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Instant Growth Accelerator by Ginny & Laura

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Instant Growth Accelerator by Ginny & Laura Coupon Discount Free

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Instant Growth Accelerator by Ginny & Laura Download

Instant Growth Accelerator by Ginny & Laura Download

Instant Growth Accelerator by Ginny & Laura Mega.Nz Torrent

Instant Growth Accelerator by Ginny & Laura Mega.Nz Torrent

INSTANT GROWTH ACCELERATORCreate highly engaging Instagram Content that sets you apart from the crowd so you can…
ENROL NOWGet explosive reach, views and growth

TMBuild a community of superfans

Generate leads of high-paying clients
Become the go-to industry expert
While...Spending less time creating content
Never having to do any outreach
WITH GINNY & LAURAAs seen in...
Are you fed up with...Never knowing what to post to get reach, growth and leads

Spending hours creating content for little to no results
Seeing others going viral for content that seems... Simply less good!?!
Feeling like you can't stay consistent because it's simply too much work
Content creation and Instagram growth don’t have to be complicated nor hard and certainly don’t have to be so time-consuming!
We have good news!It’s time for you to create highly engaging content that sets you apart from the crowd and generates superfans that are ready to buy from you 😉

We’re going to turn you into a content genius capable of turning any piece of content into a growth & lead-generation machine!

But here's the thing...To turn your Instagram into a growth & lead generation machine, you can’t just jump on trends, have a hashtag strategy, a good bio or copy viral content that works for others…

If it was ‘that simple’ you’d just have to listen to a few IG gurus to have a large audience.

Instagram is all about Content Creation and Community Building. And you don’t get good at this by listening to fluffy advice and basing your strategy on hacks & trends.
You need a high end Marketing Content Strategy, based on human psychology that will…
Get you explosive views, reach and growth
Turn each follower into a highly engaged superfan that is ready to buy from you

Make you a content genius: content creation will have no more secrets for you (blaming the algorithm will be a thing of the past)

Turn you into an industry leader (you’re not following trends, you set them)
The great news is that you’re here reading this, which already places you in the top 5%

To become a content genius you need a genius strategy:

No more wasting time following hundreds of Instagram gurus hoping to find THE secret that will make you go viral. We’re going to give you a step-step plan to create high-impact content and turn your Instagram into a growth & lead-generation machine.

Introducing you to...
INSTANT GROWTH ACCELERATORTMAn online course to show you how to build & grow an engaged Community of Superfans on Instagram full of ideal clients ready to buy from you.

Without ever having to do any outreach, spend money on boosted posts, or spend hours engaging with your ideal clients.
We're going to make Content Creation a piece of cake
You’ll never break down over planning and creating, you’ll create content (much) faster, knowing full well it will give you RESULTS.

NO MORE FLUFF. We will save you dozen of hours of work so you can finally be consistent and get some time back to focus on other areas of your business or just CHILL and spend time with friends and family for once 😉

Char grew an audience of over 100K engaged followers
"I get to do exactly what I love everyday and get paid for it"
"Do it, it can change your life"
"I am forever grateful!!! This experience has changed my life"
Camila gained 115K engaged followers
Mandy gained over 70K followers
The step-by-step plan to creating highly engaging content that will turn your Instagram into a growth & lead generation machine
Our 3-step strategy to narrow down your niche and pick a profitable one
What you'll get inside IGAOur highly engaging Pick N’ Mix Content Strategy to attract the right people (no more spammers and competitors)
Our Content Planning secret to create 1 month of content in just 2 days!

Our Carousels, Single Posts and Reels plug & play formulas for high views and engagement (you’ll get examples and ideas for every niche)

Get on the explore page and be seen with our irresistible Hook formula (and craft enough content ideas for an entire year in just 1 hour)

Our branding strategy to stand out and become the go-to person in your niche
Design Carousels that stand out, we’ll show you our best easy copywriting tricks

Edit Reels like a pro with our easy-to-follow tutorial - that’s how you get views
Double your story views with our highly engaging Story strategy

Get all the quick and easy growth hacks ever tested that actually WORK

Know how to adjust your content and analyse your results for constant growth

Who the hell are we to teach you this?!WE'RE LAURA
Get all the quick and easy growth hacks ever tested that actually WORK

We’re two business besties who decided to build a business together during the lockdown, before even meeting each other in real life!

