing their motivation and sense of community. It also helps you break out of the feast-and-famine live-launch cycle.
Having an evergreen engine in place (aka an evergreen funnel for all of your offers!) is the difference between a business that makes sales every month, and a “string of promotions that you hope work”.
Create a process that gives you the freedom to step away when you need to take a break - without breaking your business!
"DING! You just made a sale"
...While you were watching a movie with the kids
...While you were at the farmers market on a Saturday
...While you were hiking a mountain, totally off the grid
...While you were out to lunch with friends on a random Tuesday
...While you were dealing with some life sh*t (it happens, right?)
...And yes, even while you were sleeping!
There's nothing better than those little "cha-ching" notifications popping up on your phone while you're living your life, serving people all over the world, and doing what you love.
"Before learning from Mariah, the whole process was daunting - she broke it down and made even the technical elements very simple. Thank you Mariah & team! The first solid iteration of my evergreen funnel for my course on magic has been on for about 4 months. In that time, I had 84 sales at various price points. Overall, the funnel brought in about $54,000 in sales with an average of about 21 sales a month, so the funnel brought in about $12,600 each month."
"I sell about 10 a month organically (like, zero marketing).  I LOVE that I have something to offer new people who find me now. I love that now that the funnel is in place, my work is just to tweak it and make it better. I have had a very successful course selling for 4 years now, and the extra evergreen sales are icing on the cake!"   
An Elevated, Expanded Experience for Coaches, Course Creators and CEOs
We combine world-class training, tools and templates with convenient asynchronous support so you have everything you need to build your simple & sophisticated course and coaching business.
Design your custom roadmap to a profitable course, coaching & digital product business
Each client’s journey looks a little different. We empower you to follow your strategic plan and become the "architect" of your business through these powerful programs. You can follow our step-by-step paths, or create your own adventure!
High Ticket Hybrid
High Ticket Hybrid is our unique application-based enrollment process for scaling an evergreen high ticket group program without sales calls. This program is everything you need to validate, pre-sell, launch and evergreen a high ticket program.
Evergreen Engines
Streamline your online course sales with an elegant, effective evergreen sales funnel your customers will love! Hop off the revenue rollercoaster and ditch the monthly live launches. This program will show you how to validate, pre-sell, launch and evergreen your signature self study course.

Your First 1K
Get your first or next 1,000 email subscribers with our timeless list-building techniques. Launch & evergreen a low ticket digital product, following our step by step action plan and fill-in-the-blank templates.
Virtual Event Blueprint
Every single template, script, and SOP for hosting profitable virtual conference style events that sell your high ticket program or signature course. This is the exact process my clients and I have used to have our biggest launches ever and bring in hundreds of warm leads at a time.
Low Ticket Lead Generation
Leverage a Low Ticket Lead Gen "Front End Funnel" or paid workshop into high ticket clients and signature course sales. This is our signature "low to high" funnel that brings in hundreds of warm leads, while serving every segment of our audience.
Champagne Client Content
The content marketing strategy specifically designed to sell your courses and group programs! Elevate your messaging and start attracting perfect fit clients. Whether you blog, podcast, make youtube videos, livestream, send emails or post on social media - these timeless evergreen content themes never go out of style.
So much more!
Scale your current offer, expand your product suite with another product or program, or tap into a new sales strategy. You’ll implement a cyclical, seasonal ecosystem of promotions and evergreen throughout the year for sustainable growth.
Never get stuck staring at a blank page again.

Infuse your own creativity into our tried and true templates for everything: webinar slides, sales pages, email sequences, ad copy, social selling responses and so much more!
Our belief is that you should never have to start from a blank page (or slide deck!), but you should always add your unique voice and personality to the structure we provide. You’re not just copy-pasting without context: you’re learning why and how the strategies work so you can apply these skills to anything you sell, at any price point,  for the rest of your career!
Q&A Strategy "Hotline" Private Podcast

Mariah takes the juiciest, most relevant questions, curates which topics will serve the group best, and records individual audio responses that get added to an exclusive private podcast feed, just for Profit Architecture clients.
You'll get all of Mariah's best musings, of-the-moment ideas and strategy, answers to your biggest questions, mindset chats, recaps, business experiments and more that you can't get anywhere else - delivered in the most convenient, time-efficient way possible.
No more scrubbing through hours of calls that don't apply to you, you can just listen to exactly what's most relevant to you.
The private podcast feed is searchable and so simple to use, you will absolutely love this innovative new format of asynchronous support!
Brilliant business brains all in one place.

