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Impacting Leaders by Michael Neill Download

Impacting Leaders by Michael Neill Download

Impacting Leaders by Michael Neill Torrent

Impacting Leaders by Michael Neill Torrent

Impacting Leaders by Michael Neill Free

Impacting Leaders by Michael Neill Free

To coaches who are ready to create a bigger impact NOW...
Discover How You Can Become the Secret Weapon to Success for CEOs, Leaders & the World’s Highest Achievers
Internationally renowned transformative coach Michael Neill, who has coached CEOs, celebrities, royalty and other high-achieving individuals for over 25 years, invites you to discover his secrets to confidently coaching high-impact individuals to reach their next level, no matter how successful, famous, or wealthy they are.

Here’s a fact which could land you some high-paying clients.

Forbes has published a study by Stanford University and an executive coaching firm revealing that almost 66% of chief executives do not have a coach…

And every one of those executives wishes they had one.

Another article published by Harvard Business Review reported that two in five new chief executives fail within the first 18 months of the job due to insurmountable pressures they face.

It’s strikingly clear.

There is a HUGE demand and need for transformative coaching to serve leaders and self-leaders passionate to impact the world and build their legacy.

This is not just limited to CEOs and C-level executives. Entrepreneurs, community leaders, celebrities, artists, athletes and other high-performing individuals also recognize the need of coaches to boost their performance and growth.

And if you’re here, the opportunity for you to become the coach who serves these high-impact individuals is ripe for the picking.

You might be wondering, where do I begin?

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First, Let’s Investigate What CEOs, Leaders, And Other High-achieving Individuals Really Want From
A Coach

Perhaps you feel you’re not qualified to coach leaders, influencers, and high-impact individuals. You could be thinking:

How do I coach someone who’s probably more successful than me?
I don’t have the right executive coaching certifications… which qualification is even recognized or trustworthy?
Don’t I need corporate or relevant industry experience to coach C-level execs?
Do I have the right coaching skills and techniques for high-achievers?
What if I’m just not good enough or they think I’m a fraud?

It’s completely natural to have these fears and doubts. After all, we understand it can be very intimidating to serve high-impact, high-achieving individuals. It’s an entirely new level of gameplay.

But rest assured... You don’t have to worry about certifications, qualifications, industry experience, or magical techniques.

Because there is only one specific quality CEOs, leaders, and other high-achieving individuals actually want from you as a coach,
and that is...
The ‘X-Factor’ of Human Transformation

To understand the ‘X-Factor’ in a simple manner, let’s imagine there are two singers: Jane and Sarah.

Jane is highly qualified. She graduated from an elite music college. She can execute numerous singing techniques in various styles.

Sarah does not have these qualifications or formal training in singing techniques. Her passion for music, however, was her escape from a rough childhood. Singing is a self-expression that brings her heart unbridled joy.

When Jane gets on stage to sing, she is flawless. Nobody can fault her technique. However, her performance is so calculated and robotic; it just doesn’t connect with the audience.

When Sarah sings, she is completely immersed in the music. Not every note is perfect, but the audience is moved by her sheer expressiveness and there isn’t a dry eye in the crowd.

What Sarah has is the X-Factor.

The X-Factor is the ability to connect with a person through their craft deeply.

The same goes for the craft of coaching.

Even if you have the most elite training and qualifications in the world, even if you know every coaching technique there is to know on the planet, even if you’re the most experienced coach in your niche…

None of that matters if you cannot deeply connect with someone.

It’s this heart-to-heart, soul-to-soul connection which becomes the true catalyst of human transformation that unleashes any CEO, executive or leader to reach their deeper potential.

So how do you get this X-Factor to serve such high-impact individuals?
This Is What’s Holding You Back From Unleashing Your X-factor
As A Coach

Learning coaching techniques and increasing yourself in knowledge is important and necessary for continual growth. However, there is a hidden danger to the path of seeking knowledge few dare to speak about.

The hidden danger is mistaking coaching techniques as the ability to connect with someone.

For a coach, this mistake manifests in a race to learn as many techniques as possible to become a better coach.

If you fall into this trap, you’ll be putting aside your innate intelligence which intuitively knows how to deeply connect with someone.

Forgetting to tap into your innate intelligence will go against your artistry. Any technique can become a barrier between you and the spontaneous expression of the deeper intelligence and connection between two human beings.

Your coaching sessions can end up being robotic and calculated. There is no deep connection. And without deep connection, there is no profound transformation.

