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How PR That Converts Empowers You To Rapidly Grow Your Startup on Your Own
No, you don’t need a PR firm.
No, you don’t need to waste time shifting through crappy blog articles.
From the second you start this course, it is designed to get you to take action immediately to get press features and influencer plugs.
Every single lesson and worksheet focuses only on what steps you should take next to acquire another 10 000+ visitors and users.
I will also be hosting many live Q&As and watch-over-my-shoulder tutorials so you can see with your own eyes how it’s done.
Basically, this course lets you download every action, mindset and approach I use every day into your own brain.
So you can skip the 10 years of trial and error (and failed startups) to get your headline in Inc, Fox News, ABC News in mere weeks. And get flood of visitors and users shortly afterwards.
What Will You Learn In PR That Converts?
You will learn the step by step system to find influencers and journalists most likely to be interested in what you do and how to effectively start conversations and build long-term relationships with them.
PR That Converts includes videos, case studies, live watch-over-my-shoulder tutorials and worksheets designed to help you take the next steps as soon as you learn it. It is perfect for startup teams, freelancers, consultants and companies who want to drive massive traffic to their products and services without risking a dime a expensive and unreliable PR firms and other pay-for-performance marketing strategies.
1000+ students have taken this course to achieve rapid company growth and master a low cost method they can deploy on their own again and again whenever they want to acquire tons of new customers.
Module 1: Reaching out and building relationships
The basics of reaching out and building relationships
Detailed step-by-step instructions for every process and strategy you will learn
You will learn how I built relationships with Tim Ferriss, Gary Vaynerchuck, Brian Dean, Noah Kagan and 1300+ publications
You will learn a proven formula I use to strike up conversations with influencers and bloggers
You will learn the best way to turn these conversations into email threads and relationships
Finally you’ll learn how to turn these relationships into press features and mentions
You will learn how I built a startup from 0 to 40M pageviews through PR alone
Objective of this module:
To give you the basic formula, foundation and tools to strike up conversations with influencers, bloggers, journalists and turn them into relationships.
Module 2: Building a Hit List and Writing an Email Pitch
You will learn the how to find influencers and journalists who are actually interested in what you have to say
How to find target publications and blogs who would be interested in having you contribute without getting rejected or ignored
You will learn the process I’ve used to reach out to influencers that has helped me realize a 98% acceptance rate
You will get the most successful email pitch angles that take just 2 minutes to write and don’t cause you to sweat bullets before hitting the ‘Send’ button
You will learn how to write engaging headlines for your email pitches
You will learn a secret Buzzsumo hack I use to find influencers to pitch
You will learn the specific things journalists and influencer prefer to see in their email pitches.
You will get a behind-the-scenes look at how I pitch influencers and press
Objective of this module:
To quickly put together a HIT LIST of influencers and journalists who would be interested in you and write the best email pitch which would get a response from them.
Module 3: Guessing their email address and reaching out
You will learn how to guess anyone’s email address
You will learn how to grab hundreds of emails addresses from LinkedIn
You will learn how hack LinkedIn to find email addresses for any individual
You will learn a proven formula I use to find anybody’s contact info and verify it’s current and valid
You will get a behind-the-scenes look at me guessing someone’s email address
You will learn all about the apps and tools I use to make my email address guessing efficient and fast
You will learn how to quickly find contact info of any influencer or journalist in the world
Objective of this module:
To become proficient at guessing and verifying contact information for any influencer, journalist or reporter.
Module 4: Advanced Follow Up and Reaching Out Strategies
As you know 90% of responses come from email follow ups, you will learn the advanced techniques I use to send follow ups and get responses
You will learn the best time of the week and day to send your follow up emails
You will learn the one follow up format that works wonders for getting a response from an influencer or a journalist
You will learn how to use mail merge to send hundreds of personalizes outreach emails
You will learn how to find and test the best follow up sequences with a specific type of influencer or journalist
How one simple strategy gets me responses from 90% of all email outreach emails I send
You will learn how to check whether your email was opened and read and configure an appropriate follow up sequence
You will learn how to make you email follow ups crazy short and actionable to optimize for a response
Objective of this module:
To become proficient at setting up automatic email follow up sequences which guarantee a response from your prospect 90% of the time.