You'll be surrounded by course creators, coaches and CEOs at every level so you can learn from them and level up fast. Get a behind the curtain look at what others are doing to be successful.
Ask questions, share wins, and give insights.
You'll be in an inspiring and generous community of course creators, coaches and CEOs who are all working towards their goals together.
Exclusive bonuses you can’t get anywhere else!
Map Your Model is our proprietary annual and quarterly planning system for course creators, coaches and CEOs that helps you prioritize what to work on in what order for the most leverage in your business.
Crack open the vault of previous virtual conference recordings anytime you need inspiration or want to watch these exclusive sessions!
Learn how to add strategic upsells and downsells to your funnels and promotions, email templates included!
Peek behind the scenes at our own virtual event debrief: all the numbers, metrics, conversion rates, ad spend and more. This is a juicy look inside a profitable virtual event!
Profit Architecture holds nothing back.
Implement all of the same strategies our clients have used to reach their goals, host life-changing live promos, create evergreen revenue, and more. Mix and match to create your own custom strategy with these action-oriented tools, trainings, and templates. Everything is at your fingertips and ready to go!
Master the art and science of webinars for selling both premium courses and high-ticket group coaching programs. We are known for our unique approach to making webinars fun, engaging, and valuable!

    Included in Profit Architecture!

Evergreen Funnels
You will have the tools, templates, and training to build an evergreen funnel for any offer at any price point. Create evergreen engines for your low-ticket lead generator offers and your premium courses & high-ticket programs

    Included in Profit Architecture!

Virtual Events
If you’ve attended one of our epic virtual events, you know the magic these create for your business! This is a true “swiss army knife” strategy that combines lead gen with brand building, sales and revenue all in one!

    Included in Profit Architecture!

Joint Ventures
We primarily focus on joint venture webinars, but the principles apply to all sorts of partner-based promotions. This is a powerful “all in one” strategy that combines lead generation with revenue and sales at the same time, while building your brand recognition!

    Included in Profit Architecture!

Social Selling

Social selling is being able to answer questions from potential clients in the DMs in a way that helps them make an empowered decision to enroll. We incorporate this personal touch into everything we do, and we give you all the scripts for overcoming objections.

    Included in Profit Architecture!

Paid Live Workshops

Want to get paid to pitch your program? Paid live workshops are a way to attract warm, qualified leads that you can then invite into your higher-ticket programs after the event. We give you all our strategies for turning a simple paid workshop into new clients!

    Included in Profit Architecture!

Flash Sales

Flash sales are super simple and yet very powerful. You can deploy a quick and simple flash sale whenever you need a revenue infusion in just a matter of days. Some of our clients have replaced their launches and live promotions with just a few flash sales a year, with fabulous results!

    Included in Profit Architecture!


The power to pre-sell anything means you can validate your new offer ideas before creating all the content. This is a crucial skill for course creators and coaches. Whether you’re pre-selling a small digital product or your most high-end mastermind, pre-selling is essential.

    Included in Profit Architecture!

And so much more!
Upsells, downsells, cash infusion campaigns, offer design, product suite, mindset - it's all covered in Profit Architecture! Over the years, we’ve always created exciting new ways of selling courses, programs and digital products. We continue to innovate and test new ideas, which we always share with our clients first!

    Included in Profit Architecture!