To unleash your X-Factor as a coach and develop your own signature style of coaching which doesn’t imitate anyone, you need to master the elements of transformative coaching.
The 2 Elements Of Mastering Transformative Coaching

There are two elements to transformative coaching which consistently achieve deep connection and transformation for high-impact clients:

The Science: There are no techniques here. It is simply just understanding the specific, reliable, scientific and universal principles of how human beings work.
The Art: This is developed over time, and every individual expresses it differently. While copying other coaches’ techniques is a good part of the learning process initially, relying on them forever will hold you back from waking up to your infinite creative potential as a coach.

Up till now, many believed the “art of transformative coaching” cannot be learned or trained. Many people thought it’s either an exclusive quality only some personalities have or something you develop over time if you get lucky.

Today, we will meet the Master Coach who will bust all these myths: Michael Neill.

After over 25 years of coaching CEOs, celebrities, royalties, and other high-achieving individuals, Michael has discovered a structured path to develop your art -- and unleash your “X-Factor” -- as a coach. The path begins by deeply understanding the science of what makes humans tick, which guarantees a strong foundation for the art to spout off and evolve from there.

By simply being on this journey to deeply understand the science of how human transformation works, you’ll immediately level up your confidence and ability to serve high-impact clients such as CEOs, leaders, and influencers.

Without further ado, let’s meet the Master Coach who can put you on this path, right now.
Author Profile
About Michael Neill

Michael Neill is an internationally renowned transformative coach and the best-selling author of five books including The Inside-Out Revolution and The Space Within. Michael is often described as the ‘coach’s coach,’ and commands extraordinary respect within his field.

He has spent over 25 years as a coach, adviser, friend, mentor, and creative spark plug to celebrities, CEOs, royalty, and people who want to get more out of themselves and their lives. His books have been translated into 17 languages, and his public talks, retreats, and seminars have touched and transformed lives at the United Nations and on six continents around the world.

Michael’s weekly radio show, Living from the Inside Out, has been a listener favorite on Hay House Radio for over a decade; and his TEDx talk, 'Why Aren't We Awesomer?', has been viewed by over 150,000 people around the world.

Now, Michael has put together the most powerful training based on his collective knowledge of the fundamental truths of human behavior. The transformative coaching principles taught in this course are designed especially to help coaches reach their own signature style of highest mastery to serve the influencers, leaders and legacy builders of the world.

This powerfully structured insight-based training on the universal scientific principles of human transformation is now available -- exclusively here on Evercoach -- as, “Impacting Leaders: The Art & Science of Coaching in the Modern World.”

Michael Neill is the best-selling author of five books including The Inside-Out Revolution and
The Space Within

Michael’s TEDx talk, 'Why Aren't We Awesomer?', has been viewed by over 150,000 people
around the world

What You’ll Learn
Introducing “Impacting Leaders: The Art & Science of Coaching in the
Modern World”

Here are 9 powerful breakthroughs you’ll experience in this course:
01 Learn the universal scientific principles of what really makes humans tick.

It’s surprising these principles aren’t more widely-known. Michael was at the top of the NLP field and had worked in the biggest New Age & psychology bookstore for years. He thought he knew everything there is to know about human behavior, yet he only discovered these principles after years of study and coaching.

Upon finding these universal scientific principles of human transformation, Michael shifted the way he approached coaching. He went from being known as the NLP “King of Techniques”, to developing his signature style of coaching using ZERO techniques - just transformative coaching that connects on the soul and cellular level.
02 Experience insight-based learning which unleashes your infinite creative potential as a coach.

The reason these principles are so powerful is that they don’t limit you to follow an X-step process or remain confined in the limiting box of copying other coaches’ techniques. Instead of being told what to do, this insight-based training will lead you to the “aha’s” which develop your signature style, artistry, and unlimited potential as a coach.
03 Tap into the driving force behind human potential.

Before Michael understood these principles, he suffered from suicidal depression for 7 years. Studying self-help techniques helped him learn how to cope with depression. For a long time, he dealt with high-functioning depression, believing it was the best he could achieve for his personality.

However, when he discovered the universal scientific principles of human transformation, he was able to transform from someone with high-functioning depression to becoming a genuinely happy person. When you find these for yourself and gain new insights, the transformation you can create for yourself -- and high-impact individuals -- will be simply phenomenal.
04 Get better results with less effort and less stress.

Transformative coaching based on these universal scientific principles of human behavior has the potential to achieve in 2-3 days what coaching techniques need 3-6 months to reach. This is because you will have real understanding of how the mind works and how to unleash human potential from the innate intelligence source. Your clients won’t rely on techniques as crutches or complicate their transformation and growth by always needing the next technique to lean on.
05 Listen at a deeper level you never thought possible.

