BUSINESS By DESIGN 2020 by James Wedmore

BUSINESS By DESIGN 2020 by James Wedmore

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BUSINESS By DESIGN 2020 by James Wedmore Sales page

BUSINESS By DESIGN 2020 by James Wedmore Sales page


BUSINESS By DESIGN 2020 by James Wedmore Download

BUSINESS By DESIGN 2020 by James Wedmore Download

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BUSINESS By DESIGN 2020 by James Wedmore Torrent

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BUSINESS By DESIGN 2020 by James Wedmore Discount

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BUSINESS By DESIGN 2020 by James Wedmore Buy

If You’re Done With the Struggles, Fear, and Overwhelm That Stop You Cold Every Time You Think About Your Own Online Business…



PAY ATTENTION because this is important if you

don't want to stay trapped in your business!


Most entrepreneurs who dream of successful online business face one major (hidden) obstacle that always keeps that dream just beyond their reach.

What is it?

Well, let me ask you a question: If you are currently in business and struggling…

Or if you’re stuck in the

“thinking about it” stage...

which of these apply to you?

The planning never seems to end —

there’s always one more detail you need to think about or get in place before you can start making money…

You constantly feel like you need to learn one more thing, so you read and subscribe to everything you can get your hands on and you stay in a constant state of learning rather than executing…

You always feel rushed and pressured, never having enough time. Like you’re drowning in a sea of too much to do, unable to keep juggling it all…

You get paralyzed by the fear of judgement and rejection that comes with self doubt about whether or not your ideas are good enough and if people will pay for them…

You’re overwhelmed by the uncertainty that makes every decision feel like an “all or nothing” gamble, so you never take action…

If after reading that, you can see how ANY of that applies to you...

Then now you know why your business is stuck... because you're operating from The Employee Mindset.

The Employee Mindset is a way of thinking about your business and how you fit into it (most people think in a way that sets them up to fail)...

One that puts hopeful entrepreneurs (just like you) on the path to overwork, frustration, struggle and failure from the get go…

This path causes a lot of pain, frustration, wasted energy on the way.

It’s what keeps you working longer hours in your business than you ever did at your job. You’re at your desk everyday at 7am while the kids are having breakfast. And you’re chained there until 9 or 10 at night, long after they’re in bed.

It’s what causes your sleepless nights, the bags under your eyes, and the worry lines that suddenly showed up in the mirror, and you ask, "what the heck happened to me?"

It’s what leads to all your financial stress… putting off paying one bill so you can pay the one you put off last month… juggling credit card balances… draining your savings.

An “employee mindset”

is what keeps you stuck

working IN your business. Your VALUE is dependent on your EFFORT (which you never have enough of), and as a result,

"working harder" and

"working longer" is your only strategy for growth, and I don't have to tell you that's a broken strategy.

and if that applies to you...

If you're like most struggling entrepreneurs, then chances are, you're operating from this employee mindset that you learned from your upbringing.

But that's ok! it’s all that you knew...UNTIL NOW!

With an employee mindset, you're growth is dependent on your EFFORT. Everything "new" seems way too risky. You’re always tip-toeing around the edges of your dream instead of taking bold action.

It creates a constant need for approval. A need to know more. A need for certainty and security. Needs that will keep you trapped.

It’s a mindset that will leave you overworked and underpaid. On a surefire route to stress and burnout, with nothing to show for it.

So, if having your own business seem “unrealistic” or like “a silly dream,” it's time to lose the employee mindset or stay stuck in your old pattern.

Employees think taking a risk is scary…

Digital CEOs think it’s exciting and gets them the lifestyle they desire…

Employees think they need to know

everything before they can take step one… Digital CEOs know how to figure it out as they go (just ask Elon Musk!)…

Employees are terrified of judgement and rejection… Digital CEOs welcome it because they know it’s actually the key to success…

Employees are constantly rushed and pressured, with every decision feeling like life or death… Digital CEOs are in control knowing no matter what, they’re always one

step closer to their goals…

Employees constantly search for solutions… Digital CEOs take action and create them…

a digital ceo thinks very differently from the employee...

What's Going to Happen to Your Business

If You DON'T Start Thinking

Like a Digital CEO?

They don’t follow the rules. They question them.

Then they break them.

They take risks. And don’t let their

circumstances dictate what’s

possible for them.

When you kick the employee mindset to the curb and start thinking like a Digital CEO, you’ll get totally clear on what you need to do to turn your business into a huge success.

You’ll be able to focus your creative talents on what’s important and what you enjoy—and build a business that works without you.

You’ll reach more people than you ever thought possible. Helping them find and live their best lives.

Once you start thinking like a Digital CEO you’ll start acting like one too.


Digital CEOs are Visionaries

Newborn children are totally dependent on their parents. To feed them. To dress them. To protect them from the world.

And in the beginning, your businesses can require that same kind of constant attention from you. You feel like you have to tend to all the details. To make sure every part of it is working right.

But here’s the thing: Kids grow up.

Eventually they learn to feed themselves, dress themselves, and drive themselves to the mall. And good parents understand that’s what their job really is: to raise their children to be independent. To be successful on their own.

I mean, can you imagine doing your 43-year-old son’s laundry while he’s still living in his room? (That’d be crazy!) Well if you wouldn’t do it for your children, why on earth would you do it for your business?

Starting out, businesses can be a little like babies.


But that’s EXACTLY what business owners who struggle with an employee mindset do.

Digital CEOs, on the other hand, fully recognize that their job is to design and build their business so it can run on its own. (Like raising a child who can take care of itself.) So that they can literally remove themselves from the day-to-day operations and it’ll continue to run, making them money.

And that's EXACTLY what I'm here to do: help you STEP INTO the Digital CEO Role of your business far quicker and more easily than you ever could on your own!

And one of the ways we're going to do that...