We believe each individual strategy, when implemented, is worth the entire investment on it’s own.
Just one webinar, one upsell, one sales page, one funnel, one offer, or one event would be the value of this entire program. When you combine them into a strategic ecosystem, you are literally unstoppable!
You’ll have access to all of these signature sales strategies to incorporate into your business model. Whether you choose to focus on mastering just one, or layering on 2-3 of them, it’s all at your fingertips.
We provide templates for email sequences, webinar slides, sales pages, evergreen funnels — it’s all in here.
The tools, templates, and strategies in this program will save you hundreds of hours.
The result is that you have everything you need to create a consistently profitable online education business.
Follow our day-by-day project plans or choose your own adventure.
If you like to have a clear path laid out for you, you got it! We've got week-to-week project plans for each process you can follow.
If you prefer to mix and match, choose your own adventure and be the architect of your experience, we encourage that creativity too!
You decide what to start with based on your situation and goals, using our planning tools.
Profit Architecture is everything you need, in one no-brainer package
We've been in the trenches building and growing courses and digital products for over 8+ years, we've helped thousands of students and clients, and we've developed the most implementation-focused, comprehensive, customizable program designed for experienced Coaches, Course Creators and Digital Product CEOs.
Expiring bonus: live mastermind call with Mariah!
Do not miss this one-time opportunity to attend a live virtual group mastermind session with Mariah, only for those who join us before 11:59 PM ET on February 21st, 2023
The Investment
Save $500+ when you enroll during our special inaugural intake!

    12 Months Access to Profit Architecture
    Client Community Group
    Q&A/Strategy Private Podcast
    Access to all of the Curriculum, Content, Training, Templates and Resources in our private client portal
    Includes High Ticket Hybrid curriculum, Evergreen Engines, and more
    Advanced strategies like Virtual Events, Upsells and Downsells, Live Paid Workshops, Joint Venture Webinars and more
    BONUS: Map Your Model Annual & Quarterly Planning System
    BONUS: Million-Dollar Virtual Event Launch Debrief
    BONUS: “Icons” Virtual Event Recordings

*If you choose to enroll with an installment plan, you are 100% responsible for completing all of your payments. The installment option is offered as a courtesy. This is NOT a membership that can be cancelled. This is a 12 month commitment to completing your payments.

    12 Months Access to Profit Architecture
    Client Community Group
    Q&A/Strategy Private Podcast
    Access to all of the Curriculum, Content, Training, Templates and Resources in our private client portal
    Includes High Ticket Hybrid curriculum, Evergreen Engines, and more
    Advanced strategies like Virtual Events, Upsells and Downsells, Live Paid Workshops, Joint Venture Webinars and more
    BONUS: Map Your Model Annual & Quarterly Planning System
    BONUS: Million-Dollar Virtual Event Launch Debrief
    BONUS: “Icons” Virtual Event Recordings