When you understand these universal scientific principles of human transformation, you’ll be able to listen at a deeper level you never thought possible. This is not “active listening” where you simply paraphrase what your clients said to acknowledge you heard them. This is deep listening that moves your soul in a way they can sense and feel heard, even if you don’t say a single word. It’s the most powerful connection that can be achieved between two human beings.
06 Assist high-impact clients to make significant breakthroughs in life, business, and relationships.

When you can listen at a deeper level than ever before, and when you know how human behavior works to tap into the driving force of human potential, you’ll be able to help high-impact clients make significant breakthroughs in every area of their lives.
07 Grow your confidence and transformative coaching skills as you create a BIGGER impact.

You’ll discover it’s not certifications, qualifications, or years of experience that builds your confidence. The real source of your coaching confidence is being able to deeply connect with somebody at a level most authentic to their nature. Once you unleash this, the impact you can create will be bigger, faster, and easier.
08 Unlock the freedom to live your best life

Level up to serve high-impact people happy to pay you premium rates. Enjoy the financial and lifestyle freedom you’ve always dreamed of. Spend more time with your loved ones. Strike off your bucket list. Create more impact through philanthropic works. And passionately pursue every other way your heart and soul want to soar.
09 Expand your creative potential and have loads of FUN!

Because you no longer have to copy other coaches’ techniques, you’ll have the creative freedom to make every single coaching session uniquely dynamic. You’ll have your signature style, develop your own techniques, and even know when to break the “rules.” In other words, no two sessions will ever be the same. You’ll never have to dread being caught in the “same old, same old” routine, and you’ll have loads of FUN while creating HUGE impact..
Program Information
Here’s Exactly What You’ll Experience In The 12-module Insight-based Training Video Course, “Impacting Leaders: The Art & Science Of Coaching In The Modern World.”
The Empowered Leadership


Understanding Principles-Based Coaching

Understand the difference between coaching and consulting
Discover how insight-based learning is different to practice-based learning (and this can fundamentally shift the way you approach coaching)
How to define your job as a coach and your client’s role to co-create significant breakthroughs and impact
The “flashlight” and “mirror” principles of leading your clients to see their possible futures and unleash their infinite creative potential
The simplest coaching model in the world (it’s only two steps, but it’s profound)
Experiment: An exercise to listen at a deeper level you never thought possible


The Power of Connection

The secret sauce of deeply connecting with someone... heart-to-heart, soul-to-soul
Understand the difference between great coaching and skilled coaching
Learn the different levels of connection between human beings: Surface Connection vs. Soul Connection
Experiment: 3 exercises to gain insights which unlock the power of connection
Experiment: Applying your ideas in the real world (and just watch what unfolds!)


How Human Beings Actually Work

3 fundamental principles and truths about how humans work and the universal scientific principles of human behavior and transformation
The inside-out understanding (IOU) which unleashes infinite freedom and creativity to how you operate in the world
How to address the top concerns of CEOs: VUCA - Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity
The bad news and good news of how humans think (and the one thing you need to tap into to shape better thinking and greater transformation)
Understanding the true nature of thought and true nature of the mind
Experiment: Game-changing exercises for Thought, Mind & Consciousness


Five Rules for Coaching in Business

Learn the 5 fundamental rules for coaching in business
Discover how to show up and respond to what shows up
Learn how to recognize whatever comes as one of 3 basic principles in disguise
The #1 mistake most coaches make that kills deep connection
Why transformative coaching has nothing to do with what you know
The only 2 things you need to help your clients see to spark the catalyst of transformation


The Game of Business

The secret doorway to let your inner intelligence come through
The fundamental shift to achieve which will change the way your clients relate to their business and drive success
Experiment: A money exercise which reveals an astounding insight on the game of business
Experiment: A thought exercise that will change your client’s relationship to success and failure
The art of playing YOUR best game instead of imitating what other coaches do


The Art of Leadership

How to apply the 3 fundamental principles in a business environment or company
The power of engagement to achieve significant business results
The 3 characteristics of commitment which brings to fruition game-changing ideas and powerful shifts
Experiment: 1 simple exercise to experience the power of engagement
Understanding separate realities and how leadership works from the inside-out
The 2 most important qualities of any endeavor in business you’ll need to guide your clients to have


