Secrets of Closing the Sale Masterclass by Kevin Harrington Zig Ziglar

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Secrets of Closing the Sale Masterclass by Kevin Harrington Zig Ziglar Download

Secrets of Closing the Sale Masterclass by Kevin Harrington Zig Ziglar Download

Secrets of Closing the Sale Masterclass by Kevin Harrington Zig Ziglar Torrent

Secrets of Closing the Sale Masterclass by Kevin Harrington Zig Ziglar Torrent

Secrets of Closing the Sale Masterclass by Kevin Harrington Zig Ziglar Free

Secrets of Closing the Sale Masterclass by Kevin Harrington Zig Ziglar Free

By enrolling today, you get full access to the Secrets of Closing the Sale Masterclass with Kevin Harrington, original “shark” from Shark Tank, inventor of the infomercial, and generator of over $5 billion in sales.

Kevin guides you through state-of-the-art video training with the master of sales Zig Ziglar, featuring recently rediscovered video training seen by only a handful of people until now.

Here are just some of the many things you'll have to look forward to inside:

7 Vaults packed with over 40 Hi-Def Professional Recorded Video Sessions which cover shifting your mindset, building confidence, presenting your offer, prospecting, dealing with price objections, asking powerful questions, scarcity, destroying objections of all sorts, cultivating endless referrals, getting in front of the right people, building a team you can trust to grow, and much more!
Secrets Guidebook in PDF Format and Hard-Copy mailed to your door. Take a step-by-step tour through each secret with engaging prompts, thought-starters, and practical action guides to immediately increase your sales!
More than 40 Powerful Closes explained by the masters that you can use to multiply your sales success.
The Sales Secrets Blueprint in PDF Format to help you see at a glance how the Core Secret and the Sales Vaults come together to prepare you for over-the-top success.
State-of-the-art Learning Environment that you can access 24/7 when it fits your schedule.
Support and Accountability from the Secrets Sales Team who keep you on track and stand by to answer your questions on an ongoing basis—plus more perks (see bonuses).

BONUS #1 - Your Personal Brand ($277)
Learn the secret Kevin used to build brands like Tony Little, Jack LaLanne, Billy Mays... and then his own brand… And secret of how Kevin became an original member of Shark Tank...

and the difference between the best deals that were made and the ones that were not so good

Plus… how to build an undeniable personal brand without even leaving your home!

BONUS #2 - Top Performance Formula ($349)

Zig's son Tom walks you through…

The performance formula (A x E x S = P) for becoming the "top 5%" in sales, sales management or any job for that matter
The real secret behind this famous saying by Zig “Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly until you can learn to do it well”
The game plan that allows you to reach more people on a regular basis

BONUS #3 - Building the Best You ($349)

This new online learning experience from Ziglar will help you overcome fear, build your self-confidence, and be the winner you were born to be. And that will keep your prospect pipeline full and dramatically increase your sales results right away.

BONUS #4 - Becoming a Key Influencer ($642)

Discover the 7 elements of influence so you can make the best deals and become the top name in your industry.

Kevin walks you through the ins and outs of his proprietary "influencer formula" pitch, publish, product-ize, profile, partnerships, plan and people.

BONUS #5 - The Perfect Pitch ($488)

From all of the 1000s of pitches Kevin has heard, here's the winning formula to raising capital to fund your ideas and dreams:

The tease
The please
The Demo
"Wait, there's more"
Social Proof
Competitive advantage
Magic Transformation
The Money Ask
Marketing & Sales Plan
Get the Money

BONUS #6 - Sandler Sales, No Guts, No Gain! ($197)

A brand-new course from Sandler Sales Training... No Pressure Prospecting—a stress-free strategy for new business development.

Create a successful prospecting strategy that fills your pipeline with people who really want what you have to offer.

BONUS #7 - 100X Growth ($255)

Three part video and worksheet series led by Kevin Harrington including...