1 PAYMENT OF $3,000
$2,750 (SAVE $250!)
"I'm about to close the doors for the first-ever launch of my signature course. I shared a pre-recorded video and then answered questions live. My students appreciated that I was transparent about how nervous I was... I ended up having 65 enrollments right afterwards and now I'm at 135 new students. Mariah, thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!"
"We're applying all we've learned in both High Ticket Hybrid and The Accelerator in this launch. We've enrolled nearly 500 students already and cart closes this Sunday! Both webinars so far have made 6 figures. We hit the 7 figure mark for this calendar year 2 days ago!"
"My course is a 12-week program for phenomenal educators to walk them step-by-step through launching an education consulting business. I pre-sold my course in November on a Rapid Validation Webinar and got 9 Early Bird enrollments. When I launched, my email list was 1295, I hit my best goal of 50 enrollments and made $60,313."  
"My first (but definitely not last) multi-six figure launch! I made $229,165 with my Published and Paid Event which helps aspiring and published authors lay the foundation for their six figure author-speaking-coaching business. We sold 95 tickets, had 70 live attendees and 23 enrollments…. And NOT ONE SALES CALL!!”
“I launched my high ticket program and reached $100k! We met our goal of 20 clients yesterday with two Pay in Full clients. Coming from low ticket offers, this blows my mind. Not one single sales call or even a request for one. Now I’m celebrating $111,000 in booked revenue for January – all without a single sales call!”
"We ended up making $40,000 on the first launch of the funnel they helped us create. I did not have to do a single sales call. We were able to build our funnel in a way that allowed us to maintain our high standards on who we let in to our programs, yet build enough trust with our ideal customer that they could make a five-figure investment without needing to speak with me for an hour about it. The way Mariah and team go about this is unlike anything I've ever seen."  
“The email templates, webinar structure, and sales page templates were gamechangers. Because of the strategy and templates, I 3X'd my launch."
Discover your unique path, with the tools to make empowering decisions about your business.
We give you the tools, training, and templates for all of the strategies, so you’re never starting from scratch. We give you all the building blocks and simple strategies for you to craft into your ideal evergreen education business.
You’re not just copying-and-pasting without context: what makes this program so different is that you’re going to understand why and how these strategies work, and how to apply them to your unique business. These skills will serve you for life.
Most importantly, you will trust yourself, tap into your own intuitive intelligence, and confidently make your own decisions about your pricing, product suite, funnels, promotions and more.
From Simple to Sophisticated
Whether you choose to design a simple and focused business with one offer, one sales system, and one funnel - or you design a business with multiple offers at every price point, multiple enrollment engines and everything firing on all cylinders, Profit Architecture will help you go wherever your ambition will take you!

You can choose to build a low-key, low-overhead business with one offer, one funnel, and one enrollment engine. Keep it simple and chill!

You can experiment with having 2 or 3 products and programs at different price points, and combine one or two sales strategies into your plan, make it fun!

You may choose to have an offer at every price point, multiple evergreen engines and a mix of advanced enrollment events as you scale
Tap into 8+ years of experience, expertise and the strategies trusted by hundreds of experienced CEOs like you.
The next phase of your business-building journey will be as unique as your fingerprint, but you don’t have to do it all alone without any guidance!
I wanted to create a program that encourages experimentation and empowers you to make CEO decisions for your own business, while offering you the support and experience of having worked with thousands of successful course creators, coaches and digital product CEOs over the last 8+ years.
This is the pivotal moment where just one idea or strategy you learn has the power to put you on the trajectory to your goals faster than you imagined.
“I fully imitated Mariah’s teaching and had a great launch. I felt in my power the whole time. I booked $42,500 with payment plans, with a 28% Conversion rate. Mind blown."
"Mariah you are the best. Thank you for this program. It is the best thing ever. We hit our big goal! $60k launch on the books. I have never had a launch go this well. Every limiting belief I had about what’s possible is completely demolished."
"Mariah taught me how to run and launch an evergreen group coaching program without sales calls. It quite literally changed my whole business! I don't have to do 1:1 forever, I can help more than 1 person at a time, and I didn't have to do sales calls!"

"I joined Mariah's program and my return on investment was around 6x in one month. That's just in the first month of implementing! My life has transformed tremendously and I'm so grateful. I was nervous to put out my group coaching program and now I have my first employee and we had our first $100K CASH month in the books! Not event counting payment plans or booked sales. So grateful!"
Who is the perfect fit for Profit Architecture?

    You're ready to jump in and take inspired action. You're a self-motivated, go-getter.
    You have a long-term mindset and can see why you’re planting seeds now to harvest later.
    If you fall down, you get up again and keep going. You already know there are no silver bullets - just hard work and a positive attitude!
    You take complete and total personal responsibility for your results. No program or course is going to hand you results, you are solely responsible for how you use these tools.
    You want to take your existing business or work (coaching, freelancing, services, brick and mortar, products, etc) and shift in the online course & group program model.
    You’re a successful course creator stuck in the launch 'feast or famine' cycle and you need an evergreen funnel yesterday.
    You have the business basics in place - you've sold *something* online and are established enough to take action when given the tools and strategy.
    You already have a minimum of 300+ email subscribers or a platform of some sort (i.e., social media following, YouTube channel, website, blog, etc.). The more the better!
    You know how to make web pages and checkout forms. You won't get hung up on creating something like a simple landing page.  
    You’re ready to DIY your sales page, slides, and tech, OR are willing to hire help to do those things.  
    You're ready to invest time, money, effort, and resources in yourself and your business

