Email Copywriting Masterclass by McIntyre Method

Email Copywriting Masterclass by McIntyre Method

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4-Week Email Copywriting Masterclass
In 4 Weeks, You’ll Create A Brutally Effective Email Autoresponder Sequence That You Can Sell To Clients For $200 to $1,000
(Or Hey, Use It To Grow Your Own Business)
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How I Became A Well-Paid Freelance Copywriter With Email Copywriting And Created My Dream Life

(And, How You Can Too!)

Do you remember your first client?

I remember mine.

I was living on a small tropical island in the Philippines at the time, and I was broke.

I literally had $119.37 left in my bank account…
Uh oh…

?With $119.37 left in my bank account, I was desperate.

I was stranded in a foreign country with almost no money… I didn’t speak the language, and I couldn’t afford to buy a plane ticket home.

…I had to make money fast.?

One day, I found myself talking to Dan Andrews (from at the resort where I lived.

He’d heard I was studying copywriting, and said he needed someone smart to write an email autoresponder sequence for him (an “email autoresponder sequence” is a ?series of 5, 10 or any number of emails, organized into a sequence, usually with the goal of selling a product or service).

I told him I could do it, but I didn’t know what to charge him…?

Dan offered me $200 to write 10 emails for his business.

I almost passed out…

I mean, who in their right mind would pay cold hard cash for… emails?

Being desperate and stranded in a foreign country with no money, I stammered out a “yes” and got to work.

Over the next 2 days, I worked all day and almost all night (like I said, I was desperate) to create a 10-email autoresponder sequence for Dan’s Tropical MBA website. I used every strategy, trick and hack I could think of… I wanted these emails to be absolutely incredible.

Once he was satisfied with the emails, I created a landing page and a link on his website for people to sign up to get the 10 emails.

And then, we waited for the results.

In the end, my 10-email autoresponder campaign and opt-in funnel increased their email opt-ins by 257%.

John increased our email opt-in rate by 257%. Hire him. He’s great.
Dan Andrews
Tropical MBA
In other words, they generated 2.5X as many leads thanks to me.?

More leads meant more sales and more money.?..

Dan eagerly told his friends and network about the great results I’d gotten for him.

Thanks to Dan’s referrals, that first 10-email project for $200 brought me my second 10-email project… but the second time, I asked for $500 (and got it).

Over the next few months, I kept my head down and worked hard, striving to make every email campaign and copywriting project a big win for everyone involved.


I was getting paid $1,000 per 10-email project.

The best part?

My clients came to me… I didn’t have to seek them out.

Thanks to the copywriting work I’d done with Dan Andrews at and several other key clients, I’d built a reputation as “The Autoresponder Guy”. People recommended me on webinars, at conferences, to their friends, mentors, and clients.

?Since then, I’ve increased my rates even further.

These days, I generally charge $10,000 or more for email copywriting projects (and that’s if I even accept the project – I turn down most projects because I can’t keep up with the demand).

So life is good.? Really good.

Overlooking Medellín, Colombia
(once known as the “Murder Capital of the World”).

I can live and work anywhere in the world.

In the last 5 years, I’ve lived in the Philippines, Thailand, the US, Canada, Colombia, and Germany. I’ve traveled to many more places including the British Virgin Isles (to meet Richard Branson on his private island), Cambodia, Laos, Hong Kong, Singapore, Portugal and many more.

I’m free to pursue hobbies, passions and other interests.

Freelance copywriting has allowed me to explore the start-up world of Silicon Valley, meet interesting people like Richard Branson, travel the world (like I already mentioned), work on my music (I’ve been a guitarist for 15 years), read amazing books, and all sorts of other things.

Playing “dress ups” with Richard Branson (Virgin) at a party on Necker Island, his private island in the Caribbean.
Partying with friends in Bangkok, Thailand.
I enjoy more quality time with friends and family.

Thanks to the freedom that comes with freelance copywriting, I enjoy more quality time with friends and family. And when I’m with them, I’m not distracted by work. I’m present with them, because I’m not thinking about the frustrating boss or the commute to the office. I get to work at home too (yes, in my underwear if I wish!), so I’m simply available more for the people I love.

Now, I want to show YOU how to write emails the way I write emails, so you can perhaps experience some of this amazing freedom for yourself… that’s why I created the McIntyre Method.

In the McIntyre Method, you’ll discover the exact process I follow to create 10-email autoresponder sequences for clients.