Take a quick look

inside Business By Design to see what it really means to follow my Plug & Play Process!

and become a huge success!




But Making That Change on Your Own

It seems like a pretty

straightforward solution, doesn't it?

Get out there and start learning what Digital CEOs do. Start doing it yourself. And reap the rewards, right?

Unfortunately… NO.


It goes way deeper than what you THINK you know or don’t know.

Let me explain what I mean… and why this is important to you.

Everyone "knows" the basic principles for losing unwanted weight. But

how many people "know" this and yet still struggle to see any results? As

you can probably guess, millions of people, right?

Diet must not be working. Go try another one.

Workout program isn’t cutting it. Head out to find a different routine.

It’s an exhausting and endless journey of learning more. But the results never change.

The same thing happens with business owners. Maybe you’ve been through it yourself.

You take a course to learn more about marketing or strategy. But nothing ends up different. So you’re off to learn some more. (You obviously missed something, right?) But after the next course you still can’t move the needle.




So it’s rinse and repeat from there.

Before you know it you’re coursed the “f” out. Working harder than ever. And all for little to no progress in your business.

So here’s the million dollar question…



the answer:


It’s driven by what you don’t know that you don’t know. By the ideas and beliefs hiding in your mental blind spots (those places that sabotage you over and over).

Those are what drive your thoughts, actions, and results, regardless of what you know. They’re what keep you stuck on that “hamster wheel” of knowledge — constantly trying to learn more. It’s a major pitfall of an employee mindset.

Because you already know that learning more won’t change the way you think and act!

And I Will Help You Make That Transformation…

If you want to change the way you think and act, you need to discover those beliefs that are hiding in your blind spots, keeping you stuck. The problem is... you can't see them! (That's why they're called blind spots!) And then you have to challenge them.

Only once you've challenged your beliefs, can you experience a real mindset shift and a real change in results. That’s when you instantly transform from employee to Digital CEO.



Like All the Others You May Have Taken.


From an overwhelmed, overworked-employee

to the DIGITAL CEO your business needs!

6-CORE Training Modules that turns everything you think you know about business completely on it's head so you can see how today's successful businesses actually operate!

+12 Play-By-Play Launch Maps & Execution Guides — so you have a "LEGO© Instruction Manual-Style" Playbook for selling more of your stuff!

+20 Plug & Play PROCESSES that every online business needs (but most don't have)!

+6 LIVE Business-Breakthrough Group Coaching Sessions to get the support, clarity and answers you need!

A Team of 9 BBD Coaches That Have Your BACK — Feel the love, support and accountability of our team of TRAINED BBD Coaches!

A TICKET to Our Unforgettable LIVE EVENT you as a member, you'll get a TICKET to the BEST-DARN-EVENT in the industry: BBD LIVE to connect, collaborate and create breakthroughs in business!

I just wrapped up my FOURTH launch last week (first one was March 2019) and had my first $15k launch! I couldn't be more excited! It's been a HUGE learning process for me, with lots of trial and error, and TESTING. I still have a lot to learn, but I am starting to feel like things are slowly coming together and working for me.

Just to give you some perspective...

A year ago, I had ZERO people on my email list. Now, I have just under 2800. This last launch I grew my list by 1,000 through FB ads leading to my webinar.

First launch revenue: $13,200

Second launch: $10,900

Third launch: $9,800

Fourth launch: $15,100

GOOD THINGS TO COME!!! Thank you to the entire BBD community and coaches, and James Wedmore, of course. I couldn't have done it without you all!

its time to transform


Just like it’s done for these BBDers…

Christina White McEvoy

I hit my personal goal of reaching $50k in revenue in my FIRST year!



Each module in Business By Design contains short videos and exercises specifically created to move you forward in your transformation (not just teach you stuff!) And, when applicable, includes a detailed, done-for-you process checklist you can plug right into that area of your business.

You just fill in the blanks...

it's that simple!

SEE what's waiting for you inside

once you become a member…

6 Business-Building Training Modules:


We’ll start out with the very basics — thinking like a Digital CEO.

Your business is a reflection of you in more ways than you think. That means where you struggle, it struggles. And most entrepreneurs’ struggles come directly from their beliefs and understandings about business... from their employee mindset.

In Module 1 you identify your beliefs about business that hold you back — without you knowing it. Specifically we’ll look at your ways of thinking about three of the most critical areas of your business. I guide you through the same exercises and processes I use with my 6-figure MASTERMIND clients to get you quickly UNSTUCK and ON TRACK, so you can face any challenge with confidence and clarity, knowing you’ll come out on top.

Then once you start thinking differently, we'll move on to...

get your mind right!

YOU by Design

Marisa Rodriguez

“Throughout my time in BBD, I've been able to make massive, life-changing breakthroughs that, honestly, have nothing to do with what's in my bank account.

I am enough, and I am capable. I have been on fire. I grew my email newsletter to over 5,000 subscribers. I created a new website. I connected with some amazing people, and I created and launched my very first course.”




“...the mindset stuff I have learned from you has been HUGE.

I truly feel like a different person than I did half a year ago.”

Business Strategist



The #1 WAY ALL Successful Entrepreneurs Think & Act, and it's not what you think!

How to UNCOVER Your Limiting Beliefs About Business, Money, & Success so you can finally feel what it's like to be UNSTOPPABLE!

How to Get ALIGNED with your Vision, Your Offer, & Your Business so business becomes easy and fun again!


Get Your PROFIT PLAN Right!

WORKING by Design

Ella Glasgow Binion

“Module 2.6 has just rocked my world! For years I've heard people say I need to know my numbers. But no one ever told me what numbers I needed to know.

Thank you SO much for the clarity in that one video, James. This is Uh-FrickiN-MAZING!”

Biz & Life Coach



How Successful Businesses ACTUALLY Run Their Business so you can get more of the right things done!

