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If you ask the average CEO, “Where did you get your CEO-skills training?”
Do you know what you find?
Mostly, you find there wasn’t any training. They learned on the job – by making all the mistakes. It was training by error.
Obviously that’s not the smart way to go. It’s obvious. Right? Except most business owners are still out there using a combination of outdated tools mixed with trial and error in a heroic effort to reinvent the wheel.
If you’re going to put a big chunk of your time, money, and energy on the line in business, you must leverage the experience of recognized business experts who’ve already done the testing, research, trial and error – and most importantly, who’ve gotten the results.
The Chet Holmes Institute contains a 30-year learning curve from internationally recognized business-growth master, Chet Holmes.
“Chet Holmes is one of the greatest teachers of marketing, sales and business success in the world today.”
– BRIAN TRACY, Author of The Way to Wealth

“Chet has the best material I’ve ever seen on how to hire an army of salespeople and get more out of them than anyone else once you hire them.”
– HARV EKER, Author of Secrets of Millionaire Mind

“Chet not only knows more and better ways to grow sales than probably anyone, but even more important, he has the systems that make his concepts realisitic and easy to implement.”
– LORAL LANGEMEIER, best selling author of Millionaire Maker’s Guide to Wealth Cycling

“I created the phrase: ‘Work ON the business not just IN it,’ Chet shows you how to work ON increasing your sales like no other.”
– MICHAEL GERBER, best selling Author of The E-Myth and E-Myth Revisited

“Nobody knows more about how to create the ultimate sales machine than Chet Holmes.”
– MARK THOMPSON, best selling co-author, Success Built to Last
“No hype or theory here. Chet offers sound, yet simple, business advice to grow your business stronger than ever!”
– TOM HOPKINS, author of How to Master the Art of Selling

“To make the Ultimate Sale, you want to be mentored by the Ultimate Salesman, Chet Holmes. He will inspire you to phenominal sales success.”
– MARK VICTOR HANSEN, co-author Cracking the Millionaire Code, The One Minute Millionaire

“I hope you do everything in your power to hear all that [Chet] says and read all that he writes. The man is a genius and after you absorb what he has to tell you, you’ll be your own genius.”
– JAY CONRAD LEVINSON, The Father of Guerrilla Marketing; Author, “Guerrilla Marketing” series; over 14 million books sold in 43 languages

“I built my first company to become the 59th fastest growing private company in America, and my second one to $85 million in just 21 months. We used Chet’s concepts at both companies and there just is no one that has such powerful yet practical ways to grow companies.”
– SCOTT HALLMAN, two time Inc. 500 founder & CEO, top business trainer and consultant

The Chet Holmes Institute Modules
Blow your competition out of the water and get 10x more response from the money you’re already spending.
The fastest, least expensive way to double sales – in as little as 5-12 months.
Going from 1 million to 100 million. Building a company that runs without you.
Be 400% more productive in 6 quick steps – good time management shouldn’t take a lot of time.
Top producers are everywhere if you know how to look: recognizing, attracting, hiring, and managing the best salespeople in the world.
Building top of mind awareness and dominating your market.
Sales is not an art – it’s a science, with hard and fast rules.
Follow-up makes the difference between mediocrity and greatness.
Getting the impossible appointment in 15 minutes instead of 15 months.
Nothing closes like an expertly crafted and delivered presentation. Everything you need to know to become a master presenter.
Everything from productivity tips with Eben Pagan to increasing your leads with LeadPages.
It has never been this easy to access Chet’s proprietary techniques

We used to offer this exclusive training live, but it was a huge hassle.
You had to take time off from work, buy airfare to the event, get a hotel, and spend five days cramming all the information into your head with the hope that it would stay there once you left.
Overhead was high on our end and we had to charge accordingly.
At the end of the day, the experience came with a $10,000 price tag.

Optimized for the internet, that same training is now ridiculously affordable
Just $695
(One year’s access)
How does The Institute work?

Training is chunked into short, easily absorbed videos that allow you to quickly navigate concepts.

No more cramming everything in at a live event: work your way through the modules at your leisure. Easily replay and review a concept. Access anywhere with an internet connection.

Built in workshops and exercises force you to think like the world’s top business owners so you can immediately start applying the concepts in your business.

Exact scripts, emails, letters, promo pieces, etc. that you can use in your business – along with profound ideas that will change the way you understand marketing and sales.

Case studies are used throughout and demonstrate how the principles work in live situations.

Visual aids make the concepts clear and boost retention.

Your massive 250-page workbook contains notes on each section, exercises that will force you to think like the ultimate executive, quizzes to cement what you’ve learned, and other supplementary material.

Old Price: $49.90
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