The Local SEO Blueprint by Chris Beatty

The Local SEO Blueprint by Chris Beatty

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This Special Launch Offer Ends In:
ATTENTION: Marketing Professionals Who Need To Produce RESULTS..
Exactly How To Generate 1085 Live Phone Calls For Local Businesses And Get Paid Every Time!
Without paying a single dime on advertising!

Chris Beatty
Founder, Beatty Digital LLC
Dear Marketing Professional,

My name is Chris Beatty and I’ve had the ups and downs in my business like most of you.

I also built a six figure lead generation business in 5 short months and LOVE teaching others how to build theirs.

If you want a simple way to not only land new clients, but get them AMAZING results… you’re in the right place.

It doesn’t matter what your level of experience is, there’s something you can learn today on this page!
I’ve discovered a very simple formula for producing results like these WITHOUT paying for ads!

This is a screenshot from my call tracking platform. I track each PHONE CALL I generate for a client so I can make sure they KNOW WITHOUT QUESTION that I am producing results for them.

You can see above a total of 422 phone calls.

And remember, these results came in ORGANICALLY!

That’s right, I built simple little “lead generation assets” that pump out phone calls every month.

There are several ways to monetize these phone calls which I will cover here shortly.

So for those who know how to produce similar results, there’s a HUGE opportunity for YOU to build your business quickly.

Don’t worry if you’re thinking “well, I don’t know how” because I’m about to spill the beans.

Here’s the thing you need to know FIRST!
Businesses need FRESH HOT LEADS coming in just to survive!
It’s true. A local business that doesn’t have new leads coming into their business is just a short time away from shutting their doors.

Think about it like this…

A business that has fresh leads can
Create more high value sales opportunities
Grow their customer base AND profits.
Spend more money on advertising (hopefully with you)
Repeat this cycle over and over and over again!
This is the dream scenario for a local business owner.

The problem is they have no idea how to produce leads without paying ridiculous amounts of money on marketing… that typically doesn’t even work that great.


If they had someone (YOU) who could consistently generate new leads for them, all the other pieces fall into place.

And they’ll pay you HUGE sums of $$$ to do it for them!

The truth is….

There are MANY different ways you can generate consistent leads for a local business.
You know….

Old school stuff like doing direct mail campaigns.

Even having “appointment setters” calling to generate warm leads works.

You can run PPC Ads on ad networks like Google AdWords.

Heck, even Facebook advertising works really well for generating leads.

That said, there’s one thing all of those methods have in common.

They cost you or your client money every single day just to make them work.

I prefer to go about things a little different.

My “go to” method for generating leads is good ol’ fashion SEO or Search Engine Optimization for those who are not up to speed on marketing acronyms.

Specifically LOCAL SEO. (There is a different set of rules)

Some people cringe when they think about doing SEO because they’re not “technically savvy” or maybe they’ve been hit with one of the many “Animal Penalties” over the years.

But here’s the thing….

If you do your LOCAL SEO the right way, you don’t have to worry about any of that stuff.

Out of all the marketing I’ve ever done “online” SEO has returned the biggest ROI because once it’s set up, you don’t have to do anything else.

And if you monetize it properly, you’ll have an ROI machine that spits out cash every day.

Here are all the ways you can MONETIZE Local SEO.
You can sell leads on a “Pay Per Call” agreement where you own and control the website.
You can use your skills to rank your local clients website and get paid a monthly retainer.
You can set up equity deals where you get a cut of all the sales generated through the leads you produce.
You can do affiliate marketing through CPA networks where companies like Home Advisor will BUY YOUR LEADS and resell them to their client base.
You can even do a “website rental” model. You own the website and lease it to a business for a flat monthly fee. (My Favorite)
Using any of the monetization methods I outlined above you can absolutely rank and bank.

Now… let me show you how you can produce results just like these:

That is another 663 Live Phone Calls I’ve generated using local SEO on my own lead generation websites.

That’s 1085 Phone Calls total that I’ve shown you today.

Knowing exactly how to rank websites in local search results, you can practically guarantee that you will get results for yourself and your clients.

Remember, I built my business in the very beginning by getting really good at generating phone calls for local businesses.

It makes for a REALLY EASY CONVERSATION when you are trying to get paid.

I want YOU to have more of those conversations so you can grow your business.

Because of that, I want to introduce you to….

The Local SEO Blueprint 2016 will show you EXACTLY how I’m ranking lead generation sites and generating phone calls consistently.

and more importantly…

How YOU CAN DO the same thing in your business.

My special approach to SEO is specific for ranking in local organic search engine results.

I have some clients paying directly for leads.

I have some equity deals where I’m sharing in the profits.

And I have some clients that are paying me a flat monthly fee as a “lease.”

That’s the best part about this Blueprint…

You’ll soon know exactly how to rank a website in the local search results and you have the flexibility to monetize it however your heart desires.

I know SEO has been around for years and has lost its “sexy factor” because new kids on the block have moved in… (reputation, ppc, social etc…)

But, when you have a proven blueprint to follow, it will feel a lot different.

So For A Limited Time…. I’ve decided to “Make SEO Great Again” and give you EVERYTHING!
Here’s what you’ll get access to when you make a small investment in the Local SEO Blueprint today!
The Local SEO Blueprint Includes:
Part 1 – Local SEO Strategy Overview
$49 Value
We’ll discuss where SEO is right now in 2016 and where it’s headed moving forward.

This will prepare you to consume the content in this program the right way.