The KEY Numbers to Focus on That Directly Attribute to REAL GROWTH!

How to FINALLY Create the CLARITY You Need to execute on a vision for your life and business!


Everyone only gets 24 hours in a day. And yet some people seem to have productivity super powers.

They don’t. It’s simply the way they work. And in this module you master the habits and strategies of being super-effective in everything you do.

You see where you should really focus your time and energy for maximum productivity. You discover easier, quicker ways to get things done and eliminate distractions. And you get my entire framework for operating in a digital business of any size.

By the end of this module, you’ll never worry about juggling everything in your business. You’ll always be calm and in control!

After that, we’ll tackle...


Katie Chase

“Y'all... guess what?!

I just crunched some numbers, and I'm $3.7K away from my 90-day goal of $30k from when I first started BBD last month!

I had no clue until I actually started paying attention to the numbers. I've just been doing my thing, going through BBD, and working with some amazing clients. Woooohoooooo!!!!”


Successful businesses do more than just sell a product or service. They maximize value. For you AND your customer.

If your business isn’t designed with this in mind from the start, you’re all but guaranteed to end up overworked, underpaid, and on the fast track to stress and burnout with nothing to show for it.

So in this module, we cover how to strategically design a business that creates maximum value—including how to set up the right product path, offers, and business models that suit your needs and the needs of your ideal customer.

From there we move on to…

get your OFFERS right!

OFFER by Design

How to Design YOUR Perfect Business so it works for your LIFE!

How to Create the Right Type of Leveraged Offers that Gets You Both Income & Impact!

The PROVEN Formula for Crafting Offers that your audience actually want!


Campbell Lumbila

“Module 3.2 at 11 minutes and 50 seconds, James gives such a powerful example of how to position your offer Ninja style. I've watched this a few times while working on my messaging.

The rest of the Module is of course POWERFUL! Third time through and some stuff is just beginning to make sense.”

Leader & Coach



“Could I ever imagine that I would be making more than $120,000 in less than six months with only one course and two launches? I mean, never ever.

I passed from not having a list to having a list of 8,000 people. From not having a Facebook group to having a group of 5,000 people. From 4,000 people in Instagram, tonight, 14,000 people on Instagram. I have 200 students, more than 90 incredible video testimonials and I'm changing lives.”




You'll clearly understand how everything in your business fits and works together. You’ll be able to demystify layers of complication, instantly see how to adapt things to your specific business, and finally build a business in which you get more time, freedom, and money.

Get Your MESSAGING Right!

SALES by Design


“Life has changed for me in that I don’t have to worry about where the next dollar is coming from. It sounds so cliché but I have that ability to create money on demand. I know I can put a promotion out there and money is going to come in.

It’s the best feeling ever and I would have never been able to get to the point where I’m at now without James.”

Marketing Strategist & Founder



How to LAUNCH your Products & Programs the right way!

A Proven Process for Creating an Effective Marketing Message that Creates Demand for Your Stuff!

How to REACH MORE People and get noticed in a crowded marketplace!


“What if no one wants to buy my stuff?”

Has the voice in your head ever said that?

It’s a common fear that nearly all entrepreneurs feel. And it comes from their lack of understanding about marketing. Done right, a solid marketing message and structure means your prospects come to you ready to buy!

You’ll be blown away by the response you’ll get.

In this module, you get the templates and frameworks for attracting a following and creating irresistible marketing messages that convert like a machine!

More than that, you’ll actually be building deep connections with your customers and clients whose lives you’ve changed.

Then its time for...

Starting out on your own isn’t the problem. Trying to do everything on your own as you grow IS.

If you want to grow and scale your business, you’ll eventually need a team.

Unfortunately this is a major sticking point for a lot of entrepreneurs. They wonder how can they afford to pay others when they can barely afford to pay themselves.

But what they don’t realize is what it’s costing them NOT having a team around them. How much they’re limiting their own potential by trying to do everything themselves.

The good news is there is a way to build a super-star team without breaking the bank or stressing the budget. It’s all a question of HOW you go about doing it.

In this module, you’ll see how to strategically build a team to grow your business no matter what your budget, or what stage of business, you’re in. So you can focus on the things you were meant to do.

And finally we move on to…

get your PEEPS right!

TEAM by Design


“Having a team is just as important for an entrepreneur as it is for a cancer survivor.

I did a little mini launch to my list using just emails and I made an additional $7000 which I set aside to hire myself some help. I can never thank James enough because I now know exactly where I’m headed and exactly how I’m gonna get there. He’s given me my life back. As a cancer survivor, this is like another chance. So thanks for that James.”



Building the right team can cost as little as a few dollars a week to start. But that tiny investment will free you from the $10 per hour tasks that waste your time and focus you on doing the $1,000 per hour work you were meant to do.

Get Your GROWTH Right!

SCALE by Design

meredith marsh

“I can look at my business (I'm a blogger & YouTuber) in a whole new way and see the areas where I can easily improve and scale.

Do it. Repeat it. Scale it. Instead of bounce around from idea to idea waiting to hit the jackpot.”




What to Actually Focus on in Your Business so you can grow more while working less!

How to Effectively Scale Your Business for Massive Impact!

How to Automate and LET GO so your marketing can begin to work for YOU!


It’s the ultimate goal of every aspiring business owner —

To reach more people. To earn more money.

And do it all while working less. (YES… It is possible.)

In this module you’ll see how to build momentum in your business. And then ride that momentum to scale your business. To grow it 2x, 5x even 10x or more. All without working 10 times harder.

We look at your business through a completely different lens. One that lets you eliminate time and effort-wasting activities that don’t move your business forward. And zero in on and automate the ones that do.

You’ll reach more people while working less and catapult your business to a level of success you never thought possible!