The Core Secret: a simple exercise to take the number of people you're helping now and times it by 100 and the secret to serving those 100x more without working any harder
The Multiplier: The exact way to ask the right questions to lead to more sales and more value to the world
The Blueprint: proven approach to given you the greatest confidence to interact with people in a way that provides the most value and creates recurring revenue

BONUS #8 - Professional Closing Techniques ($397)

In this amazing video training by Zig you'll discover specific closes to use such as...

The “Price vs. Cost” Close
The “Disclosure” Close
The bicycle close
The “alternate choice” close
The "TUIT" close
The Puppy Dog close
Also, how to sell more without selling at all!
Why It’s better If you know 1 or 2 or 3 good closes and to use them professionally, than to use 50 and use them poorly

BONUS #9 - 25 Professional Sales Secrets from Ziglar ($237)

A few examples…

Sit “on both sides of the table”. Think as a buyer and a seller
Put the ball into the prospect’s court
Find out if you have a prospect.. Qualify
Don’t panic when the customer seems to be backing out
Tie down the details

BONUS #10 - Q & A Calls with the “Shark”—Kevin Harrington

Ask specific questions about the course and your own sales success to Kevin personally on these quarterly calls. People routinely pay thousands for a few minutes of his time, but he makes himself available on these calls exclusively to Secrets members.


If you complete at least the first two vaults in the guidebooks and support materials and don’t think we’ve delivered on our promise, simply ask for a refund within 30 days. Contact our support‚ [email protected]—and we’ll give you an address to return all the Masterclass materials.

We will then promptly and quietly return every penny of your investment today. We want to empower you to be, do, and have more so you can be the next great sales success story and make many times more than you invest today.

What people are saying...
My Company Skyrocketed with These Secrets

I used these Secrets to start my own company, and thanks to the principles Zig taught in Secrets of Closing the Sale, it felt like I was in autopilot mode. I could hear Zig talking in my mind, not only about closing, but how to approach it... my company grew exponentially!

Doug Firebaugh, Burmingham, MI

Zig made me believe I could build something great!

I was very nervous when talking to people and had no confidence in myself. Secrets of Closing the Sale changed my mindset completely. Zig made be believe that I can truly build something great in myself and my life.

Katie Sualog,

Austin, TX

Increased My Sales by 400%!

When I found the Secrets, it was a breakthrough for me. Being able to close with integrity—without pushing the customer into an uncomfortable position—is golden. It’s increased my sales by 400%!
Don Martinez, La Miranda, CA

The Secrets Got Me Promoted

I started using the Secrets closes and within the first month, I was promoted and became one of the top two salespeople in the organization at the age of twenty-two.

Barry Barrett, Lexington, KY

Multi-Million Dollar Success

Thanks to the Secrets, I'm doing corporate sales with multi-million dollars a year using the closes, techniques, and mindset that Zig and Kevin have perfected.
Chris Wallace, Rogers, AR

Defeat the Enemy between Your Ears!

After I learned the Secrets I realized it is my responsibility to believe in my message enough to be willing to get over myself and get out there and sell it.

Matt Rush, Levelland, TX

Michael Hyatt

CEO, Michael Hyatt & Co, Best-Selling Author

The thing that made Zig so persuasive and such a great salesman is that it just wasn’t about business for him. He was committed to his wife, his family, his health, and all these spheres of life. I learned that when we give attention to all these areas of our life it makes us more compelling.

Dave Ramsey

Businessman, Best-selling Author, Financial Broadcaster, Television Personality, and Motivational Speaker

I've got to tell you, the information that Zig put out, including Secrets of Closing the Sale, gave us the confidence that we could sit down with a customer and serve them. We could help them. We learned that if we could help enough people get what they want, we'll always have what we want. If you're considering looking at this for the first time... well, if you don't your life will be lesser for it!

Ryan Levesque

Inc. 500 CEO, Best-Selling Author and Creator of the ASK Method

Zig and Kevin teach the specific questions you want to ask to close the sale—there’s an entire secret about this! What impressed me most is Kevin's commitment to always adding value —and in personally helping me with what I needed.