A HUGE mindset shift will take place for you on how to approach Local SEO moving forward.

Part 2 – Keyword Selection For Local
$99 Value
Knowing which keywords to target is critical for being able to actually RANK for keywords that will produce phone calls.

I’ll show you my sneaky method for finding the right keywords even if the Google Keyword Planner tells you theirs no traffic.

This works in cities of all sizes!

Part 3 – Lead Site Build Out
$99 Value
I’ll show you over the shoulder exactly how to build a LEAD GENERATION website that works well for local.

There are specific rules you must follow to ensure the highest conversion rate possible of visitors to actual phone calls.

If you’ve struggled to convert visitors to leads, you’ll love this part of the program.

Part 4 – On Site Optimization 2016
$199 Value
There is a very specific way you need to structure the your website to make sure you rank in 2016.

We’ll talk about the specific SILO I’m using to get results every time.

You’ll learn about keyword placement to make sure the search engines know exactly what your site is about.

I’ll show you my content strategy to ensure your lead sites NEVER get penalized.

I’m also showing my secret on page weapon for boosting my rankings. This is something other “SEO teachers” have been telling you to ignore.

I’ll also show you how to rank at position ZERO by using “Featured Snippets” and show you exactly how to set that up.

You’re getting a list of every free “plugin” you can use to make all of this as easy as possible.

Part 5 – Local Link Building For Results!
$149 Value
Here you’ll learn exactly how to build links to rank for local (there are different rules for local) and I’m revealing it all to you.

I’ll tell you how use PENGUIN 4.0 as an unfair advantage over your competitors.

You’re going to get my EXACT SOURCES for link building so you don’t have to waste your precious time building links yourself.

The link building is so specific, you will have absolutely ZERO chance of screwing it up.

Part 6 – Local SEO Monetization!
$99 Value
Here we’ll go through the monetization methods for local SEO in more detail.

You’ll learn all about cashing in with:

Pay Per Call

SEO As A Service

Equity Partnerships

Website Rentals

After going through this part of the training, you will have decided on a business model / monetization method and will be ready to start getting clients.

Total Value: $694
This Is EVERYTHING You Need To Produce Results And Get Paid For Your Ability To Do So
Obviously you could figure out how to rank a website in local search results yourself by building out hundreds of websites and seeing what works and what doesn’t.

But why waste the only “Life Asset” you’ll never get more of…. YOUR TIME!

Time is the only thing that doesn’t replenish so I think you should use the little time you have available implementing my proven BLUEPRINT!

I’ve already done the hard work for you building HUNDREDS of lead generation websites, testing different website structures, different lead generation templates, different backlink sources, and different content strategies.

So you have the opportunity to cut through that huge learning curve and get straight to producing results!

But, I’m not blind to the fact that money is sometimes “an issue”

So let’s talk about that for a minute!

I could easily break each section of this program out into its own course and sell them for $99 to $199.

But I firmly believe that you should be given the ENTIRE PUZZLE in one shot.

I could even take this entire program and package it up on a webinar for $499 all day long.

But I also want those who are just starting out and may be short on funds to have the opportunity to capitalize on this Blueprint!

But I promise I’m not going to make you pay anywhere near that $499 price tag

(Not yet at least)

In fact…
You Can Learn To Generate Leads Passively For A Small One Time Investment Of..
Only $97

That being said, I want to give you something special as a BONUS!
“Money Site” Case Study

In this over the shoulder case study video, I’m going to walk you through one of my ACTUAL MONEY SITES.

This simple lead generation website has generated over 100 organic phone calls.

It’s not often you get a marketer to show you an actual website that produces revenue for them.

I reveal it all in this lead generation case study!
$199 Value
But There’s One Very Important Thing You Need To Know…
I want to make sure this system works for those who take action early. Because of that, if I feel we are reaching a point of “saturation” I reserve the right to pull the plug and remove the buy buttons at any time.

I’m all about simplicity, which includes giving you an easy decision to make.

So even with this already discounted price and the amazing bonus, I’m still willing to offer an insane guarantee just to put your little heart at ease!
100% Money Back Guarantee
My “Money Where Your Mouth Is” Guarantee

Use the Local SEO Blueprint exactly like I show you and see the RESULTS you get.

Really USE IT! Show me you followed my blueprint. Build some lead generation websites and if you don’t start getting results, I’ll happily refund every penny!

This works 100% so I know you are going to get results if you use it!

That said, remember, this is about SEO. This is not an “over night” opportunity where you build a site and it’s producing results the next day.

I’m teaching you to build long term assets so please be realistic.

I am here to HELP YOU. If you have any questions at all, email me and I’ll help you to the best of my ability!

Now That I’ve Put All The Risk On My Own Shoulders…
What Are You Waiting For?
Click The Button Below To Invest The Local SEO Blueprint

Again, this is Chris Beatty and I want to personally thank you for reading this letter today. I can’t wait to get your testimonial about all the leads you’re generating using the Local SEO Blueprint!
Until next time…Prospect and Prosper!
P.S: Look, if all you did was followed my exact blueprint and were able to generate and sell JUST ONE LEAD, you would already have a positive ROI on this program.

But you MUST do the work!

If you’ve read this far, you obviously could benefit from having a results producing blueprint.

If you decide not to purchase today, you’ll be in the exact same predicament tomorrow…looking for the next “big thing” that’s going to help you finally produce results.

Don’t do that! THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED!

Click that buy button and invest in the future of your business, today!
Get The Local SEO Blueprint For The Lowest Price Possible TODAY!

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