Find Your Dream Client by AJ Cassata

Find Your Dream Client by AJ Cassata

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Find Your Dream Client by AJ Cassata Coupon Discount Free

Find Your Dream Client by AJ Cassata Coupon Discount Free


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Find Your Dream Client by AJ Cassata Download

Find Your Dream Client by AJ Cassata Download

Find Your Dream Client by AJ Cassata Torrent

Find Your Dream Client by AJ Cassata Torrent

Costs next to nothing to use and works without you needing ads, marketing
experience, a social media presence, or even an email list

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from aj’s students
Are you a coach, consultant, service provider or an ecommerce business owner looking for retail or wholesale partnerships?
Where’s your next client
going to come from?
“Clients just come to me randomly”

Anytime AJ Cassata hears someone say this, he can almost always guarantee they’re making far less revenue than they’re capable of. In fact, most times within 90 days he can double their income with the same working hours, offer, and industry.

That’s why AJ’s says most service businesses don’t have a sales problem, they have a leads problem. Because what good is a “closer”, if there’s no one to close?

A lack of an effective lead gen system forces you into working with the wrong people, making less money, and feeling burned out. So instead of a “passive” marketing strategy which waits for clients to show up, you need an “active” strategy that goes and brings them in right now.
Imagine having 10-20 meetings with new ideal prospects every week

Nothing is simpler, cheaper, and produces faster results than combining both cold email and LinkedIn outbound prospecting. It’s easy to do, and it allows you to reach the right people with the right message, so they’re actually excited to book a call with you.

This isn’t about spamming or annoying potential prospects. This is about serving others and focusing on creating more high-quality conversations, not just closing high-paying clients. While things like SEO or content marketing take time, with this you can start seeing results today!
find your dream clients
The “Smart Outreach System” For Doubling Your Revenue

A comprehensive, step-by-step, outbound prospecting system for consistently generating high-quality leads, landing dream clients, and increasing your income.

This active marketing strategy combines LinkedIn, cold email, and “evergreen tactics”, so you can find your ideal prospects no matter what niche you’re in.
This new b2b lead gen course will help you...

    Consistently book more calls

    By using AJ’s proven framework, you’ll consistently book 5-10 new calls each week with ready-to-go, high-paying prospects.
    Easily land bigger clients

    You’ll not only have the right leads, but the right sales process in place so you can more easily convert strangers into dream clients.
    Always have a full pipeline

    You’ll learn how to identify, message, and generate leads in any niche or industry without being spammy or annoying.
    Take control of your revenue

    Instead of having income goals you never hit, you’ll now have an active strategy you’ll use everyday to reliably increase your income.
    Acquire a recession-proof skill

    By mastering cold outreach, you’ll always be able to generate an online income for yourself no matter the economy.
    Never worry about clients

    With this predictable lead gen system in place, you’ll never have to worry about “where your next client will come from” ever again.

And much more...
What’s Waiting
Module 1: Foundations Of Successful
B2B Lead Gen

    Lesson 1: Mindset Is Everything

    Discover why it’s all about focusing on helping the customer, not selling them.
    Lesson 2: Intro To Outbound Prospecting

    Learn the difference between push vs pull marketing and the right way to do each.
    Lesson 3: 3-Step Process For Landing Meetings

    Master turning complete strangers into new conversations and booked calls.
    Lesson 4: Dialing In Your Niche & Avatar

    Walkthrough dialing in your avatar and what to do if you have multiple different ones.
    Lesson 5: Dialing In Your Messaging

    Understand your audience's “flavor of pain” and craft short, powerful messaging.
    Lesson 6: Optimizing Your Digital Presence

    Learn the 8 key areas for optimizing your online presence and perception.
    Lesson 7: Workflows & Daily Rituals

    Create a simple, repeatable, daily outreach ritual so your pipeline is always full.
    Lesson 8: Tracking Opportunities In Your CRM

    Track the interest levels of your prospects without it being time consuming.
    Lesson 9: Tracking Your KPI’s

    Use the KPI template to stay organized and track your lead gen systems effectiveness.

Module 2: Building Your List

    Lesson 1: Your List Building Mindset

    Understanding why precision over quantity is the key to fast results.
    Lesson 2: Defining Your Targeting Criteria

    Become crystal clear on exactly who you’re targeted so they’re easy to reach.
    Lesson 3: Building Lists Within LinkedIn

    Leverage the best practices within LinkedIn and Sales Navigator.
    Lesson 4: Building Lists With Email Databases

    Learn what databases are best for your niche and how to find decision makers emails.

Module 3: Engaging Your List

    Lesson 1: Proven Messaging Principles

    Create high-converting messaging with AJ’s tested cold outreach checklist.
    Lesson 2: Stages Of Awareness

    How to know exactly what to say based upon your prospects state of awareness.
    Lesson 3: Copywriting Frameworks, Templates, & Training

    Use these proven plug-and-play templates to start driving high-quality leads today.
    Lesson 4: Writing Sequences

    Learn how to follow up with anyone without being annoying.
    Lesson 5: Personalizing Your Outreach

    Discover how to make all of your outreach look and feel personalized.
    Lesson 6: Real Cold Email Breakdowns: Good & Bad

    Walkthrough examples AJ has sent and avoid the mistakes he’s made for you.
    Lesson 7: Proof You Can Do This

    How to overcome “imposter syndrome” when getting started with your outreach.