"You cannot put a price on having someone literally walk you through the exact path to getting your business to the next level. I'm so grateful that I invested."  
"I have bought a lot of Mariah's courses so I was a bit hesitant to invest. The guidance to do it RIGHT the first time is absolutely worth it. I have learned WAY more than I thought was possible in these last few weeks and I would never have been able to create these things at warp speed on my own. You have not only helped me to build out this course, but you have changed the way we do business."
"Grateful to be making money in my sleep with my new funnel up and running!"
"This month I reached a milestone. I officially have matched my tenured professor’s salary with my business. I have to take a step back and appreciate everything I’ve been able to do and especially Mariah Coz and her team who took me from my first 1k to (very soon) 6-figures."
"I enrolled 56 students and made $8,908 in sales in my first launch. I couldn’t have done it without your support. You guys helped me change my life."
"My funnel converts at 7%. Knowing that I have a funnel that converts makes me feel confident promoting it. It feels amazing to travel and look at my email and see we have a new student. Everything is automated so all I have to focus on is promoting and teaching inside of the program!"  

More Client Wins...
You may be thinking...
For the self-motivated go-getter, this could be the perfect fit! We have had clients come to us with a small audience, some experience dabbling in courses, and then leap towards their goals.

If you are willing to dive in and take action, it's worth it to start building your course & coaching business from the foundation the RIGHT WAY, THE FIRST TIME. Start off with the endgame in mind, and you'll be moving faster right from the get go.
YES! Absolutely. Many of our clients come to us when they already have a successful course or high ticket coaching business that they want to SCALE. Maybe you've had success with launches, but you know you need to get your products and programs on an automated evergreen sales funnel STAT! We have helped many clients scale from $100k to $500k, and up to 7 figures.
If you have an offer, have already launched before, or even have a funnel - we will just take everything to the next level and improve your assets, your webinars, and your product suite - while adding some sophisticated scaling strategies to your business.
Great! So many people have come to us just for the system to evergreen-ing the sales of their existing high ticket program or course so they can get out of the sales calls. But we also find that when clients come to us with an existing high ticket program or course, we end up discovering lots of ways we can actually tweak what they have now to make the delivery even better, more streamlined, organize their client management, and eliminate bottlenecks to scaling.
We’ll make sure your existing program is as effective and efficient as possible, then we’ll set up your sales system for enrolling clients.

Perfect! We can help you create your high ticket group coaching program or signature online course even if you’ve never sold one before. We’ll show you how to design your program to be irresistible and super high-value.
A high ticket hybrid coaching program or online course (or both!) is the best way to increase your revenue, while serving your best clients at the highest level.
Unique Vision, Shared Values
Our clients are all incredibly unique, diverse, and building their own visions - yet we share the same values that drive us.
We desire time freedom with our financial freedom. Abundance comes in many forms - and luxury is a clear calendar with lots of space for creativity and flow!

We are committed to our business and our clients, but we know that our personal well-being, our family, and our loved ones come first. Success is meant to be shared!