Decision Making

Experiment: Experience the unfolding of your innate intelligence
The fatal mistake most CEOs & leaders make when making important decisions (and how to help them avoid it)
A powerful insight to reduce the stress and pressure of having to make decisions
Case study: How Michael guided a client being headhunted by Google and Yahoo to make a decision
Understanding the game of making decisions to help your clients make no-brainer decisions, even under the most stressful or high-stake situations


Problem Solving, Creativity & Innovation

The simplest yet most brilliant strategy to solve really big problems in business
A fresh perspective on how we think about problems to unleash creative problem solving and innovation
The true nature of the mind and how it works to achieve infinite creative potential
The “Big Nothing” vs. “Little Nothing” approach of allowing for breakthroughs
A Picasso insight to help your clients recognize their innate intelligence to solve problems


Performance & Productivity

The real source of human performance and productivity (and how to tap into it)
Case study: How the inside-out approach helped a golfer improve his performance to win a tournament
How to leverage the mind’s psychological immune system to shift state of mind
The actual nature of productivity and how understanding this can boost performance and productivity
What the fabric of time is made of and how to ride on it to get “in the zone” and flow of optimal performance & productivity


Handling Pressure & Stress

From the sports arena to the business arena: How to handle pressure and stress
Injecting a fresh perspective on how we view high-pressure, high-stress situations or environments
Case study: Why understanding where pressure and stress come from is more important than trying to manage them
A genuine source of confidence in human nature and how to coach your clients to embody it


Life Beyond the Game

Understanding how to apply this approach to your own life and take your coaching to the next level
How to help executives and leaders not just improve their business performance, but also their happiness in all other areas of life
The secret in achieving work-life balance lies in understanding the difference between overwhelm and overload
Reflection: An exercise to gain insights on how to achieve a natural fulfillment
Why, in life, we’re not the pilot, we’re the plane (and what this means in how you channel and express your own life)


Transformative Coaching in Action

Putting it all together so you can witness how it all works in practice
Multiple executive coaching demos so you can see how fast insights, breakthroughs, and transformation can unfold with this approach
Post-analysis review & commentary on each coaching demo tying together everything you've learned, so you know how to put this into practice with your clients

See What The World’s Leaders And Influencers Have Said About Michael

“Michael Neill has the rare gift of enabling people to make tangible changes without hard work or struggle. He offers a clear, practical way of understanding life to create a more peaceful and fluid way of living. ”
Shaa Wasmund
Shaa Wasmund
MBE, #1 Bestselling author of Stop Talking, Start Doing and Do Less, Get More. Recently named one of the UK's Top 20 Influential Entrepreneurs by The Sunday Times

“I have used the principles Michael shares to run two international consultancies and have taught them to Generals, CEO's, and numerous Fortune 500 companies. Michael introduces these principles in a wonderfully simple and relevant way while using them to provide a powerful new foundation for coaching, self-development, and the pursuit of happiness.”

Aaron Turner
Ph.D., co-founder/Senior Partner One Thought

“Michael Neill elegantly translates his deep, compelling understanding of the human condition into an inspirational, high impact teaching... an invitation to experience a clarity that will transform your life forever!”

evercoach-testimonial-Dr. Thomas Gartenmann-profile
Dr. Thomas Gartenmann
Managing Director, Manres AG - Leading Transformation, Zurich-Cologne

"Thanks to Michael and his work, I’ve been able to grow my company three-fold and do it in a non-stressful, engaged, and loving manner. THANK YOU, MICHAEL!"

Shama Hyder
CEO & Founder, The Marketing Zen Group

“Michael Neill is a coach's coach in the most positive sense of that phrase...he not only knows what it takes to succeed in coaching, he knows how to teach it to others.”

Steve Chandler
Master coach, world-famous public speaker, best-selling author and consultant to Fortune 500 companies

“Michael Neill lovingly guides us home to the space within. With humour, grace and simplicity, he invites us to wake up and remember that who we are is infinite”

Anita Moorjani
New York Times best-selling author and intercultural consultant

“With rare depth, Michael Neill offers brilliant insights into the mind-boggling upside of being human”

Mike Dooley
Life Coach

"If Superman needed a coach, he’d hire Michael Neill."

Geoff Hinsley
Executive Coach

"Michael’s authentic approach and insightful concepts demystify ‘conventional wisdom’ and have enabled me to look at success in a completely different way."