In 2020, we both opened Instagram accounts focusing on community building and the results were mind-blowing! Within just a few months we could quit our job and build a business that has now generated over 1 million dollar.
We've used content creation to build a 7-figure business
Together we accumulate 15+ years of experience in Marketing and Social Media (working for international brands and agile start-ups, learning from la crème de la crème)

Ginny has a Bachelor Degree in Psychology + a Master's Degree in Marketing & Laura has an MBA (Business)

We’ve helped over 4,500 people like you be seen and build a community of fans online (anywhere from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands of followers)

We’ve grown 2 different Instagram accounts from 0 to 100K followers, and a brand account to 35K followers (on top of 65K followers on Tiktok, 5K subscribers on Youtube, 18K followers on LinkedIn) - we know how to grow an engaging audience

We’ve made 1 million dollar using Instagram as our main lead generation

We’ve been featured in international press
I'm Ginny!
I’m French and live in England with my British husband and two cats 😉 Here’s how I ended up here...

I grew up with an alcoholic and emotionally abusive stepdad… Who had a good job. And when I would ask my mom “why don’t we leave”? She would answer “do you like being able to do horse riding? So we gotta stay”. But horse riding had become a coping mechanism, a way to escape my home and situation.

As a teenager I knew one thing: I’d never depend on someone else to live my life and pay my bills.
I got a loan and studied what I thought would bring me the most money: Marketing & business.

Got a good job.. but hated it. So I quit, and I kept quitting my jobs… until I realised the issue was not the job, but the environment. I hated working in corporate and feeling stuck. Feeling like life was happening behind these 4 walls. I felt in jail.

So in 2020 I opened an Instagram account and started sharing the things I knew about Marketing & Instagram in the hope I’d get a freelancing gig. Grew a community, started to get daily enquiries for an offer I didn’t even have yet… and eventually signed clients and was able to quit my job 5 months after starting my Instagram account.

The rest you know it, I let Laura, we opened a new business and turned it into a 7 figure business.

I’m here to show you that if you feel stuck if you hate your situation: things can change. Having my own business felt like a wild dream, but it’s actually not that crazy 😉

I'm Laura!
Belgian girl, based in Brussels with my English boyfriend and adorable pup, but most of the year you can find us traveling around the world. Let’s say I’m living childhood Laura’s vision board: “Working like a boss while traveling the world”. The only difference is this one: I have far more freedom than I ever thought I’d have.

You see, I grew up in a very privileged but also toxic circle: “Get good grades, be nice all the time, get an MBA, climb the corporate ladder, work your ass off, and act as if all is perfect”.
Even when my mom got sick for the first time when I was 14, I didn’t learn the lesson that life is about more. I was still dreaming about that “perfect life” and started working hard to chase that vision board filled with materialistic and corporate dreams.

All was going to plan… I had the “perfect job” as a Brand Manager for a global brand, drove a nice car, bought some designer bags and bought a house.

Then 2020 happened... The lockdown forced me into furlough. I was devastated because my entire identity was linked to my corporate job. To keep myself busy, I started sharing my marketing knowledge on Instagram instead. I got inspired by the online coaching world and decided to help a few female entrepreneurs grow their audience and build personal brands.

That’s when I realized success isn’t about the perfect corporate job or what society thinks. It’s about freedom. The freedom to make your own choices, get out of the rat race and do something meaningful - like helping YOU achieve your goals.

And that’s the most important thing really… because okay, I grew a big audience, made a lot of money, can afford nice travels, and even bought some more luxury items along the way, but what truly matters is being able to have a genuine impact and live freely.
Let’s make this happen for you, shall we?