I can’t promise you that you’ll be able to sell 10 emails for $1,000, or even $200.

But what I can promise you is that you’ll discover the recipe behind my client projects. And you’ll be able to apply this to your own business, and to your own work with clients.

Think of it as a “done for you” copywriting service that you can sell to any and all of your clients, for as much or as little as you wish.

It’s not all theory either.

You get checklists, templates and homework assignments.

The idea is to get you DOING something… actually WRITING emails so you truly learn how to do it (instead of having that useless form of knowledge known as “head knowledge”).

You’ll finally be able to “walk the walk” when it comes to email copywriting.

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My Promise:

In 4 Weeks, You’ll Create A Brutally Effective Email Autoresponder Sequence That You Can Sell To Clients For $200 to $1,000
(Or Hey, Use It To Grow Your Own Business)

Are You Frustrated Because You Never Finish Any Of The Business And Marketing Courses You Buy?

?I feel you.

In my time as an entrepreneur and freelance copywriter, I’ve bought my fair share of business and marketing courses that I’ve never finished.

And you know what?

It’s freakin’ frustrating…

If I peek into my ‘Downloads’ folder, I see all the course that I’ve left unfinished, and I feel guilty… Then I wonder if I’ll ever be able to finish anything…

One day, I realized that if I don’t finish and implement what I learn in a business or marketing course, the problem usually lies with the course – not with me.

For example –

Have You Ever Noticed How Some Business And Marketing Courses Are EASY And SIMPLE To Complete?

While the course material might be complex, the instructor or teacher presents it in a way that’s easy to understand, easy to digest, and most importantly…

…easy to implement.?

That’s why I believe is the course creator’s responsibility to design it in such a way that you COMPLETE the course and IMPLEMENT what you learn.

?Well, you’ll be glad to know that I’ve designed the McIntyre Method Masterclass with this is mind.

You get everything in bite-sized pieces so you actually understand what you’re learning – instead of being overwhelmed by it.

In addition, you’ll complete checklists, outlines and specific homework assignments throughout the masterclass that help you implement what you learn.

See, the key OUTCOME (in other words, the RESULT) of the McIntyre Method Masterclass is a 10-email autoresponder sequence that you have written yourself.?

You don’t just watch a few videos, complete some homework assignments and then go find the next course out there on the interwebz.

You’ll literally take what you learn in each masterclass lesson and APPLY IT IMMEDIATELY – with the end result being a 10-email autoresponder that you’ve written yourself.

Yes, “head knowledge” is important, but at the end of the day, it’s what you DO that matters.?


Even The Best Techniques And Strategies Are Worthless If You Don’t Do Anything With Them…

This masterclass could be summed up as…

“Do this, then that.”

I take you by the hand and walk you through the exact process I use when writing email autoresponders for clients, from start to finish.

By the end of the 4 weeks, you’ll have written a 10-email autoresponder sequence that you can sell to clients for $200-1,000 or use to grow your own business.

By the way…

Don’t let the idea of “4 weeks” scare you off.

You’ll spend just 2-4 hours per week watching the videos and completing the tasks each week. Plus, you get access to the entire course immediately, so you can do it at your own face – as fast or as slow as you wish.

So whether you’re unemployed and have all the time in the world, you’ve got 3 kids or you work 40+ hours a week, you can find the time to fit in the McIntyre Method Masterclass.

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Maybe You’re Overwhelmed And You Need Something Simple And Easy To Digest…

The McIntyre Method takes the complex and makes it easy to digest…

I’ve read Dan Kennedy and all those guys but it’s *a lot* of material. The McIntyre Method takes the complex and makes it easy to digest.
Drew Sanocki
So What Does This Email Copywriting Masterclass Actually Cover?

Week 1 – The Big Picture
If you’re struggling with copywriting, it’s probably because you don’t understand the big picture of marketing as a whole.

It sounds simple, but the fact is, this is where most people fail.

If you get the big picture wrong, the rest is a waste of time… but if you get it right, your emails will write themselves.?

That’s why the McIntyre Method Masterclass begins with The Big Picture.