Sacha Gervasi
Director, ‘Hitchcock’ and ‘Anvil: The story of Anvil’
And Here’s What Other People Have Said After
Working With Michael

Piers Thurston
“Significantly shift your philosophy, attitude, and behavior for you as a coach”

“I loved every minute of [learning from Michael]. I would recommend to any coach whether at the beginning of their journey or way down it, that this experience will significantly shift your philosophy, attitude, and behavior for you as a coach.

Such a refreshing and revitalising way to look at how to coach someone (and oh yes, of course, your own life…) The only slight problem is you realize it is difficult to reconcile with what you were doing beforehand as a coach- and you now want to talk about coaching very differently! Which is a very liberating place to be.”

Piers Thurston

Personal Development Coach

Nicola Bird
“The understanding he shares changed my life and continues to do so.”

“Back in 2010, I founded a software company and took it from zero to a million dollars in revenue under four years, working hard and stretching myself towards big and challenging goals. When we hit the ‘magic number’, I found, to my surprise, there was nothing there. I didn’t even crack a bottle of champagne. That shocked me to my core, and that was the point at which I stumbled across Michael Neill. The understanding he shares changed my life and continues to do so. My experience of being in business has transformed to one of being in flow and tapping into creative solutions whenever I need to. I spend more time with my family – and have a far closer connection with them than ever before. My migraines and anxiety have all but disappeared. When I finally saw ‘the space within’ that Michael so eloquently points to, I did finally crack that bottle of champagne. I found something better than a million dollars and for that Michael, I will always be grateful to you.”

Nicola Bird

Founder, The Simplicity Project
Enroll Now
Imagine The Dramatic Impact
You Can Create

The majority of studies indicated that the executives who received transformative coaching valued the service between $100,000 to $1 million ROI.

Imagine having this kind of massive impact on your clients. Imagine getting a testimonial from a client saying, “Thank you. Because of you, I saved my business from bankruptcy, I didn’t have to lay off any staff, and I’m no longer so stressed out.”

Imagine your clients also thanking you for transforming their personal lives and relationships, because the insights you gave them unleashed their potential and happiness in every area of life.

How would that feel?

Today, you have the opportunity to reach this level of fulfillment by learning from Michael the universal scientific principles of human transformation, so you’ll be on the path to coach the leaders, movers, and shakers of the world.

Before today, having Michael as your coach could cost you anything between $3,000 - $75,000. Without a doubt, you’d make your return on investment. However, not everyone can manage this upfront cost.

And even if you had the money, Michael may not have the available time. He is in such high demand; he has to turn down a lot of people who need his coaching.

Today, all of that has changed.

With “Impacting Leaders” Michael has made available a unique insight-based training to unleash your infinite creative potential as a coach so you can powerfully serve high-impact individuals. And he’s making this available at a ridiculously low price for the actual value you’re getting.


Because like us, Michael wants to make it easy for passionate coaches like you to make an impact on the leaders, movers, and shakers of the world without struggling. We want to do this because we believe there are a lot of people out there with the potential to make the world a better, brighter place -- and they need coaches like you to connect with them deeply and bring out their unlimited potential.

That’s why it’s not going to cost you anywhere near $75,000 or even half of Michael’s usual coaching fees. We could still easily charge $3,000 or $2,000 and give you lots of value, but we want to make it even more affordable than that.

Which is why we have made “Impacting Leaders” available at $695.

Just getting your first high-impact client and earning premium rates will pay for the course, multifold. And this path doesn’t just bring you that one-time client or revenue. We’re talking elevating your skills and confidence to serve one high-impact client after another, and grow your coaching business to levels you never imagined were possible.
How is “Impacting Leaders: The Art & Science of Coaching in the Modern World” different to other coaching programs?
01 Specifically developed to raise your confidence and skills to coach high-impact individuals you previously thought you’re not “qualified” to coach

Ever had that thought, “Oh, I couldn’t coach that person.” Maybe you felt that way because that person was more successful, more intelligent, or wealthier than you. It’s easy to feel intimidated. Yet, every CEO, leader or high-achiever needs someone who can help them see the things they simply cannot see in their own world. And YOU can be that someone.

This course will raise your confidence and skills to become the coach CEOs, leaders and high-achievers need. The insights packed into this course prepare you to powerfully coach successful, high-impact individual, unleash their infinite creative potential and become their secret weapon for success.
02 Unleashes your unlimited creative potential as a coach & signature style

You won’t be getting an X-step methodology or a toolbox of techniques. You won’t be told to imitate someone else’s process. This is fundamentally different to all of that. This is insight-based learning to develop your own signature style of mastery.
03 You’ll take your own life to a different level of success and happiness too.