Then 2020 happened... The lockdown forced me into furlough. I was devastated because my entire identity was linked to my corporate job. To keep myself busy, I started sharing my marketing knowledge on Instagram instead. I got inspired by the online coaching world and decided to help a few female entrepreneurs grow their audience and build personal brands.
What's included in Instant Growth Accelerator?Weekly videos with proven strategies:
Everything you need to implement:

Once you join Instant Growth Accelerator™ you’ll get lifetime access to all course content including the following (modules released week by week):

Plug & Play formulas:
Personalised examples: Exclusive community:
VALUED AT $1,000
VALUED AT $2,000
VALUED AT $1,000
Our entire processes, systems and formulas to grow an engaged community and save dozen of hours of work - explained to you in a clear and comprehensive way

You don't even need to take notes, we've summed up all the learnings in easy take aways for each lesson
To Do lists to know what you have to do in order to see progress and results (yes we will give you homework ;))
Follow the unique "playbooks" with done-for-you templates, hands-on tactics & deep customer psychology insights to save tons of time when picking a niche & creating content

As soon as you join the program we will ask you for your niche and add concrete personalised examples on our Mastersheet. Premium access to our community to network, get feedback and ask questions to other fellow students

By the end of IGA you'll have
Decided on a niche that you know will be profitable

Have crafted a personal brand that sets your apart and feels like ‘you’

Have enough content ideas for an entire year

Know how to plan and create 1 month of content in just 2 days

Have created highly engaging Carousels, Single posts and Reels that make you the go-to expert in your industry

Know all the Instagram growth hacks secrets to go viral, and grow 10x faster

Be on your way to building a highly engaged community of fans: you’re not just growing, you’ve become THE go-to person in your niche, people will rave about you and want to work with you (that’s when the DM’s will flood with inquiries)
You don’t need to have your niche figured out, we will help you with that

You don’t need to be an expert at Instagram or Marketing (that’s what IGA will turn you into)

You don’t need to spend any dollars on boosted posts or paid ads to be seen

You don’t need to engage for hours with ideal clients (not sure about you, but it feels so icky to us…)

You don’t need to do any other outreach methods (only people who have no clue how to use Marketing do that..)

You don’t need to be a “know-it-all”: documenting your learnings is a great way to grow (that’s how we started too!)
You just need a step-by-step plan and content strategy to take you from lost, confused and overwhelmed to a content genius capable of turning any piece of content into something that will be seen and generate growth & leads.
We’re not here to teach you Instagram 101 or random hacks to grow your account that you can easily Google.
We’re here to teach you high-end strategies used by Content Marketing experts to turn any piece of content into a growth and lead-generation machine
WEEK 1 - Niche, Message & Ideal Client
During the 1st week you'll set up the foundations. This is crucial step, without this you cannot have a successful Instagram.
You'll learn:
How to find your niche and make sure it's a profitable one
Defining your ideal client
Market Research for success
Defining your message
Setting up your Instagram profile for success
This week includes:
40 minutes of video training
Tasks & workbook to complete

The Schedule
Once you join IGA™ you’ll get all the following on top of the entire course curriculum:

Inside IGA we will give you a strategy to come up with highly engaging Hook in seconds! But... if you ever get stuck, you'll get these super powerful Hook ideas to blow up your engagement 😉
In a rush or not sure what to post that day? No worries, we got you! Our story ideas will save when you're in lack of inspiration...
Your Call To Actions hold a lot of power, that's why we will give you 100 different ways to truly engage that audience so you can see real results!
No time? No inspiration? We got you 😉 We put together 50 Canva templates ready to go so you don't have to design anything!
If you like Ginny's design, you'll like this bonus lesson 😉 This is how she creates all her first slide! We will show you how to use this software to create outstanding design!We're going to share with you our best systems and processes to stay organised and save time!
Get results or get your money back!So really it's a zero risk guarantee.

You either...

Invest in IGA, implement the work and see results.