Fatema Karim

“Even though I had been taking other courses in the past I didn’t have that holistic approach of how my business should perform and how I can scale 2 different parts of the business…

Now I have more clarity in terms of getting my business to the next level.”



By the end of these 6 Modules, you’ll have completely transformed the way you think and act in your business. You’ll be ready to take on any challenge. You’ll have customers who LOVE you and the content you offer.

Still got questions before enrolling? We got you covered!

Speak to a Bonafide BBD Alumni live over the phone right now!
SIMPLY CALL: (888) 508-6107

Become THE DIGITAL CEO Your Business Needs TODAY!

Enroll by June 25th @ 11:59pm for our LIMITED-TIME OFFER

Click Here to Join Business By Design

BBD isn’t just videos & exercises…

I created Business By Design to be the fastest, easiest way for you to go from hopeful to successful — from employee mindset to Digital CEO.

But I also created it to be the most supportive. So that’s why BBD now includes 6 weeks of live group coaching.

Got a question? Doubts? Uncertainties? Something – anything – not making sense?

Not clear on how to implement? Or whether you’re moving in the right direction? Or how a particular solution works specific to your business idea?


Here’s a Quick Rundown of Our Agenda Together:

What’s ACTUALLY Getting in the Way of Your Success

On this call, we’ll take a good hard look at the beliefs, fears and worries that have been programmed into your life, how they’ve prevented you from achieving what you want, and what it will actually TAKE to program habits of abundance and success!

The 90-Day Outcome FRAMEWORK for Rapid Achievement

Team Wedmore runs a tight ship, because we keep things simple and structured. And you already know, the more structure you have in your business, the more freedom you get in your life! In this training call, we’ll pop open the hood of our business to show you exactly how we structure the business!

But that's not all...

Why 95% of Courses & Memberships NEVER Sell

Today, everyone has a course. But not everyone is making sales. Heck! Most never do. You’ll learn what actually separates the broke course creator from the few that sell out their programs!

How to Create DEMAND For Your Offers So You Don’t Have to Sell

If you’re reading this, then chances are you participated in our exciting launch and promotion for Business By Design. I assume you weren’t turned off by my content. You didn’t feel like I was slimy, pushy, sleazy or aggressive, did you? If you’d like to learn how you can be providing tremendous value in an authentic way that automatically creates desire for what you sell… you’re gonna love this training class!

How to Work Less & Make More

(No… Seriously.)

People often wonder how I am able to get so much done so quickly WHILE also working so little. In this call I’ll show you how anyone at any level can begin attracting a team (even if you have no budget) and how this is the SECRET GAME CHANGER that I’ve been tapping into for 12 years to run my business… instead of feeling like it is running me!

Rapid Scalability: Reach More People & Attract More Customers

Scalability is all about leverage. Imagine reaching more people and making more money WITHOUT having to work harder and longer. In this training, I’ll show you what it really takes to scale your business online!

The Real “Secret Sauce”


There are a lot of programs and courses out there that promise

the same kinds of results as BBD.

Maybe you’ve bought into your fair share only to be disappointed. And maybe this is starting to sound like more of the same.

Well the truth is few, if any of them, can deliver like Business By Design does for one simple reason:

Business By Design focuses on EXECUTION, NOT LEARNING. It shows you exactly what to do, without the guesswork, and without the heavy-lifting! YES, you'll be able to outsource and delegate as you go!

"Business by Design and James's team, oh my goodness, they opened my world to a whole new dream for me. To a dream that was even bigger than a dream that I ever thought was possible. And you know why? Because I took the steps. I got into action.”

Shafonne Myers

Business Coach


"Because of this program and community, we have the systems and teams in place for me to relax today, spend time loving my wife and still be SO excited about our launch tomorrow! Thank you so much James, Team Wedmore, BBD coaches, and the community. This is more than a program. It's a family and a way of life. I freaking love you guys.”

Brad Bizjack



here to push you to new heights!

COACH adam


COACH dana



COACH elizabeth

COACH katie

COACH amber

COACH Christine

Business By Design Alumni... All with SUCCESSFUL Businesses... Training BY ME... Here to Serve YOU!

I Have Some Extra

“Goodies” for You

The 6 main modules of BBD will completely transform the way you approach your business. But that’s only the beginning.

When you join Business By Design, you also get 4 MASSIVE Bonus Bundles to make your progress even faster and your success even easier, and tools that simplify everything you do!

starting with


& Execution Guides



OK. This is it! THIS is the piece you've been waiting for! 12 (yes, 12!) of my "LEGO Instruction Manual" Launch Maps and Execution Guides! PLUG & PLAY ready-to-follow-yourself, or hand off to your team for instant implementation!

Imagine you're the quarterback for your favorite NFL Team, and it's the Super Bowl. The stakes are high, and your opponent is fierce! But instead of freaking out, you're calm, cool and collected. WHY?! Because your coach just handed you THE PLAYBOOK! A Step-by-Step action guide for which plays to run, and how to run them. Follow directions, and that Super Bowl Ring is yours!

That's EXACTLY what I've done here! Let me be YOUR coach so you can get all the Profitable Plays to run in your business with...

My 12 Plug & Play Launch Maps & Execution Guides, include...

These COMPLETE Launch Processes and MORE All Available inside Business By Design!

Quick Email Promotions

Automated Funnels

Mastermind Launch

Client-Getting Strategies

My WEBINAR Launch Blueprint

My 3-Part Video Launch Process

My Membership Launch Process

Beta Launching (Monetize Before You Make it!)



Put these resources to work for you and you’ll never hear that nagging voice in your head asking, “What’d I miss?” or “What’d I forget?”

This bundle by itself is valued at $1,997. (But based on the time, energy and money it’ll save you, it’s most likely priceless.)


Every Online Business Needs

You also get my ULTIMATE Business By Design Processes Bundle. This is a goldmine of processes you can download and start using right away.