Enroll in PR That Converts Today And You’ll Also Get These Limited Time Sweet Bonuses
6 months of 1-on-1 PR help with yours truly
I normally charge $10 000/month for PR consulting. And I am very selective about who I work with. So this is an extraordinary chance for you to plug yourself into the brain that got companies acquired by Google and AVG.
You will get priority email access to my inbox to ask any questions you want and we’ll schedule four 30 minute Skype sessions to work through your PR strategy.
My team of copywriters will help with your pitch
Tell us what your company or product does and our team will help you craft a pitch so good, your contact will be dying to learn more. I will also have two 30 min Skype strategy sessions to plan out your entire PR strategy.
Private Slack Channel & Community
You will never feel like you’re learning and applying these methods alone, the Slack channel and community is a private invite only channel for PR That Converts students to talk about their successes, failures, set backs, issues, comments and stay in touch and talk with other startups and entrepreneurs doing PR outreach on their own at the same time. This is the place to get all the latest updates to the course and of course chat with our team of copywriters and instructors.
Comprehensive database of guest blogging opportunities
Guest blogging is not dead! It’s quickest easiest way to get some exposure, especially when you are first starting off. I share with you a comprehensive list of 200+ best blogs and publications along with contact info of the right editor where you can contribute an article to to get your name and company in front of a lot of people.
Lifetime subscription to my PR research and outreach tool JustReachOut
Plans are $450/yr
This tool helps you automatically find and build a list of journalists most interested in what your company does. Then it finds you their crowdsourced validated email addresses for you pitch them right away
My interviews w/ Tim Ferriss, Brian Dean and others about PR
It’s rare that you can sit down with HUGE names like Tim Ferris and Brian Dean and ask them how they did PR before anybody knew of them. It’s also rare for me to have an opportunity to share my personal PR hacks and ask them for feedback. These bonus interviews have a ton of actionable know hows from the masters.
Cheat sheet of my most effective little known growth hacks
These are not hacks you’ve seen everywhere and thus increasingly ineffective. They are one I pioneered. myself and do not share with anyone.
How much does it cost?
Don’t go out and play the lottery to get lucky. It doesn’t work. What does work is putting in the effort and time to build a connection with an influencer. Many people think it takes forever to make it happen, but if you just focus on the right pieces of the puzzle, you can get there in no time.
Building an audience through your relationships with journalists and influencers and by getting yourself featured on top industry blogs can grow your audience of people that know, like and trust you and are primed to buy from you, which is the key to building a successful business.
Have you tried writing tons of content for your website or blog only to have no one read it? Or do you find it overwhelming to reach out to press while either working full-time, trying to find new clients for your business, freelancing or taking care of your family.
I’ve been there too…
…and this system helped me build a profitable business and gain freedom.
Here’s what you can do:
1. Stick with the status quo and keep trying more tactics that don’t work well.
2. Join PR That Converts and work with me and my team of influencers to build a life you desire…
Proof I know my stuff
Some of the many people and companies I’ve helped achieve hockey stick growth with PR
Case Study #1
Brian Dean
Founder @
Ranking Up
More Leads
Backlinks and Exposure
Brian runs a crazy popular blog which has become the authority in the SEO space. I helped Brian come up with a strategy and execution to be consistently featured in top publications from Huffington Post to TechCrunch to Entrepreneur every single week.
His rankings skyrocketed by 3X and he captured 30% more leads for his paid course SEO Works.

Case Study #2
Noah Kagan
Founder @ &
HUGE Publicity For The First Launches Of Appsumo Bundles
Publicity and Exposure
Part of the reason why you and everyone else in the tech industry has heard of Appsumo by now?
My early work drumming up publicity to snatch them a bunch of early subscribers to set them up for explosive success.

Case Study #3
Adam Zais
Adam Zais
CRO @ Wistia
Traffic Up
Traffic Growth
In a matter of three months I helped the folks at Wistia come up and execute a content and PR strategy which 3x-ed their traffic, as a result they were mentioned in publications such as Mashable, Lifehacker, Forbes, Gizmodo and tons of others.

Case Study #4

Matt Kelly
Partner @
Traffic Up
Conversions Up
Lead Generation
Nobody knew about ZURB design agency when I started working with them. In a matter of a few years I skyrocketed their Domain Authority from 20 to 85 leading to 8X increase in their website visitors and 3X increase in conversions from those visitors into customers.

Case Study #5

Phong Ly
Founder @
Traffic Up
Number Of Press Features
Traffic and Exposure
In a matter of nine months I helped iSeeCars come up with and execute a PR and content strategy which got them featured in 200+ publications including USAToday, ConsumerReports, WSJ, Forbes, Fortune, ABCNews, USNews, As a result we 5X’d our daily traffic.

Case Study #6

Igor Gladkoborodov
Founder @
Foreign Startup Featured In 50+ U.S. Publications, As A Result Accepted By YCombinator And Raised A Round
Acceptance into YCombinator
Coub was a crazy popular startup in Russia when we started working with them but nobody heard of them here in the states. In a matter of 2 months I built a customized PR strategy and taught them how to execute it, they built a relationship with USAToday, TIME, MarketWatch, Gawker, MSNBC and tons of others. As a result of all this they just closed a round and were accepted into YCombinator.

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