In Week 1, you’ll discover:

The number 1 thing you need to know before you begin writing a single email
How to write autoresponders with ease (instead of staring at the screen)
An in-depth look at the 4-step process I use to write autoresponders for clients (clients pay thousands of dollars for my emails – and I’m going to reveal exactly what I do for them)
A unique concept that makes autoresponders a “cinch” to write
One often-overlooked word that underlies ALL effective copywriting
How to make your email copywriting much more satisfying and fulfilling
How to kick off the email copywriting process with a bang (like a general, you have to start from a position of strength)
One magic word that can transform your marketing (not just your autoresponders)
What is the most important element of writing an autoresponder?
Most business owners make this COMMON mistake (it’s so easy to avoid you’ll kick yourself for missing this one)
Nail this and your autoresponder will “write itself”
2 things you must know about your prospects before you write a single email
A weird but surprisingly simple secret from the world’s greatest copywriter
The driving force of your marketing (and how to master it)
Simple (but rarely used) strategies that take you inside a prospect’s brain and show you his deepest dreams and desires
Why you need to talk to the marketplace (including a simple 3-question survey to send to your list)
Writing great emails all comes back to this 7-letter word
A simple analogy that triggers a “light bulb” moment in everyone I tell it to
8 questions you must answer about your product before you write a word of copy
Week 2 – Create Your Outline
Your outline is your map.

It takes you from Point A (where you are now – not enough sales or money) to Point B (where you want to be – truckloads of sales and money).

Without a detailed map, you’ll get lost, go off course and end up some place you didn’t intend on getting to.

If you understand the big picture but still struggle with copywriting, it may be because you haven’t developed a detailed outlined based on the core McIntyre Method principles.

In Week 2, you’ll discover:

Why most people get this step backwards (and how to break the pattern)
How to turn your notes from Week 1 into a sophisticated autoresponder outline
How to rapidly generate content ideas for your email autoresponder sequence
A super-fast strategy for creating an autoresponder outline (I use this with clients regularly)
Common mistakes that almost everyone makes with email autoresponder content
My personal email copywriting “best practices” checklist (the result of numerous projects with various clients)
Several keys to compelling content (you won’t hear this on any run-of-the-mill marketing blog)
Why content is NOT king when it comes to email marketing
A crucial step you MUST take before you begin writing your autoresponder
Simple tricks that guarantee you’ll follow through with your writing (this is a life-saver for anyone who has ever tried to write but never finished)
A nifty strategy that causes your open rate to INCREASE over time (common wisdom states that it should decrease but I’ll explain how it doesn’t have to be that way)
Why Hollywood screenwriters are the best email copywriters
Weird (and effective) lessons from talk show radio you can apply to your emails
Week 3 – Write Your Emails
It’s time to put pen to paper and turn your outline into a hard-hitting, high-converting autoresponder that drives sales on autopilot – for you AND for your clients.

In Week 3, you’ll discover:

Why subject lines don’t matter (and more importantly, what DOES matter)
How to use PS’s to “sell without selling”
When to pitch your products (and how to do it without pissing people off)
Should you send daily emails?
What tone of voice do people respond to most?
How to use psychological hacks to trigger a “flow state”, that magical moment where everything you write is golden
Simple strategies that get prospects addicted to reading your emails
How often should you put links in each email?
The single BIGGEST thing you need to focus on when writing your emails
Plain text or HTML – what’s the verdict?
How long should each email be?
7 ways to open your emails that get readers instantly engaged
Naughty subject lines that make me cringe (but I always open the email)
How many emails should your autoresponder sequence be? (my answer will surprise you)
Week 4 – Launch!
In the final week, you’ll put the pieces together.

You’ll sign up to a recommended autoresponder service and add your emails (or if you’re doing this for a client, you’ll add their emails into their email software).

Next, you’ll create a landing page, begin driving traffic and – if you’ve followed the McIntyre Method steps correctly – you’ll see signups and sales.

In Week 4, you’ll discover:

How to create a landing page properly (and, why this is one of the LAST steps, not the first)
What email autoresponder service should you use?
Where should you put your opt-in form?
Do blog sidebar opt-in forms work?
How I DOUBLED a client’s opt-in rate by making it HARDER to opt-in
Why “put your opt-in form above the fold” is complete NONSENSE (and what you should do instead)
When it comes to landing pages, this is where the goo-roos get it all wrong
One of the biggest marketing companies on the planet makes this DUMB email marketing mistake (you’ll be dumbfounded at how stupid this mistake is)
Little-known problems with popular email autoresponder providers
Why burying your opt-in form below TONS of content increases opt-ins (not decreases like most people would think – however, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it, and I’ll show you the right way…)
What metrics should you track? (I NEVER look at open rates)
How to measure the success of an autoresponder
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Maybe You’re Looking For Honest, “No Secret” Copywriting Advice Like Blake Was…
Blake Sterling
?It’s pure balls-to-the-wall, sound copywriting advice…

Hey John, loving MM man. The structure you have set up is great. I’m even more impressed by your willingness to share your info. There’s no ‘secret’ in MM. It’s pure balls-to-the-wall, sound copywriting advice that anyone can and should follow.