We aren’t just looking for a quick win - we are making decisions for our future. That means looking for sustainability and resilience for years to come.
You can do this from where you are starting, with what you have now.
Every single client has come to us just like you - super busy, a full plate, commitments, responsibilities, deadlines and feeling a little stretched. That’s life! And look at the amazing things they’ve created!
Now is the imperfectly perfect time to join us!
The only way you are going to get the time freedom you desire is by prioritizing creating the systems for evergreen enrollments. I know, we’ve got a bit of a chicken and an egg here! But let’s make the most of it. Continuing doing what you do now is not going to magically lead to more free time!
You don’t have to have the perfect anything to get started - that’s what we’re going to help you with. You are in the perfect position to start now because this means you’ll avoid mistakes and mishaps by setting things up correctly the first time.
You wanna know a secret? The most successful people you look up to all felt scared before they took action. The confidence comes from ACTION. The more tiny steps you take, the easier and easier it gets - until one day you won’t even recognize yourself!
"$105K in this past week with zero sales calls. Thanks Mariah and Team!"
"I've finally been able to start this program that I've been dreaming of for years! And I didn't pack my program with stuff just to make it feel "worth it". I'm really excited to work with my new clients! My first High Ticket Hybrid launch brought in $90,000 in sales. There was no way that I would have been able to get launched as quickly with as much ease (and without ANY sales calls)."
"I woke up to the sale that crossed me over the $100,000 mark for my first High Ticket Hybrid launch. I just had my second evergreen sale. There isn't an emoji for this!"
"Thank you so much Mariah, for helping us raise the price of this program. It was a mindset breakthrough to get to this place. The energy exchange this is real. It feels amazing to actually charge what feels like a fair price for what we're offering."
"I run a website that focuses on teaching overwhelmed moms how to simplify and live better through minimalism. My family has made over $200,000 in just a few months from my ONE course, we bought a camper and are currently traveling full time! I was featured on Good Morning America, The Today Show, Huff Post, PopSugar, Babble, ABC News, and so many more majorly influential networks because of my work in my course and on my site - and it really is all because of Mariah and what she taught me!"
"With sales coming in regularly, it frees up time for me to focus on other parts of my business and it gives me a lot more freedom in my day to day life. It is such a RELIEF to see consistent sales, and even though my funnel has been up and running for a long time now, I still get giddy every time I get a sales notification. It’s always exciting seeing that the funnel actually works and that I’m actually able to help people even through an automated system."
"I created my evergreen funnel about 7 months ago, and since then it's had an average conversion rate of a little over 2% and made over 40 sales. I thought it might self-sabotage my annual launch during that time, but it actually ended up being my highest grossing launch ever, which was a nice surprise. I'm excited to have a hands-off revenue stream in place now so I'm not so dependent on launching, and I have a plan to grow it throughout the rest of the year!"  
"The very first funnel I created made me over $10K in just 6 weeks. Now it converts at a steady 2.5% week after week and has brought in an extra $30,000 for my business with fairly low website traffic. And since people are entering the funnel every single day, that's just the beginning!"  
"In the first 20 days, I've only had 213 people go all the way through my webinar funnel and I've had 15 sales. My course costs $750 in the funnel so... yeah, I've made $11,250!  It feels GOOD. I'm grateful. Glad I jumped in here. I'm building the business I always had in my head."
"We saw massive growth this month *without* having to do a launch or live promotion. We'd been stuck in the feast and famine mode that Mariah describes so well. About a month ago we finally set up our evergreen webinar funnel. Since implementing Mariah's funnel, that's jumped up to $17,000/month in just one month. I finally see a clear path towards growing our monthly profits without killing ourselves having to do launches. I'm so relieved that next month our income isn't going to dip back down again like it always did after live launches."
"My evergreen funnel is a huge asset in my business. It generates two to three sales a day. When I go live, I’m able to promote my opt-ins which lead to my evergreen funnel. This generates 10 - 12 sales a day for a few days after I go Live. Yeah! I love waking up every morning to see that I had a new customer order come in while I was sleeping. It’s all on autopilot. I’m beyond grateful for the income my evergreen funnel produces. It’s allowed me to quit my regularly paid job and focus now on my growing my business."
"My funnel converts at 6%. This has been a game changer for my business. I never get tired of checking my inbox and seeing an email with the subject 'Sale notification.' A few months ago I was checking my phone in line at an office supply store, and I saw that I got another sale ... I literally did a happy dance in line. It still feels like magic that I'm selling my course on autopilot, and that work I did months ago is still paying off today and for the future!"
Go from "that's impossible" to "that's my new normal"
Profit Architecture includes 12 months access to the programs, support and bonuses.
Here’s why this will help you make more progress, faster:  
12 months is the perfect container of time for you to make massive progress and nudge you to beat the procrastination gremlin that’s standing between you and your goals.
You’ll make the most of our time together and accomplish more than you thought possible in the 12 months.
I know you want to reach your goals… but if we gave you lifetime access, you’ll be tempted to push it off and procrastinate (it’s okay, it’s human nature!). We’ve tested it extensively, and the reality is that our clients who have 12 months access get results and take action.
You'll have plenty of time to optimize, make tweaks and grow. We care about your results first and foremost. We care that you actually implement these powerful strategies!
That’s why we designed this program to be 12 months: to give you more than enough time to implement, but to make sure you actually do take action!
What's the time commitment?
How long does it take to start enrolling clients into my course or high-ticket group coaching program?
The honest answer is, it depends on you and your current situation. Most of our clients are able to successfully validate pre-sales in about 4-6 weeks. We make it as simple as possible with the training and templates, but you’ve got to bring your creativity and energy to the process!
Keep in mind, some people take longer and that is fine! There is no rush and no right or wrong amount of time!
How long does it take to set up my evergreen funnel?
When it comes to building your full evergreen funnel for either a premium course or a high-ticket group coaching program, that will probably take you 2-4 weeks total to set up.
Since you’ve already created the assets in the first phase of the program to get some initial enrollments, all you have to do is make a few tweaks and hook everything up!
How long does it take to implement everything in this program?
Of course, it all depends on your commitment and how you work, but let me give you an idea based on our clients. You could launch (or re-launch) your course or coaching program, put it on evergreen, and execute your signature sales strategy in about 4-6 months.
We see our clients make huge strides towards their goals when they have this guidance, these strategies and the right support.
"Thank you so much for everything you teach. We generated $161,000 in 15 days while I was spending time with my beautiful family. What started a year ago as a tiny channel with a goal to help people become computer programmers is now a full-fledged startup helping change the lives of millions of people. In under 11 months, we became a multi 6-figure business."