Module 4: Converting Your List

    Lesson 1: Converting Leads Daily

    The first thing you should do before you start prospecting every day.
    Lesson 2: From Interested To Booked Call

    How to effortlessly move someone from just being interested to booking a call.
    Lesson 3: Handling Objections & Concerns

    Use AJ’s proven templates for overcoming the most common objections.

Module 5: Fine-Tuning Your Funnel

    Lesson 1: Relevant Regulations & Compliance

    Learn everything you need to avoid so you can prospect safely.
    Lesson 2: Optimizing The 3 Keys To Success

    The three things to focus on above else to generate consistent high-quality leads.
    Lesson 3: Benchmark KPI’s

    Discover the exact benchmarks so you know if what you’re doing is working or not.

Module 6: Scaling & Automation

    Lesson 1: The Pro’s & Con’s of Automation

    What you need to know about automation before ever using it.
    Lesson 2: LinkedIn Automation Tools

    Best practices for leveraging LinkedIn automation tools to maximize conversions.
    Lesson 3: Email Automation Tools

    The technical set-up for email automation and email deliverability
    Lesson 4: Fine Tune The Right Things

    Wrapping up everything you’ve learned into a repeatable and effective lead gen system.

Never worry about finding new clients ever again
For b2b Businesses In All Niches

With over 830 million professionals and 55 million companies, LinkedIn provides a unique B2B network for businesses in every niche imaginable. So you can rest assured that finding your ideal clients on a daily basis will be a done deal after this.
Perfect Even For New Solopreneurs

AJ's system allows even new businesses with no prior track record to find their ideal clients every week. In fact, many new businesses use it to generate $10,000, $20,000 and in AJ's own case $40,000 in a matter of a month or two.
Scales As Your Company Grows

Ever heard of a company named Figma? It's B2B software business, started finding clients with a system similar to that of AJ's. Today, it's a multi-billion dollar company. So no matter how fast you grow or how big you get, this system has your back.

From starting out as an inexperienced 19-year-old college dropout, with no network or fancy degree selling painting services door-to-door, to creating successful online businesses allowing him to work and live anywhere in the world (currently living in Vietnam!), AJ Cassata has used lead generation to change his life.

Now as a B2B sales consultant and founder of Revenue Boost -- a leading B2B sales accelerator -- he’s helping thousands of new and experienced service providers quickly increase their revenue, prospect smarter, and land bigger clients with consistency.

Plus from his role as the official Sales Mentor & Advisor for Aurelia Ventures, a tech startup accelerator for B2B founders, AJ brings the “what's working now” insights across some of the smartest and fastest scaling B2B companies today.
Proof that the “Smart Outreach System” works
Just one new client can
pay for this entire program

For essentially zero cost, you can use this outbound strategy to start conversations with your ideal prospects faster than anything else! Conversations which can then turn into new dream clients.
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Foundr instructors are world-renowned entrepreneurs and practitioners of their craft, never gurus. They’re industry experts who’ve actually built the exact business they’re teaching about.
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Increased ROAS by 3-5%

    Boosted email revenue by 55%

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Bonuses included
in the course
aj’s full-stack

Get an overview of the tech-stack for successful B2B lead generation.

AJ shows you how to simply turn “average” messaging into high-converting communication.
The Sales Call Playbook

Get an overview of the tech-stack for successful B2B lead generation.
Case Studies From AJ’s Clients

See how others have used the “Smart Outreach System” to quickly grow their service businesses.
A pipeline full of high-quality,
life-changing leads for just $1.36 a day

This “Smart Outreach System” has helped totally new entrepreneurs go from zero to $12,500/mo in less than 3 months. For less than a cup of coffee each day, you’ll have a proven strategy for landing new clients worth $2k, $5k, or even much more.
This special 75% offer
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a limited time
Never worry about finding clients
again by joining today and pay
$1,500 less than if you waited.
Frequently Asked Questions

    Is this only for B2B leads?

    While B2B is the focus of the course, you could use these same strategies to generate any kind of leads and get in contact with anyone. Whether that’s specific influencers, brands you want to partner with, or even new customers for your business. If they have an email or are on LinkedIn, this will help you find and create conversations with them.
    Do I need a business already?
    Will this help me grow my agency?
    Will this help grow an ecommerce business?
    What if I’m brand new and don’t have any testimonials yet?
    Could I use this course as a service to offer to clients?
    How much time do I need to devote to this?
    How fast will I see results?
    What if I’m not good with tech?
    How much money do I need to do this?
    Could I use this as a salesperson even if I don’t have my own business?
    I’m already pretty good at email, what if I know most of what’s in this course?
    Is this something I can hand over to my team and have them go through it?
    I’ve seen other lead generation courses, what makes yours different?
    How soon can I start once I have access to the course?
    What if I need extra support beyond the course?
    When is this deal over?
    Are there any bonuses included?
    What is foundr+?
    I’ll also receive all new courses for free?
    If I cancel, do I lose access to other Foundr courses I purchased before my membership?

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