Take A Sneak Peek Inside
The Member’s Area…
Get all lessons and course material.

The masterclass homepage includes every lesson (31 lessons in total). It updates as you complete lessons and modules, so you know exactly where you’re up to in the course and what’s remaining.

Watch the welcome video.

In the welcome video, you’ll learn more about the course, what to expect and how to get the most out of it.?

Stay motivated with the progress bar.

Track your progress with the auto-updating progress bar inside the member’s area. You’ll know how much you’ve accomplished, and how far you have to go. The progress bar makes you more likely to actually complete the masterclass (so you improve your email copywriting, get more clients and make more money).

Mark each lesson as complete.

When you have completed a lesson, click “Mark Lesson As Complete” and you’ll be automatically redirected to the next lesson. Easy and simple. Eliminates distraction. Keeps you focused.

Get audio, PDF transcripts, templates, checklists and homework assignments.

Each lesson includes a PDF transcript (if you prefer to read), MP3 download (if you prefer to listen), as well as checklists, outlines, templates and homework assignments.

Get your questions answered.

On each lesson page, you have the opportunity to ask a question or comment.

If you’re confused about something, or you want feedback on an idea, simply post a quick comment and get your answer.
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Read What People Are Saying…

Increased conversions by about 19%…

Well sir, the split test is in and your recommendations increased the conversions by about 19%, so I bow to you and your copy knowledge.
Mark Manson

Blake Sterling
?It’s pure balls-to-the-wall, sound copywriting advice…

Hey John, loving MM man. The structure you have set up is great. I’m even more impressed by your willingness to share your info. There’s no ‘secret’ in MM. It’s pure balls-to-the-wall, sound copywriting advice that anyone can and should follow.

The McIntyre Method takes the complex and makes it easy to digest…

I’ve read Dan Kennedy and all those guys but it’s *a lot* of material. The McIntyre Method takes the complex and makes it easy to digest.
Drew Sanocki

Mary Kate
?$15k in 25 days…

I was able to use what I learned in the course to help with fundraising for a school client – $15k in 25 days, which may not sound like a lot, but for this school it is a big deal.

LOVE your stuff and LOVE the masterclass!

DAMN! Your Spielberg email rocks! Sent it to my list the other day and got 3 ebook sales! LOVE your stuff and LOVE the masterclass!
Josh London

Anthony Fasano
Coach and Speaker
Generated $600 in one week…

John McIntyre’s Masterclass is awesome. In the first week after I watched his free webinar, I used his strategy to generate $600 in one week (3 sales)… and that just from his free webinar!

Then I decided to fully invest in his program, and since then, I’ve generated more sales, and again, I haven’t even completed my autoresponder series. So I just want to say thanks John so much

$2,000 with a couple of emails…

With the advice he gave, I made just under $2,000 with a couple of emails.
Mike Samuels

Julian Kitagawa
Last month, I made four figures for the first time through my e-mails…

I came across the McIntyre Method Masterclass in August.

Now, I went through the course. I find that the style really resonated with me. I followed John’s advice pretty much word-for-word. I set it all up. And to make a long story short, last month, I made four figures for the first time through my e-mails. In fact, I made about $1,200 or something like that, which is not a massive amount of money, however, it is more than enough to fund my scientific research.

That’s what the McIntyre Method did for me.

I am pretty confident that it will do the same for you. No matter what niche you’re working in. No matter what kind of business you’ve gotten going. I’m pretty sure the McIntyre Method will work for you.

My recommendation to you, as I said, is one, buy the course. Two, actually do and listen to what John says.

I can 100% vouch for the McIntyre Method…

I can 100% vouch for the McIntyre Method. I wasn’t expecting optins to go from 10ish a day to 45 and 30, but it did!

Current iteration of the site is highest converting to date largely due to @JohnMcIntyre_
Brendan Tully

Barbara Fernandez
Health Coach
Holy ****. THANK YOU!! You’ve just set me up with autoresponders for a year.