These done-for-you checklists take all the guesswork out of “process-izing” all the most important parts of your business. Right down to the smallest detail so EVERYTHING is covered.

Use them to keep yourself on track. Or simply hand them off to your team so you can be sure they know EXACTLY what needs to be done to complete any task.

You’ll get my step-by-step processes for:

Ultimate Follow-Up Series: Engage your prospects through every step of your launch by modeling this email swipe file we use ourselves.

Pitch Anything Process: Hit more hot buttons and earn more money with this guide and strategy for pitching any offer to your audience.

Video Series Creation Process: Put one of the most popular and powerful mediums to work for you with my step-by-step video creation process. (It’s the exact process I used to launch Business By Design!)

Members-Only Resources: Save money and get cutting edge tools with these product discounts and recommendations. Process creation tools, landing page templates, and other resources that will make your next launch spectacular.

Webinar Templates: No more drudgery of creating slides for your webinar. With my customizable webinar slidedeck templates you just download, tweak, and plug them in to your next webinar.

Sales Page Process: Skyrocket your sales page results with this complete process for outlining, writing, editing, and designing a sales page that converts.

Check Out Page Elements: Eliminate cart abandons with these swipe files that show you everything you need to design an awesome checkout page.

Upsell Creation Process: Instantly boost your revenue by offering add-ons or additional products at the most profitable time to pitch—while your customer is checking out.

Waitlist Creation Process: Build massive buzz for your next launch with a waiting list that’ll have customers and clients lined up primed to buy.





After seeing so many entrepreneurs struggle to identify their niche (and this may be you right now!), I noticed that this was causing them to completely stall their business! …sometimes for months!

So, last month I held a LIVE Workshop (for $297) with one simple promise: Nail Your Niche or your money back!

And the feedback was amazing (see below!) And now as a member of Business By Design, you’re getting the entire recordings ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Here’s what the attendees had to say:


If you're one of my students who is just starting out...

perhaps you don't know your niche, or you don't have a product or a list yet... then this BONUS BUNDLE was made for you!

I've included THREE POWERFUL courses to help you get all the help and support you need inside Business By Design, including...



Just follow the steps we lay out and you’ll have your course ready to launch in just days. Not weeks or months.

You won’t believe how quick and easy it really is to create a beautiful, professional program that delivers itself once you know these secrets.

My Course in a Weekend Program


Struggling with little to no email list? NO PROBLEM! I'll walk you through the exact steps to take to start growing your email list RIGHT NOW!

My 30-Day List Generator Program





bonus bundle

Ok, so... this ain't your first rodeo (or your first course!) I get it! You're looking to go faster... become more profitable... and make things just a bit easier!

Well... look no further! This BONUS BUNDLE was created with YOU in mind! You'll get three business-growth goodies that I just know you're gonna love!

This 4-video series will share documented, real-life success stories—including the strategies behind them—that you can use in your own business to boost sales at every stage of your launch or funnel.

Profit Producing Case Studies


In this in-depth tutorial I’ll show you everything you need to know about outsourcing any project or task - so you get the absolute best results.

Outsource Your Business Mini-Course


In Absolute Automation you’ll discover everything you need to put all the critical parts of your business on autopilot. So your business really will make you money while you sleep!

Absolute Automation Program


Still got questions before enrolling? We got you covered!

Speak to a Bonafide BBD Alumni live over the phone right now!
SIMPLY CALL: (888) 508-6107

Become THE DIGITAL CEO Your Business Needs TODAY!

Enroll by June 25th @ 11:59pm for our LIMITED-TIME OFFER

Click Here to Join Business By Design

The BBD Members-Only Community

Real People in a Real &

Supportive Community

You surround yourself with a brilliant support network. One that answers your questions, picks you up when you’re down, and gives you the kick in the pants you need to stay on track and true to your goals.

If you're like me, then you know starting a business can be lonely... trying to figure out everything on your own, with nowhere to go and no one to talk to when you have questions or doubts.

That never happens again once you join our Business by Design Private Facebook Community.

"BBD helped me make an additional 6 figures in my business that I didn’t even know was there...

I wouldn’t have been able to step into and take ownership of that space if it wasn’t for Team Wedmore and BBD!”

Kim McCarter

Success Coach & Founder


You May Be Thinking...

That’s sounds like

a TON of Stuff!

I Know!

And if all of it seems a little overwhelming, believe me…

It’s not.

I created Business By Design to eliminate overwhelm — not create more... to make business easier for you, not harder.

It’s designed to make your transformation from employee to Digital CEO easy and fun!

First, all the lessons and exercises are broken down into small, bite-sized chunks averaging less than 20 minutes each. You won’t get blasted with hours and hours of videos that suck up all your free time!

More importantly, all the content is laid out so you build momentum.

I’m only 4 months into the program but I’m doing the work that I love and I’m getting paid for it. I’m selling online courses. I’m doing live events and really just getting to share my message with the world.

Chris von der Mehden


“…within days of starting this program I started taking the right kind of actions that brought me immediate results.”


And the thing that Business By Design really changed in my business was I got so clear on the bare minimum things that I need to do. There's really not a whole lot of stuff for me to do, but it was really taking and putting everything into a systematic process. So since starting Business By Design, things have totally transformed. I also have seen my monthly revenue increased by 157%, even though I'm working less than a third of what I was working before.

Makhosi Candiss


“The transformations are incredible and I really get to feel like I'm making the impact that I want. And thank you for making my Business By Design dreams come true.”


Business By Design is Definitely NOT for Everyone


BBD Members say Business By Design is the most complete, comprehensive way to build a business.

It’s light on learning and BIG on action. It refocuses your mindset so you start thinking like a Digital CEO quicker than you could on your own. And then you get all the plug and play processes you need to execute like one, too. It approaches business like no other training out there. (And we have the success stories to prove it!) But… it’s definitely not for everyone.