"My evergreen funnel does $60k/month without ads. And I had a $211k launch! Mariah Coz is the real deal. I’ve literally made hundreds of thousands of dollars on my courses implementing her ideas!"
“Total Revenue Generated: $44,000! 21% conversion from application to enrollment! Following up was easy and flowy, and it felt SO GREAT to be 'launching' and just casually responding to DMs for the 3 days. I feel PEACE. Which is exactly the feeling that I'm after in my business!"
Course creator, strategist, and CEO obsessed with creating a spacious life and business.
I've been running a hybrid evergreen course & coaching  business for the last 8+ years. I've had the thrill of working with many of the top course creators, consultants and coaches you know online today.
I am here to show you how to create a profitable, evergreen hybrid course & coaching company, with a clear and spacious CEO calendar - the ultimate luxury!
I'll warn you: I've never done things the traditional way. What I teach can seem counterintuitive - but that's why it works!
How does this sound...
a little more...

    Sales while you’re sleeping
    Clear calendars and Fridays off
    Consistent enrollments

without all the...

    ales call on your calendar
    Live launching every month
    Delivery bottlenecks

"Whew! Finished my most recent launch with 300 sales of my signature course. Thank you Mariah for all your brilliant strategy. The total was around $175k. It does get much easier each and every time!"
“I pre-launched (without anything made in the course) and launched my first signature course, Food Styling Masterclass (in Danish), to a list with 234 subscribers (very niche) and had a $10K launch! Seriously, it has changed everything in my business."
Raves, Reviews, Results
Our clients are hard-working, smart, savvy business owners. They worked their butts off and pushed through challenges and struggles. This is not easy! Their results are based on many factors including experience, business acumen, resources and more. These are the real results they've shared with us, but their specific results are not typical and we do not guarantee you'll achieve the same. Please remember, they all worked very hard and your results will vary depending on many factors.
Message us with your questions, we're happy to help!
As always, our team is ready to chat you up in the DMs!

We would love to know what's on your mind. Questions, hesitations, feelings - don't be shy!