Holy ****. THANK YOU!! You’ve just set me up with autoresponders for a year.

I totally get it.

What’s more I will be implementing it TODAY.

I’m now so excited I can’t type fast enough.

It remains to me to say a big thank you John – and it goes without saying that if you ever want any brain fuel recipes for those long workdays when you’re not in a coffee shop, well, you have only to ask.

I mean it. Thank you!

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Or Watch Their Videos Instead…

“Buy the McIntyre Method Masterclass and DO what John says…”

“Highly recommended if you want to grow your business through your email list instead of a website that sits there and does nothing…”

“John McIntyre’s Masterclass is AWESOME. I generated $600 in one week, and I haven’t even completed my email autoresponder…”

“When John offers you advice, you can be sure of 2
things; one, it’s based in reality, and two, he’s done it
himself. That’s what makes him different.”

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A Word Of Warning:

This Ain’t No Fancy Production…

The McIntyre Method Masterclass is just me on screen, explaining the process I use to write email autoresponder sequences for clients. So if you’re expecting HD video of a professional speaker in a suit-n-tie running around a stage like a motivation guru then this program isn’t for you.

My focus is on quality content delivery only.

If that’s cool with you, you’re going to get a ton of value out of this program.

OH! By the way…

The McIntyre Method Masterclass
Includes A FREE BONUS ?Called
Copywriting For Conversions…

BONUS TRAINING: Copywriting for Conversions
Copywriting For Conversions is an audio-only training course that teaches you exactly how to write copy that converts.

Whether you want to write an email, a sales page, a landing page, an about page, or anything else, Copywriting For Conversions will give you the tricks and tools to write copy that makes clients beg for more.

In Copywriting For Conversions, you’ll discover:?

why the single most important thing in copywriting is NOT the copy (and what you need to focus on before BEFORE you write a word of copy) [Lesson 1]
the no-brainer formula ALL good sales copy follows [Lesson 1]
one of the biggest mistakes everyone makes when they first start writing sales copy [Lesson 1]
why copywriting is like cooking (and why thinking like a chef will transform your copy from lacklustre to SPANKIN’) [Lesson 2]
how to mix and match words to create the ultimate elixir of persuasion [Lesson 2]
the brain dead simple copy editing technique that can take average copy and make it shine like gold [Lesson 2]
the ultimate goal of all persuasion-based material (paradoxically, the point is NOT to persuade someone to do something, at least in the traditional sense) [Lesson 3]
7 “psychological hot buttons” that hack your prospect’s brain and seemingly force him to do what you want (when you use these hot buttons properly, your prospect simply CANNOT refuse to do what you tell him to do) [Lesson 3]
the DAP formula, my 3-step “hot button hacking process” for writing any type of copy (works especially well for emails, sales letters and optin pages) [Lesson 3]
2 mind-blowingly simple persuasion formulas that make cold prospects do what you want (plus, how to blend these formulas together to make a hell of a conversion recipe) [Lesson 4]
what the latest “quantum physics” research can teach you about writing red hot copy (and why you need to think like einstein to be a good copywriter) [Lesson 4]
why even the world’s best copywriters use formulas to write their copy (model the best and you’ll become the best) [Lesson 4]
the idiot-proof method to developing your copywriting chops (if you use this method, your copy will be so hot it SIZZLES, whether you’re writing emails, sales pages, landing pages and absolutely anything else for that matter) [Lesson 5]
how to make success inevitable (do or do not, there is no try – yoda) [Lesson 5]
the third and final step that you CANNOT ignore [Lesson 5]
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Money Back Guarantee
Don’t Decide Now… Try The Masterclass Risk FREE With My 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

It’s Yours Without Risking A Penny

The proof of the McIntyre Method Masterclass, of course, is in the results it produces for YOU. That’s why you can go through the training AT MY RISK.

Watch the videos. Do the assignments. Apply the McIntyre Method formula.

And if you are anything less than simply delighted with your results, send me a quick email within 30 days and I’ll refund your money in full, no questions asked.

Be astounded by the results in produces for you. Experience the increase in bottom line revenue. See the thankful emails you receive from customers.

It is never too late to build a relationship with your list. It’s never too late to build an automatic sales machine. The opportunity is here, on this page, in the order form below. Why not sign up – at my risk – today!
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