If you’re looking for a magic button or a “get-rich-quick” scheme for making a fast buck online, BBD is not for you.

BBD is designed to show you how to build a sustainable, scalable and successful business. In other words… a REAL business. So if you’re out for a fast score, keep looking.

If you’re “thinking about” starting a business 6 months down the road, BBD probably isn’t right for you… yet.

To get the most out of BBD you should, at a minimum, have a product idea or market niche already in mind.

Finally, if you’re looking to start a brick and mortar business or an e-commerce store online, it’s probably not a good fit. BBD is targeted for entrepreneurs who want to sell online courses or digital products.

That said, if you’re ready to start living your strengths and passions and you’re willing to put in the necessary time and effort (yes there is time and effort involved) to make your vision real… then here is your chance!

Tom van der Hulst

Fitness Trainer

“I have the confidence in knowing that I am creating my dream life right now and that is all thanks to BBD.”


I'm going to give you an entire year — 365 days — to try BBD and prove to yourself that it’ll deliver the results I’m promising you. If it doesn’t, then all you need to do is contact my team and they’ll happily refund your investment.

If that sounds like you, and you’re finally willing to make that commitment to yourself and your dreams, I promise you BBD will be your surest path to success!


Nothing Will Work For You If You Do Nothing.

But full disclosure… there is one catch. You have to prove to me that you did the work. And the reason is simple… nothing works unless you use it. People confuse acquiring with accomplishing. They’ll buy a program and think they’re taking action. But 30, 60 or 90 days later, after they haven’t even logged into their account, they’re calling for a refund telling themselves the product didn’t work.


So here’s the deal I’m making with you right now…

All those “30-day no-risk-guarantee” refunds do is create payment processing headaches for my team and my business. So if you’re not planning to do the work and take the steps in the program, then save your money. Sorry if that sounds a little harsh, but seriously, we mean it.

Because it gives you a full year to go through all the video lessons. A full year to test, to refine, to implement, and to scale your business. A full year to get the help you need when you get stuck.

You get a full year to go from wishing and hoping to getting results or you get your money back!

If you’re committed to taking action, then this is one of the most generous guarantees you’ll ever get.


I’m promising you the fastest path to the business you’ve always dreamed of. By transforming you from a stuck, timid “employee” into the bold Digital CEO you need to be. And giving you all the tools and resources you need to get these same kinds of results…

But you have skin in this game too. You have to do the work. And if you’re not willing to, you’ll be wasting both our time.

You use the program for up to 12 months:

If you’re not absolutely amazed with the results you get launching your business…

If you’re not looking at your business from a whole new perspective of “I got this, no problem”…

Simply let my team know, show them the work you’ve done, and we’ll refund your entire investment.

If that’s not fair, I don’t know what is.

so let's sum it up...

So… with your success all but guaranteed, you’re probably wondering…

Business By Design may not be cheap, but it shows you how to get the results you desire. It’s not some $49-a-month membership program or a $99-a-year newsletter subscription.


One that will pay you back for the rest of your life. By letting you make a difference in the world... with a business that lets you live the life you want!

It’s a transformation that frees you from the employee mindset that keeps you stuck and struggling. And lets you become a leader in your market.

It's EXACTLY what I teach and share in my $35,000/year Mastermind Group, but for a fraction of the cost for you.

And because I'm committed to making the new Business By Design as accessible as possible so as many budding entrepreneurs who want to, can use it to make their business dreams a reality...

Business By Design is usually just $5,000.

However, because you are reading this during our big promotion of the year, I've decided to take almost $2,000 OFF, for my Launch-Only Investment of just six payments of $577!

It’s a small investment in yourself that pays huge dividends in your future.

And when you weigh all that against the investment and what it will do for you and your future, then it's an easy choice.

That's right! Until this Thursday at 11:59pm, you can join us inside Business By Design for just $577 Today!

And that was with only 1400 people on my email list. And only 400 of them having registered for the 2 live webinars. What's even more amazing is that now I can see the whole picture more clearly. And I have a path to follow for the entire lifetime of my business.



“Within 3 months of starting the program, I completed my first-ever live webinar-based launch & hit nearly $20K in sales.”


So I 10x'ed my Business By Design investment in 30 days and 20x'ed my BBD investment in 120 days!



“I did a co-webinar with a friend for my Build Your Challenge course, and sold another 60+ spots!”


Join BBD TODAY and
i’ll credit you $1,000

Because I’m absolutely committed to your success, when you join BBD during this limited-time open registration, I’ll credit your BBD membership account a ticket to one of my upcoming BBD Live events

The Event Everyone is Talking About!


It’s the next step in your transformation into a “can-do”, “take-charge”, “no challenge is to big” Digital CEO.

3 days in sunny California that’ll let you take your business to a whole new level. By building and expanding on the skills you’ve already developed in BBD.

Exercises and activities that will let you uncover anything that’s getting in your way and keeping your from life-changing breakthroughs.

Live, in-person coaching sessions with me & my entire team.

Hot seats where you can bring your biggest sticking points to get solutions and answers from me and a brilliant group of your fellow BBD Members.

Opportunities to network with like-minded entrepreneurs where you learn cutting edge strategies and tactics... where you build partnerships, find affiliates, and collaborate. All in a fun, no-pressure atmosphere.

This live event experience has been so powerful for our members that attendance keeps growing every year, with more and more members coming to experience it. (And previous attendees coming back again and again!)

BBD Live will be a quantum leap in your business performance.

And when you join BBD today, I’m going to pay for your ticket in!

Plus you get all 12 of my Proven & Profitable PLUG & PLAY Launch Maps & Step-by-Step Execution Guides!

(Value: $2,997)

ALL my ESSENTIAL Business Processes for MORE STRUCTURE!