You invest in IGA, implement the work, don't see results, and we give you your money back.
You read that right...

If you implement everything we teach you inside IGA and after 6 months you don't have a content strategy that gives you results, we will offer you a full refund!*

Zero risk Guarantee*Terms & Conditions applies, click here
You want to sell a physical product , your music, or art.

You’re expecting overnight results without doing the work: inside IGA we make things as easy as possible to grow an audience on Instagram, and our processes will save you tons of time while creating outstanding content.

BUT it does require some work to get there, we recommend 1 hour per day.
It IS for you if...
You have a business idea or side hustle idea (service, course creation, digital products) and want to grow an audience on Instagram

You’re a full-time business owner who wants to grow a community on Instagram to generate more leads

You’re a wannabe content creator, ready to build an audience on Instagram that you will be able to monetise later on

It is NOT for you if...
Are you asking yourself these questions?WHAT IF I DON'T HAVE AN EXPERTIZE OR KNOWLEDGE?We will help you figure out your zone of genius inside the program so you can find a profitable that fits you and your goals.
We’re all knowledgeable in something. You don’t need to be an expert to start sharing on Instagram and start helping people, you just need to be one step ahead and document your journey and learnings along the way!


When you had your first breakup did you decide to never date ever again?
No because it was just not the right person. Don’t let that other product or coach ruin your chances to find the right one.

We have put a lot of love in this program and all our other courses, we spent time coming up with formulas and easy to follow recipes for you. We also invested in programs to learn how to teach to others, because it's not something that you should guess! Teaching is a whole job in itself, and we are very aware of this.

Our students have been praising our programs and how comprehensive and easy to implement they were compared to others they might have invested in. IGA™ is also based on a proven strategy that has worked for others before, so we know we can help you 🙂
WHAT IF I DON'T HAVE TIME?Well that’s exactly why you need to do it. So you can get your time back! Believe us, you’ll never feel that it’s the right time or that you have ‘more time’. You just need to go for it. If you are willing to exchange the time it takes to watch two episodes of your favorite TV show every week and really study this online course and implement what you’ve learned - we can guarantee that you will be able to save dozen of hours of work while getting better results. So a lack of time won’t ever be an issue again!

HOW DO I KNOW IT WILL WORK FOR ME?If you’ve read the section on "Who is Instant Growth Accelerator™ for" and you recognized yourself in it as well as dedicate time to study and implement what we are teaching you weekly - then it will work for you, we have absolutely no doubts.

I HAVE ZERO FOLLOWERS, WILL IT WORK FOR ME?Of course! Instant Growth Accelerator™ is here to help you build a highly engaged audience on Instagram. And that's whether you are starting from scratch, or have been creating content for a little while without seeing results.
We're here to give you the exact steps you need to create content that will stand out and bring you more growth but most importantly more FANS.
DOES THIS WORK WITH THE LATEST INSTAGRAM ALGORITHM?Inside IGA™ we are teaching you everything you need to know to build a highly engaged community and this means understanding Marketing and human psychology. We're not here to tell you to jump on trends and use the latest hacks to grow, because this will only help you for a few weeks and is certainly not a sustainable approach (they are hacks, not strategy).

We're going to show you how to build a long lasting strategy that won't require you to stay up to date with the latest trends and algorithm updates. That being said, we will of course help you understand how the algorithm work and put things more in your favour. But the foundations will be on Marketing, content creation and branding.
WHAT IF I WANT TO GROW ON TIKTOK OR YOUTUBE?Instagram is still the most comprehensive platform to build a highly engaged community, especially when it comes to building a business. It covers various content formats and ways to build and keep engaged your community such as Stories, DMs etc.

But we will help you get better at content creation and Social Media Marketing overall, so you can also learn from this to create content on other platforms like TikTok, LinkedIn or Youtube!

Nope 😉 If you have, we will help you make sure it's niche enough and it's a profitable one. And if you don't we have special formula to help you find out and pick one that is going to help you grow further, faster!

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