You can send us a text any time at (866) 727-3286

You can message us on Facebook right here.

Follow and feel free to DM us on Instagram.
There are no refunds for the Profit Architecture program.
We wholeheartedly believe in this program. We've helped many people become successful over the years with the strategies we teach in this program.
Because of the instant access nature of this online program, there are no refunds available under any circumstances.
Make sure to make an informed decision about joining, as your purchase is a commitment to the 12 months and you are responsible for completing your payments.
We know you'll love the program and we can't wait to see what you create!
Frequently Asked Questions
Absolutely not! You do not need to have a high ticket program or online course created at all, that's exactly what we do together in the first phase is design your offer to be scalable and irresistible from the start. Plenty of our clients are building new programs and courses fresh from scratch. This is actually ideal because it means you're building it the right way and avoiding any future mistakes by creating it with our frameworks from the start.
If you do have an existing offer - great! We have plenty of clients who come to us with an established offer too. We will be assessing what changes need to be made to make it streamlined and scalable, so that you're equipped to handle all the new clients you're about to enroll!
Although we've had clients launch their online courses and high ticket programs from scratch in just a few weeks, I recommend you plan a comfortable 4-6 week timeline to give yourself time to get everything created for your first enrollment with your newly upgraded sales assets.
You only have to create these assets ONCE - then they produce results for you for YEARS to come. So I'd rather you do it right than rushed 🙂 That being said, 4-6 weeks is plenty of time to either launch or re-release your existing program with the new funnel assets!

When you decide to join us, our team goes all in on your success. We commit to your growth, and we ask that you show up for yourself and your business in the same way.
This is a 12-month commitment and NOT a membership or subscription that can be cancelled.
Due to the instant access nature of the program, we do not offer refunds under any circumstances.
You are responsible for completing all of your payments if you join on the payment plan option.

Q&A "Hotline" Private Podcast
Mariah curates and chooses the most relevant, high level questions from the group and your submissions to answer on the private podcast as individual, easy-to-navigate episodes.
Client Community
Our community of business owners is the perfect place to network, ask questions, and tackle those "in the moment" situations that come up. Our team checks the group a few times a week, so you can get a reply to your most pressing questions when you need it most.

You probably already have most of the tools you need to implement program! For example, you probably already have:

    A website
    An Email marketing tool (ConvertKit, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, etc)
    A place to build landing and sales pages (this could be your website or a software like LeadPages)

Additional tools you might choose to invest in include:

    A place to host your course or coaching program content (eg. Teachable, Kajabi, Thinkific. Normally $29-$99/mo depending on platform)
    Deadline Funnel for evergreen countdown timers ($37/mo)

As you can see, we keep the tech super simple!
YES, in a totally upgraded and integrated way. We wanted to create an epic, expanded experience that integrated and brought together ALL of our strategies for every type of offer into one, holistic program. Everything in your business is interconnected - your offers in your product suite, your evergreen funnels and live promotions, your mindset and the strategy. We took all of our best-selling programs, we upgraded and then streamlined them into one cohesive, simplified process.
This is literally EVERYTHING you need to implement all of our strategies for evergreen courses, high ticket sales without sales calls, virtual events, webinars, funnels, live promos - everything at your fingertips! It’s the ultimate experience all in one powerful package.
No matter how you currently deliver your course or program, there is a way to make it amazing on evergreen. Evergreen rolling enrollment is one of those things that seems so impossible, confusing, and hard to "see" for yourself until you've done it. Then you'll wonder why you waited so long and how you ever lived without it!
Because truly, evergreen is the BEST experience for your clients and students. It creates growing momentum and energy in your community and makes perfect sense once you implement it. We've helped people evergreen their programs even with "challenging" delivery things to figure out. Your clients will love it, and you will too. Promise 🙂
And, we’ve got all the strategies you need for live promos and live enrollments too!

When you enroll, you'll get instant access to the entire curriculum & content - you can get started right away. You'll also be welcomed into the community, which means you can dive right in and start making connections!

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