(Value: $1,997)

6x LIVE Group Coaching Sessions to answer your questions, clear up doubts, and keep you motivated and on track.

(Value: $2,982)

Plus you’re Getting TWO Additional Bonus Bundles!

(Value: $2,994)

Access to Our Team of 8 BBD Coaches Access! For More Support & Accountability!

(Value: $997)


(Value: $997)

When you join Business By Design you get instant access to the 6 BBD training modules — videos and exercises that transform you from the struggling employee mindset into the take-charge Digital CEO(Value: $4,497).



($16,964 to be exact)

So Now It’s Time for You to Make One of Two Choices...

The first choice is to choose to do nothing. And as you already know, if you choose nothing... then nothing changes.

BUT, if you already know that you want to grow your business and make a greater impact in the world, then your choice is obvious: join us inside Business By Design and start your transformation to becoming the successful Digital CEO you know you were meant to be.

Simply click the button below and my team & I will be waiting for you inside!

But if you’re still on the fence, wondering whether to take the leap, let me share one last thought with you, maybe you're thinking...

…then you’re not making the choice at all. You’re letting your circumstances make your choices for you. And as you know by now, that’s not how the Digital CEO operates. You see, our “circumstances” are mostly in our heads. They’re “time and money” excuses we make because we’re not willing to step up and play a bigger game.

Success always finds a way. Greatness always plays a way bigger game.

That’s what Digital CEOs understand. And now, so do you.

“It all sounds great, but I just don’t have the money, energy, or time right now”

Greatness and success don’t care about your circumstances.

I M PO R T A N T !

OK… If You’re Like Some People Reading This, You May Be Thinking, “I WANT To JOIN BBD, But I Cannot Afford IT.”

The fact that you’re on this page means that you KNOW you need a program like BBD to get you to the next level. And, that fact that you’re on this page also means that you’ve not yet found that program, because if you did, you wouldn’t be here now, right?

If this applies to you, what you’re about to read is the most important thing you’ll ever read about growing your business.

If you want to join BBD, and you think you cannot afford it then you’re in the place I call Desirability VS Feasibility. Meaning, you desire to become a member of BBD and you desire to become a successful Digital CEO, but you don’t think it’s financially feasible for you, and what you do next will determine what ultimately happens in your business.

Consider this, the fact that you think it’s not feasible is because you’re still working from your old “Employee Mindset” (ya know, the one that has been keeping you trapped) and notice that’s sabotaging you and you didn’t even know that until I just pointed it out.

You have to ask yourself this one vital question that will determine whether your business succeeds or fails. This one question is this,

“Am I going to be 100% responsible for the success of my business, or am I not?”

According to Merriam Webster, the definition of responsibility is: causing something to happen.

So, what that means to you is that whatever happens in your business you have caused and what does not happen in your business you have also caused.

We know that you’re not where you want to be today, and you now recognize that you’ve caused that. And, if you really want to be a successful Digital CEO, you now know that it’s going to be you who causes it.


If you’re going to truly be 100% responsible for your business, the question is no longer can I afford it, it’s now, “HOW do I be 100% responsible and MAKE this happen?”

If you’re going to stop here and do nothing different, do you know what that means? It means you won’t stretch yourself out of your comfort zone, it means you’re driven by fear, it means you’re not cut out to run your own business and become a Digital CEO, and it means you’re going to remain an employee and struggling in your business.

So, let’s go back to what I said was the most important question you could ask yourself.

Are you going to be 100% responsible for the success of your business?

If you are, then get enrolled in BBD and if you’re not, you can click off now.


“BBD was everything that we were missing ten years before. BBD was that community and that resource of other people who understood where we were, and were not going to allow us to be a victim of our circumstances.

And of the first time I stopped reinventing the wheel. And I began to plug into systems that worked.

And it's really cool that we actually have a story that we've gone from absolutely nothing and zero, to now approaching a 500 thousand dollar income.”

Tulin Emre

Health & Fitness Coach


But CHOOSE Quickly!

Because this registration period won’t be open forever…

Membership in Business By Design is only open until June 25th, that's less than 96 hours from now! After that it’ll be quite some time until you have a chance to join again.

You CAN do it. With the right mindset, with the right tools, and with the right support, you can transform your life and the lives of others in the world. And my whole team and I will be there to help.

So don’t waste another year dreaming about what could be.

You’ll miss out on the chance to transform yourself, your business and your life.

J o i n u s n o w & m a k e y o u r d r e a m s a r e a l i t y .

6 monthly payments of $577

Enroll in Business By Design Today


Still got questions before enrolling? We got you covered!

Speak to a Bonafide BBD Alumni live over the phone right now!
SIMPLY CALL: (888) 508-6107

Click Here to Join Business By Design


bbd plus:

Work 1-on-1 w/a
Business Coach

(50 25 Spots Available)

easy payment plan


The 6 Core Training Modules ($4,997 Value)

12 Step-by-Step Launch Execution Playbooks (for Every Type of Launch) ($2,997 Value)

+20 ESSENTIAL Processes Every Online Business Needs ($1,997 Value)

The Quick-Start Bonus Bundle ($997 Value)

The Rapid Growth Bonus Bundle ($1,997 Value)

Access to Our Team of 8 Kick-Butt Coaches

Private Facebook Community (Priceless)

6 Interactive LIVE Group Coaching Calls

($2,982 Value)

1 Ticket to BBD Live: 3-Day Members' Only Live Event ($997 Value)

6 Weeks of 1-to-1 Coaching w/your BBD Business Coach

Access to the BBD PLUS VIP Facebook Group

+2 Additional BBD Plus Group Coaching Calls w/ James

Still got questions before enrolling? We got you covered!

Speak to a Bonafide BBD Alumni live over the phone right now!