A lot of coaching programs are skills-based training. This means they teach you new techniques to add to your repertoire of tools. While this can improve how you coach others and grow your business, it may not have an impact on your own life.

This course is different because it focuses on giving you insights which elevate your own life, so you can develop the skills to transform others in the same way. As Michael put it in his own words, “You can’t be a life coach if you don’t have a life.” By changing YOU first, you’ll be able to create these shifts in others at a deeper transformative level than ever before.
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Advantage 3 You’re Safe — This means you can enroll in this program and get full digital access instantly and still claim a full and timely refund within 30 days from the start of program if it does not meet your expectations.

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A 100% risk-free opportunity to make your coaching dreams come true with our
30-day guarantee

We stick by our products. If for any unlikely reason this training doesn’t live up to any of these promises, drop our team an email and you will be refunded 100% of your investment up to 30 days from your date of purchase.
Which path will you take from here?

Right now, you have two choices.

You can choose to remain on your current path of relying on coaching techniques that limit your creativity or resort to imitating other coaches, which means you will keep adding to your knowledge database but not actually grow into your true potential as a coach. The results you get for your clients will be good but not as extraordinary as it can be if you mastered insight-based transformative coaching.

Or, you can choose to be open to a brand-new approach to coaching.

This doesn’t mean you discard everything else you’ve learned or never have to use another coaching tool in your entire life. What it means is that you’ll know how to tap into your innate intelligence to connect with someone else’s innate intelligence at a deep level where powerful transformation is born. You’ll know when to use a coaching tool, or when not to. And you’ll be able to unleash your infinite creative potential as a coach.

In essence, you’ll develop your own unique, masterful signature style of coaching. And you’ll have the confidence and skill to fulfill your dream of coaching the world’s movers and shakers and deliver the biggest impact you can create in the universe.

If you want to be on the path to creating the greatest impact you can create with CEOs, leaders, influencers and other high-impact individuals, then we have good news for you. Everything you need to begin is right here, right now.

All you need to make this happen is to TAKE ACTION and set foot on “Impacting Leaders”.

Not taking action will leave you stuck where you are. Always looking for or hanging onto some magical technique instead of unleashing your true, infinite creative potential as a coach.

So don’t let inaction hold you back from being the coach you are meant to become.

Begin “Impacting Leaders” and forever shift the way you approach coaching and achieve transformation, and begin serving the world’s CEO’s, leaders, influencers, and other high-impact individuals.

Because they’re ready and waiting for you to serve them.
Click the ‘Add to Cart’ Button Now and Experience this Instantly.
Here is what you get when you join Impacting Leaders today:

Over 10 hours of video lessons guiding you across 12 insightful modules:

Module 1: Understanding Principles-Based Coaching
Module 2: The Power of Connection
Module 3: How Human Beings Actually Work
Module 4: Five Rules for Coaching in Business
Module 5: The Game of Business
Module 6: The Art of Leadership
Module 7: Decision Making
Module 8: Problem Solving, Creativity & Innovation
Module 9: Performance & Productivity
Module 10: Handling Pressure & Stress

Module 11: Life Beyond the Game
Module 12: Transformative Coaching in Action
PLUS: Experiments to unearth insights which will fundamentally shift the way you understand how humans work and how you approach coaching
Start the path with hundreds of other coaches
Community support with a vibrant group of like-minded people
An unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee after purchase, so you can be sure this course is the perfect fit for you with no risk on your part
An award-winning customer support available whenever you need help, so you know you are always taken care of

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($279 billed monthly for 3 months for a total of $837)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Click the ‘Add to Cart’ Button Now And Experience This Instantly
Here is what you get when you join Impacting Leaders today:

Over hours of video lessons guiding you across 12 insightful modules:

Module 1: Understanding Principles-Based Coaching
Module 2: The Power of Connection
Module 3: How Human Beings Actually Work
Module 4: Five Rules for Coaching in Business
Module 5: The Game of Business
Module 6: The Art of Leadership
Module 7: Decision Making
Module 8: Problem Solving, Creativity & Innovation
Module 9: Performance & Productivity
Module 10: Handling Pressure & Stress

Module 11: Life Beyond the Game
Module 12: Transformative Coaching in Action
PLUS: Experiments to unearth insights which will fundamentally shift the way you understand how humans work and how you approach coaching
Start the path with hundreds of other coaches
Community support with a vibrant group of like-minded people
An unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee after purchase, so you can be sure this course is the perfect fit for you with no risk on your part
An award-winning customer support available whenever you need help, so you know you are always taken care of

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