Access to both the Private BBD AND The Exclusive BBD PLUS Facebook Communities

6 monthly installments of

25 Spots Available ONE Payment of






Your Most Popular Questions, Answered:

Below is a list of the most common questions I’ve been asked. If for some odd reason you don’t see your question, just reach out to our LIVE Support Team (bottom right-hand corner of this page) or email the head of my Support Team, Alysha ([email protected]) so we can assist you. Cool?

Have a pressing question you need answered before enrolling in Business By Design?

What makes the Members of BBD and all the Testimonials I've Seen So Successful?

Business By Design was specifically crafted with the Course Creator, Coach, and Online Influencer in mind. What makes THIS program different than any course you've ever taken can be broken out into three distinct reasons:

#1. MINDSET - Beginning with an OBSESSION with why some succeed and others fail, I set out to create a program that will help you cause a BREAKTHROUGH in results for your business. I don’t just tell you what to do, you get an experience of producing real results for yourself.

#2. A FOCUS ON THE 5% - Inside Business By Design, we talk at a high level. I talk to you as the CEO of your business... not the technician. I’ll force you to cut out overwhelm by focusing on the 5% of activities that generate 95% of the results in your business.

#3. A CUSTOMIZABLE PLAN - Your business is different. YOU are different. Business By Design shows you how to craft the right plan for your business based on the VISION you’ve created for yourself. Then, you get the EXACT steps necessary to execute your customized plan.


If I am just getting started, and I don't have a business yet, is this still a good fit for me?

Business By Design was created for those who have an expertise that you can package. If you’ve got an idea, we can turn it into a scaleable online business. The beautiful thing about this program is that it works for new entrepreneurs and seasoned entrepreneurs, due to the nature of the 3 Phases, which you’ll cycle through over and over again. So yes, if you’re new to business, this is 100% for you.


I don't have a big list or following, will this course still help me?

A tiny list isn’t a problem. In fact, you can grow your list as you launch. You don’t need a list of thousands to get started. If you check out the testimonials on this page, you’ll see that our BBD members had 5-figure and 6-figure launches with quote-unquote tiny lists.

I’ll show you exactly how to expand your reach. You’ll see how I was able to build an email list of over 175,000 email subscribers without big joint venture partners or affiliates.


I don't have anything to sell, am I ready for this course yet?

YES. Abso-freakin’-lutely. In fact, one of the biggest breakthroughs you’ll experience as a member of BBD is how quickly & effectively you’ll craft and sell your course, program, digital product, or membership.


This sounds overwhelming, how much time will this course take to implement?

If this course sounds like a beast, it might just be because you feel overwhelmed in your business. And you’re trying to imagine how you’ll add this program to your existing “to-do” list.

Business By Design is the ANTIDOTE to overwhelm. It’s a system designed to give you focus and clarity on your VISION. It will help you align your actions so you can see the BIG PICTURE of where you are headed.

Also, you have LIFETIME ACCESS to Business By Design. It is not the type of program you rush to complete. Inside the program, I help you identify which phase you are in… and based on that we’ll identify the necessary actions you need to take to “graduate” to the next phase.

That does not require completing the entire course.

So, if you can commit just a few hours a week to the training, you can begin to see a whole new level of growth and progress in your business immediately.


I don't have a team. Will this be too much work for just me?

As you'll quickly learn, I highly recommend attracting the right people to support you as you realize the VISION for your business. However, many of my students do get results while "flying solo."

Approaching your business without a team won't be too much work, it will simply mean you will move at a different pace. So, with that being said, I empower my students to find virtual assistants and team members quickly, easily... and for a FRACTION of the price you'd expect to pay!


I struggle with confidence and putting myself out there before it's "perfect," will this help?

You and me both. If you have a message and a desire to help others, YES! I can help you break through any fear or worry about perfectionism, rejection, or criticism.


I'm overwhelmed with the technology involved with an online business! Do I need to be tech-savvy in order to make this work?

No. It’s never been easier (and cheaper) to build an online presence than RIGHT NOW. And whether you do it all alone or hire others to help, your job is not to be a programmer or IT specialist.

So no matter how hard or confusing you may think it is right now, the “techy” stuff doesn’t have to limit you or keep you stuck any longer.


What can I expect once I enroll in Business By Design?

Upon completing your enrollment, you will receive an email immediately with your login details.

Upon your first login, you will get INSTANT LIFETIME ACCESS to the course, bonuses, and the Members-Only Facebook Group.

Business By Design is a digital video training portal. When you join, your purchase includes INSTANT access with lifetime updates to all of the material.


What is the guarantee / refund policy for Business By Design?

We offer a 365 Day Conditional Guarantee. We do not offer refunds.

All I require is that you've COMPLETED the course, attended the coaching calls (or watched the replays) AND submitted a Debrief from any of the strategies taught in the program. This is my commitment to you.

I want there to be NO RISK whatsoever when you decide to enroll and join the Community! Please see our Terms & Conditions for details.


Can my team go through this program with me?

Yes! And I encourage it! I understand the power of working as a team and would love to see you and your team work collectively to create your Business By Design.


Is there any support available if I have questions or get stuck?

As a Member of Business By Design, I want you to know "I've got your back!" You have FOUR unique ways to get the support and feedback you need!

#1. The Private (Members-Only) Facebook Group

This is your community. This is your chance to ask questions and get feedback about your marketing.

#2. Your LIVE Group Coaching Calls

As a new Member, you'll also receive LIVE group Coaching Calls with me and the other Members. Any questions or clarifications you need can be directed to me LIVE on our calls!

#3. My Support Team

Any "technical" issues about your membership (login, billing, etc.) can be addressed immediately by Alysha and our Support Team at any time!


Alysha ([email protected])


Still got questions before enrolling? We got you covered!

Speak to a Bonafide BBD Alumni live over the phone right now!

For technical issues, please contact

6 monthly payments of $577

Enroll in Business By Design Today


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